Monday, March 1, 2010

Ying Tzu's birthday + 6th day of CNY

On the 6th day of CNY, we went over to JT's place. He asked us to go over for gambling and drinking session. A day before the 6th day, I received a SMS from JT to ask us to buy a cake... A cake for his wife! The 6th day is the even of YT's birthday, so JT was planning a surprise birthday party for her! How sweet!

Since Pavilion is just right behind my office, I went and get the cake for my GF.

Initial plan was to get YT to their room at 12am and surprise her. Even JT's friends will be there waiting for her in the room. BUT... After all the planning, the plan backfired! YT suddenly went up to her room at 11pm and they had no choice but to sing her the birthday song then while we were still downstairs playing cards!

LOL! We couldn't surprise our friend, but she was so happy that night. Her husband bought her a Burberry handbag, which was just gorgeous! Lucky you YT!

After that, we continued with the drinking and cards. Apparently, it is a lucky year for those born in the year of pig, and all of us won money! While YT's friends lost money!

And with hubby and JT pestering everyone to drink, all of us got really high. Check out the bottles of alcohol on the table.
Total wine bottles drank was 8 by 4 girls and 3 guys! All of us were so high that we stopped playing cards and chatted a while to calm down.

Leech was so red that she doesn't wanna take any picture LOL! Beatrice was high as usual!
It was all fun that night!


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