Wednesday, May 13, 2009


I heard about this place from my colleague. They went to Capsquare Modesto's right after La Bodega on Friday for the live band. Since I was in the neighborhood last Sunday, I thought I'd drop by to check out the place. Capsquare's website:

The place is very quiet... Maybe cos it's still very new. Only a few shops were open although some already has tenant. There was a supermarket that sells lots of imported goods called Olives. I found some of the items that I used to have when I was in Australia in this place! Impressive! The price here is quite reasonable too.

We decided to have our dinner here, and the only place open was Starbucks, Coffee Bean, a pub and a place called Tappers. Haven't tried Tappers before, we decided to give it a go.

The place is decorated in white. At first glance, I'd thought it would serve western food only, but it is a mix of western and Hainan style cooking. Their beverages is about the same as what they would serve in local kopitiams.

I ordered an Iced Teh Si (RM2.80) and Tappers Club Sandwich (RM5.00). Their food is relatively cheap! Although the Iced Teh Si is so-so, the Club Sandwich was delicious! I'd admit it doesn't look too appetising, but it was quite good.

Vincent ordered a Hot Cham (RM2.80) and their signature dish - Tappers Chicken Chop (RM9.50). Apparently, this is served in Hainan style. The top layer of the Chicken Chop was fried with egg, which is quite different with the normal chicken chops which are fried with flour. The sauce has a local twist in it as it was close to sweet chili taste. I'd reckon this is a good try cos it is something different from what we have. And for that price, we had 2 pieces of chicken chop!

The deco in this place deserves praise. I love the white concept.

We should be visiting Capsquare next time when it has more shops available.



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