Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Sneak Preview 02

It is time for a second round of a sneak preview at our new place. Check it out!

This is the view of the swimming pool at night. Scenery is almost the same as taken from our room - The KL view. I like how the pool looks almost never-ending at the glass. The circle at the corner is the jacuzzi and it's warm water!

I have not try the pool yet so far... No time sigh. Have been busy cleaning the house. Will definitely give it a go once we have officially move in Happy smiley face

My sofa, shoe rack and book rack is coming this Saturday *happy happy*
All those months of researching and surveying has finally served its purpose Happy smiley face


uLi.佑莉 said...

Can I go there swim also?

Michelle Y said...

uLi: Of course! You and your fiance ask the same question LOL!
Can come over to our house again anytime!

lablue said...

i love the pool too.. nite swimming session is great!! nice view!!

Michelle Y said...

lablue: Yes I agree! We haven't gone to the pool yet, but we want to have nite swimming session. It's gonna be a great view!

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