Monday, April 20, 2009

Holiday: Koh Samui - Day 2

9th April 2009

Start of Day 2. We took a tuk-tuk to Lamai Market. It was quite a distance from Chaweng as the ride took about 20 minutes. They have shops there, but the street was really quiet. Maybe it was still early because along the streets, there were many pubs and bistros which are obviously closed. We shopped there and I got myself another dress

Next, we went to the Chaweng shooting range. Vincent, Mr. Penguin Yew, Mr. Tortoise Alan and Mr. Cool CN tried their hands on the real shooting experience. The price was about 800 Baht for 10 bullets. LOL I reckon they all look really cool with the gun... Super "yeng" and stylo!! They have good potential in joining the force as their shooting skills are quite accurate!

After the thrilling shooting experience, we went for another exhilarating trip - Bungy Jump! Only 2 were willing to take the plunge: Mr. Cool CN and Ms. Sweet Phoebe. CN already did this in Bali, but he just wanna do it again, while for Phoebe, it was her first experience, and they both enjoyed it! Bravo to them both! One thing about this place is that the owner was very arrogant and unfriendly. Power outage happens often, and one of the bungy jumper was left hanging in mid air when the power went out as they can't bring him down. Poor dude was left hanging with just a rope tied at his ankles.

Lunch came and we had our lunch at this restaurant outside our hotel. Food was quite delicious, it was just the owner's attitude that gave us the headache. We were just making sure he took our additional order, but he told us to wait, and told us to go to a fastfood restaurant if we want our food fast. Can you believe that?! People here just have their "manners" around here. However, I have to give credit to the food.

Done with our lunch, we went back to our hotel to prepare for the Full Moon Party. We have to take a speedboat to Koh Pangan for the party. The official boat takes about 1 hour, while speedboat takes roughly 30 minutes. Our heroic speedboat driver did it in 15 minutes!! The waves were rough that day, but he was having the time of his life driving at top speed. At one point I could almost feel the boat at its verge of breaking into half! I was just so glad we made it safely to the island.

Full Moon Party was fantastic!! Totally recommended to travelers. You have to experience this. We have to pay 100 Baht to enter the island, and were given the purple band. I really liked the band!

The whole island has one purpose only: P-A-R-T-Y-Y!!! Alcohol everywhere, and it's cheap! They have a unique way of serving alcohol. They pour the alcohol in a small bucket with a mixer of your choice, and you carry the bucket around. People were all over the beach, dancing, drinking and having fun.

We the girls had our arms painted with butterflies for 100 Baht. It was my first ever "body art", and I loved it! Too bad it only lasted for that night.

The peak was when the "Welcome to Thailand 2009" light up with fire. The crowd went crazy! We took pictures, drank, and danced! What a night!

Unfortunately, it rained halfway, and we took the first boat back to Koh Samui. The boat ride was yet another hell experience. I am once again thankful that I made it back safely to Koh Samui. No stranded business in the middle of sea



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