Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Holiday: Koh Samui - Day 3

10th April 2009

Day 3 in Koh Samui. Today is the city tour package we bought. The tour that we engaged picked us up from the hotel around 9.30am. First activity: Elephant trekking. I've been meaning to try this for a long time, and finally have my turn! The ride was fun and enjoyable, and lasted about 20 minutes. There were times where I thought I could fall from the elephant anytime, but it was a very safe ride. There was also the elephant and monkey show.

Next location - The Big Buddha. A famous tourist spot in Koh Samui. Built in 1972, the 12-metre tall, golden status of the Lord Buddha sitting on the high platform at the top of a staircase dominates the scene. Worth mentioning the scenic view from the top.

After the Big Buddha visit, we make a stop at View Point in Lamai. We amused ourselves with taking "artistic" pictures. This is where we start to take pictures of each other's backs instead.

The Grand Rock. There are 2 significant rocks here, i.e. the Grandfather Rock and the Grandmother Rock. It's a strange rock formation of human genitals. It is said in local legend, the rocks represent two doomed lovers who drowned themselves in the sea here, because their families disapproved of their relationship.

We were then driven to the mummified monk temple. This is a well-preserved, mummified body of the monk named Loung Por Ruam. When I entered, I didn't even know that that was the mummy (refer to the picture below - mummified monk is the one in sunglasses).

Subsequently, we went to the Namuang Waterfall. Another attration in Koh Samui. We saw another group of elephant trekking at the waterfall here, which is different from ours. Anyways, most of us got our hands on some souvenirs here.

Finally, we were dropped off in Nathon Town. We have 1 hour here to shop and have our lunch. We randomly picked this shop called "Will Wait". The food here was superb!! Totally recommended. It has the local Thai taste in their food, and the price is reasonable. We all have a satisfied lunch that day

Nathon Town marks the end of the City Tour. We the girls went to look for a spa upon our return to Chaweng, and found one which offers 50% discount!! What a deal! Our spa room overlooks the beach, and the view is just breathtaking! I took the Yogurt Scrub, and although the scrub was just OK, I enjoyed myself

For dinner that day, we've decided to try their local McD's. I have this habit of trying local McD's to wherever I travel. Their McD has the Samurai Pork Burger, and it was just scrumptious! They had fried chicken (the drumstick part only) and it tasted delicious too!! Worth a visit. However, the McD's price is more expensive than here. For a regular set, it is about 150 Baht!

After dinner, we went for a brisk walk. There were lots of seafood stalls, but the prices are quite steep. After the walk, we had our rounds of alcohols at Coyote, a local live band bar. The list of margaritas was endless!! They have the funkiest margarita, and some has tobasco sauce in it. I have a Caribbean Margarita, and I loved it! The live band was a band from Manila, Philippines, and they were outstanding! This place is recommended too.

Satisfied with my Margarita, we all went back and ended Day 3



uLi said...

The pork burger is nice! I like it too!

Justine said...

ala bang...pasal tak tapao burger?

Michelle Y said...

Uli: I agree! At least something different

Michelle Y said...

Juice: Don't even get me started. Where is your text on your ciggie order? Simply shout I didn't buy for you!

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