Thursday, November 12, 2009

Yet another team building

No, not my team building session. This is for Vincent's team building. It was on 31st Oct 2009 at the garden next to Ampcorp Mall, PJ (I forgot the name). Vincent "volunteered" my help as the photographer of the day Happy Smileys (without asking me beforehand, I must add)

It rained heavily the night before and was still drizzling in the morning. It was such a good weather to sleep in but I had to wake up at 6am! Luckily, the rain stopped right after we had breakfast. The weather was just perfect - both for outdoor activity and for photography!

Check out some of the photo taken that day. These is the committee for the treasure hunt activity.

Group picture.

Team 1 - In red.

Team 2 - In white.

Team 3 - In green.

Let the game begin!

Here I got involved because one of the tasks was to show "love" (dunno if it only applies to team members or not), so this was sorta helpful thing I did for Vincent's team LOL Cute Smileys

After 2 hours of (exhausting) treasure hunt, it is over. Closing speech from their boss.

The winner was Team 3. They received cash voucher from Jusco.

Second place was Team 2.

Third place was Team 2, but they received cash vouchers because they won the Best Team prize.

It was a tiring, but fun-filled day. We headed to the Ipoh Chicken Rice at Gasing for lunch, and called it a day. I went back home and dropped to sleep for the next 3 hours! Freaking tired... I guess I'm too old for this huh? Sad Smileys


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