Friday, January 29, 2010

Team Building - Sky Trex

This is definitely a very overdue post. It was our team building activity, which was held on 18th Dec 2009. Actually, I have been suggesting this activity a few times, and when finally it has been confirmed, I kinda freaked out! LOL I saw the pictures and put myself in the position... When I do that, I realised I'm scared! LOL! But no choice, because I've already confirmed my attendance and I am going no matter what.

Our Marketing team department had our team building at Shah Alam's Taman Pertanian Sky Trex.

Here's with some of my colleagues, before we start the game. Everyone's excited!

We were not allowed to bring in anything with us, including cameras into the real ground. So we only had our pictures taken at the "Practice" area. We were advised on what to do, how to use the gadgets, etc. Then, we each took our turn to try out practice ground. Even that took 3 hours to complete.

1st checkpoint at the practice ground: Walking on high-hanging wooden-platform.

Now, this is the scary part. We have to swing across to a huge net and climb up to the platform. I thought it would be easy, but when you are up there, it's a whole different story altogether.

After calming myself, I had to do it. The thinking is "No matter what, I have to get it over with. Might as well do it now and quit wasting time!" And so I did! Woo hoo!!!!!!!

Then we moved on to the real thing. It was way higher, more challenging, and scarier! It was drizzling when I started the 1st platform but they said it's fine to go ahead, and so we did.
But on the 5th platform, It was raining cats and dogs! I couldn't even open my eyes to see clearly, what more to move around! So the cadets decided to call it off, and we made our way back. Even that took a while cos we need to climb down a long flight of stairs. Then they decided to ask us to Firefox down all the way, which was faster. At the practice ground, I was afraid of this Firefox, but now, with the rain falling down heavily, I couldn't care less. I swung all the way down without thinking twice.

The team building was a failed mission. Apparently there are 20++ checkpoints, and I only did 5. Sigh... Boss said we will pay a visit there again after the monsoon season.

Now I am not as afraid... Actually looking forward to it so that I can complete all the challenges.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Thank-you brunch

As a way of showing my gratitude to my ji muis for coming to my ROM, I told them that I will be buying them a meal. After discussing and picking a date where everyone is free, we have decided to go for dim sum brunch. YT suggested this place in Damansara Jaya. Since I have not try it before, I said OK!

We arrived at about 11am and the place is already crowded. Luckily, some of us have already arrived and taken a number. They even provide a plce outside for patrons to wait for their turn.

We didn't manage to snap any food pictures because all of us attacked the food right after it was served on the table. Vincent gave up taking any pictures and dug in too! The food here is good, and for a place like this, the ambience is acceptable. One dish worth mentioning is the Salted Egg Yolk Pau. Yes, the filling of the pau is egg yolk. This is Mama Ying Tzu's fav!

Total bill for 7 of us is RM127.90, which is reasonable as we ate till we can't anymore.

I wouldn't mind coming back to this place, but definitely not so soon. The only deterrance is the distance from my place. This would be recommended for peeps living in PJ area.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Celebration @ WIP, BSC

A whole bunch of went for a celebration at WIP last Friday. What was the celebration? A couple of promotions that happened in the office. With promotions, it is definitely an excuse to celebrate!

Vincent came along this time because he was on leave the other day, and brought his SLR to take the pictures. The WIP menu.

We were the first to arrive. The rest were quite late due to the jam. Shy Flirt was only there at almost 9pm! Since we were early, we got to enjoy the Happy Hour Promotion, which was 2 glasses of Heineken @ RM25.

The different type of mojito's they ordered.According to Nutella, WIP is the only place that serves a huge variety of mojito.

Rock Chic ordered the Caesar Salad. Huge serving, and very delicious!

I ordered this salmon-something-salad, and it tasted awful! OMG worst ever! I couldn't event touch the vege. The taste is just horrible!
Vincent ordered the Lamb dish. It's just average, but for the price that comes with it, I would say you can get better tasting ones around.

Some candid shots for the night:

Congrats to Rock Chic promoted to Manager, and Nutella to Senior. I myself got promoted too! Hehehe!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

To give or not to give?

I feel like putting a stop to this blog. Sigh am bored, and I don't have the time to update. And I know it is annoying to go to blog to check for updates regularly and not find any update. I get pissed off when that happens, so I have to avoid that from my blog.

But then again, when I look back at my posts, I realised I have many sweet memories that I cherished dearly.

I guess I am having this mood swing is because I am farking pissed at streamyx for taking FOREVER to install my internet connection. What a BS when they claimed to be the fastest and the best! Seriously! And the idiot that answered my call when I call to inquire on the status is another FU psycho. Pulling an attitude on me! WTF?! This is what you call customer service?! It's OK. I have already filed a complaint letter, and will do it again this weekend. My only regret is that I didn't ask for that idiot's name.


Plus, I would wanna blog about my wedding preparation so that I can look back and see what a mess I am LOL!
Well, I guess blogspot will have to endure my shit a while more then.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Pan Mee @ Ikano

We found this small humble shop at the ground floor where it links Ikano and Ikea one day, and we gave it a try.

The chili:

Verdict? The pan mee is actually delicious! I had the Chili Pan Mee and it was really good. The spiciness really got to me. Vincent had the soup Pan Mee and it tasted good too. This is a pan mee in a shopping mall to have the taste of a bowl of pan mee sold at the road side. Recommended!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Dim Sum Breakfast @ Taman Connaught

Craving for yet another round of mouth-watering dim sum, I asked for hubby's idea on where to go for dim sum. I want someplace new and not in a restaurant. I want it to be an outdoor-ish type stall... Something more "home-ish". And he said we could try to look for it in Connaught... He said he had been to this dim sum shop before but can't exactly remember where, but we took the risk anyways.

After missing a turn and doing 2 U-turns, we finally got to the place. It was full house just judging from outside. This place is called Kedai Kopi dan Makan Seong Kee.

The waiters were carrying around the trays with just a few varieties of dim sum, and there are a whole lot of them. The varieties of dim sum is so much! Much more than the restaurant offers. We got greedy and grab a whole lot. We didn't even have enough time to take the pictures and we were hungry... So hubby just took a few snap shots so that I don't get pissed LOL!

This is the Salad Prawn, Fried Wonton, Fishball, and Steamed Rice Flour with Prawn. All I can say is yummy yummy yummy! I reckon it is so much tastier than any other restaurants I've tried.

Fried fishball

Steamed Siew Mai - Not really my favourite, but it's OK.

This is something new for dim sum breakfast - Fried Roasted Pork. One word - AwEsOMe!

One thing hubby must have is porridge, and this is the Century Egg Porridge. The best difference between this and the one served in restaurants is that this is served in a smaller bowl, which is just perfect!

This is for myself only - the Bittergourd. As long as you eat this vege, you will like this dish!

There is another dish that we never took a picture of. We were too busy eating and have kept the camera away. So anyways, the other dish is the Tau Fu cooked ala Yong Tau Fu. Total for this dim sum breakfast that got us all full is only RM30!

Definitely a great visit and experience. We wanna be back soon to this place to try the rest of the dim sum! Will so post the next visit.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Wedding updates - Change of dates and venue!

There has been a slight change to my wedding dates. The dates are now:

18th Sept 2010 --> Tea ceremony
25th Sept 2010 --> Dinner reception

The reason for this change is because we changed the venue of our dinner, and the venue that we have chosen do not have availability on 18th Sept 2010 (earlier scheduled for dinner reception). Since 18th Sept 2010 is one of the auspicious dates, so we moved our wedding dates a week later. Sigh... Well, better than nothing I guess.

The venue that we have chosen is Bankers Club. This is a private club located on the 22nd floor in Amoda Building (next to Melia Hotel and opposite Times Square).

Now, the deposit we have to booked Ah Yat Abalone is non-refundable. I read in a forum that it is transferable though, but I've yet to get this confirmed by the restaurant. Sigh whatever. There are a couple of reasons why we have chosen to forego the deposit in Ah Yat and invest in this club. No doubt, this place is much pricies and is halal. This halal issue is a major put off as I won't be able to have roast piglet for my guests anymore. But anyhow, these are some of the reasons why we have made this move:

  1. The whole concept which is not too traditional, but still covers some customary Chinese wedding dinners
  2. There is a huge cocktail area, and they served canapes for our guests too. Something for our guests while waiting for the dinner to start.
  3. The deco provided by the club covers everything, i.e. from the fresh flowers to drapes. In Ah Yat, this is on our own expense, and we hav surveyed the price for this. At least about RM1.5K for the basic deco.
  4. They serve real cake for the cake-cutting ceremony, which will be served to our guests for desserts.
  5. Dance floor is provided for our first dance hahaha! Meaning we will have to practice our dance steps.
  6. A pianist is provided during the cocktail session.

The place is really beautiful! Check out some of the photos taken. You can check out more of their pictures from their website

We paid the deposit on 9th Jan 2010. Now that the venue is settled and finalised, we will have time to concentrate on other aspects of wedding. I have to admit, all these stuff that needs to be booked earlier is best to be done way early to avoid from frustration. I went through hell trying to look for a suitable hotel. We actually selected Concorde but they can't confirm if the dates we want is available. But has fate would have it, as we were waiting for the confirmation from Concorde, we stumbled across Bankers Club, and fell in love with the place!

So, again, the dates to look forward to are:
18th Sept 2010
25th Sept 2010

Don't say I never tell!

Monday, January 18, 2010

NY dinner - Angus House

To ring in the New Year and also mostly to celebrate Vincent's bonus for 2009. Since he is buying dinner, he gets to decide (with no objection or question from me) on the place to eat.
He chose to have dinner at Angus House in Pavilion.

It is a very nice and cosy place... Dim lights and down-to-earth deco.

Since we are no big eaters, we ordered a set and another ala carte. We get to fill our stomach just nice and try another dish.

The bread and butter serving. This is one of the best I've tasted! The outer layer of the bread was very crunchy, but the white bread filling was very soft and tangy. If only I could have another one!

The first serving of the set - This is their specialty. It was a type of fish. The taste was kinda weird, but in a good way... Strangely enough.

The soup from the set. The menu did not state what kinda soup this is, just "Soup of the day". We reckon it was corn soup.

Salad from the set as well. They used the sesame dressing that I have... I finished it clean!

This is the set that I have chosen. The beef that I have chosen is the Sirloin Set 200g (RM90.00). The beef was very tender and juicy! It was cooked just right.

Finally, the dessert. Hmm scrumptious! Sinfully delicious!

The ala carte that Vincent ordered was the Tenderloin 150g. It was delicious too! Though I'd prefer the Sirloin that I ordered.

This place is recommended for those who loves beef. It is a really good place for you to enjoy delicious steaks.
6.44 & 6.45 Level 6, Pavilion, Jalan Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur
03-2145 6015