Wednesday, April 29, 2009


I seriously hate it when people use my stuff without asking me!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Really, it's a new dress... I should be the first one to wear it... After all, I bought it with my own freaking money. The least I expect is for me to wear it FIRST! Is that too much?

To top it off, the person who wore it is just another random person who has no relations to me whatsoever. Who does she think she is?! Is my wardrobe a walk-in retail shop, pick whatever you like, and oh, might as well take some pictures with it and post it up like it's your own dress?!!

OMG I can't believe her nerves!!! S


Justine said...

sapa tu, bro? tinggal sama sama u ke?
kesian u..dun get mad..get even...hehehe

uLi.佑莉 said...

wah....who so daring?

Karyn said...

goodness! so freaking rude... shoot her! ;P

Michelle Y said...

Juice, that person does not live with me. The dress was at my mum's, and she took it. I found out from FB.

The only way I can think of to get even is get a pair of huge scissors and cut off ALL her clothes!

Michelle Y said...

Uli, this is the blue dress I bought from KS together with you. I haven't even wore it! Damn it!!

Michelle Y said...

Karyn, thanks. You read my mind. Pass me the gun pls.

I believe in making karma come with my own hands!

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