Saturday, August 29, 2009

Beautiful Langkawi

As my fiance was looking at the pictures we took in Langkawi, he was asking why didn't I post up any scenery pictures. He claimed that the pictures he took are very artistic, and needs to be shared with the world Hello Kitty Smileys

Well, since he insist on being generous, I modified some of the scenery pictures and decided to post it up to add to his gallery... So, welcome to Vincent Foo Art Gallery!

Oriental VillageThis is taken from the Cable Car we rode.
On our way up by cable car.

The bridge at one of the stops from the cable car ride.
Petronas Quay - Yacht view.
Petronas Quay - The building.
The station where we start our sightseeing.
A place to "park" your yacht.
Taken from the sightseeing ride.
Taken from Air Asia plane when we were on our way back to KL.
LOL All that I can say is "OK lar" Confused Smileys


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