Friday, August 28, 2009

Jo Lyn's Farewell

Monday, 24th August 2009 was the last day for my researcher, Ms. Lim Jo Lyn in ME. More fondly known as "Ah Jo". It has been a fun and hilarious journey with her for the past 18 months. From just a researcher, we became friends, and clubbing mates, and then became my "pou mui". Sigh... I'm gonna miss her so much!! Ashamed Smileys

We had her farewell lunch at Nando's Pavilion with the rest of the researchers.

Since I was the only one with camera, I was suppose to help take pictures of Ah Jo... But I have yet to finish my work, so I delegated Joss to help with the camera. He came back with the weirdest (and hilarious) pictures!

Customary shot whenever anyone leaves ME is to take snap pictures at our legendary ME logo at the front desk.

Since we have only limited time for lunch farewell, we went for a dinner farewell with Ah Jo. We had dinner with her at Delicious, Merc Residences. The atmosphere was really good... Quiet and a nice place to chill.

These are some of the food we ordered.

Ah Jo will be leaving for NZ by 31st August 2009... But she promised she will be back in time for my big day next year. All the best, babe! Miss ya! Jumping Smileys


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