Saturday, April 18, 2009

Holiday: Koh Samui - Day 1

I'm back!! What a fantastic holiday! Everything was as expected, and even more

8th April 2009
We woke up at 5.30am to beat the traffic as we will be boarding the Firefly plane from Subang Airport instead. The airport looks newly renovated, and is quite spacious. Only complain is there was no water supply in the whole airport. Had breakfast @ Starbucks while waiting for the counter for check in to open.

The plane was suppose to take off at 9.35am, and the ETA at Koh Samui is 10.55am (local time) - 2 hours journey. Unfortunately, the flight was delayed about 20 minutes, but luckily, we arrived on time. Firefly serves muffin and drinks (surprisingly) and has friendly service. Hmm I guess that kinda made up for the slight delay

We finally touched down at KS airport at 10.45am local time. They have this cute charter train that transfers us from the plane to the entrance of the airport. The airport itself sends an aura of relaxing vacation. It is not the typical high-tech, savvy airport. It is more casual, with no air-cond and somehow, has a warm, welcoming feeling.

We took the airport cab, which costs us 800 Baht to our hotel. About 10 minutes journey, and we arrived at First House Samui, Chaweng. We were given our keys, and we leave our luggage in the room and venture out for lunch as everyone is shouting for food already. Guess nobody can stop a bunch of hungry travelers huh?

To save time and our growling tummies, we decided to have our lunch in the hotel right then and there. The food was good, and price was reasonable. Only point worth mentioning is that Mr. Penguin Yew was unhappy that they can't get him his bowl of rice, and that pissed him off... Especially when fried rice was served before they can get him his bowl of white rice. I was contented with my lunch because I had my glass of (strong) Blue Margarita

According to our Tour Guide Head, Mr. Vincent Foo, we have to look for all the tour packages and make the arrangements by today. So we thought we could start walking to the Chaweng town, but realised that it is rather far. By then, we relied on tuk-tuk to transport us.

Right outside our hotel is this Pancake stall. OMG it serves the most delicious pancake ever!!! No kidding. Their pancake version is different from ours. Their pancake is similar to our Roti Canai, but taste sooOooo much better. I missed it so much!! Strongly recommended for those who plan to go to KS in the future.

We made our way to the more happening area in Chaweng, and finally found ourselves the tour packages deal (after endless bargaining), which are:

1. Full Moon package (9th April 2009) = 650 Baht per person
2. Half Day City Tour (10th April 2009) = 600 Baht per person
3. Full Day Island Safari (11th April 2009) = 1500 Baht per person

With the tour packages settled, it's SHOPPING time!! We started our shopping craze, and as expected, the prices are not too favorable. The island is too commercialised, making the things here more expensive than it should be. Anyways, we had fun, and I got myself a pretty purple dress

As usual, we have our lil own antics to entertain ourselves, and we pretended to pose "coolly" - which we then dubbed it as a similar Padini ad. Hey, no harm in having a lil fun after shopping!

We made our way back to the hotel, and we all changed to our swimwear. It's pool time! Again, we entertained ourselves with taking pictures, having beer, jacuzzi-ing, etc.

This is one of the must-haves!! Another classic pool act by Mr. Player Fong and Mr. Tortoise Alan. Look at the picture below... Looks like the boys have their own "special" way of having fun in the pool

Dinner time. We had Western food at this place called "The Islander". This place serves scrumptious western food, with reasonable price.

Environment was fabulous, food was pleasant, companion was incredible... What a day!! What a marvellous way to end Day 1!



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