Thursday, August 13, 2009

Dad's Birthday Lunch

My dad's birthday has just passed, so I brought him for dim sum lunch at Ah Yat Abalone Forum in PJ. I can't remember when was the last time I celebrated his birthday with him... Sigh I feel guilty cos I don't think I am a filial daughter. Every time I see my dad, it reminds me that he's getting older, and I should spend more time with him Sad smiley face

We ordered a few dim sum and my lil brother proved yet again that he can be a big eater!! LOL he basically ate more than me! How time flies... I used to sing him to sleep and shower him when he was just a baby... Sad smiley face

I didn't manage to capture all pictures of the dim sum cos my brother is so much faster than my camera. He goes for the food as soon as the dish is served, and not allowing me to snap at least a picture of it! LOL!

That's me and my lil brother... And no, he is not taller than me. I was sitting down when this picture was taken Flag Smileys

My dad and myself... See what I mean... He looks so much older Fighting Smileys

My dad, lil brother and myself. LOL any resemblance?

My fiance, my dad and me. I'm happy they get along fine Tongue Smileys

As my dad, fiance and myself talked about our wedding (just small details), my lil brother fascinated himself with my camera. Looked at what he has taken. Not bad eh? Professional photographer in the making? Party Smileys

For my dad's birthday, I've decided to get him a watch. This is the first ever gift I bought for my dad with my own money!! Yes, it might be a little too late, but hey, it's better late than never, rite?

We went back to my dad's house after lunch, and I helped him put the watch on. He looked like he loves the watch (YAY!)!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY PA! I love you Happy Smileys


Lee Ching said...

I'm touched. Glad that you've seen it through. Yes, it's never too late. Spend more time with him ya.

Michelle Y said...

Thanks Leech!
I will... After all, he's my father. Ain't nothing's gonna replace that =)

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