Saturday, April 24, 2010

Day 1 - Done! Today is Day 2

We survived the first day of photo shoot! YAY!

I have to say, it was no easy task. We started the day early and didn't finish till the end of the day. Makeup and hair took 2 hours!

The most difficult part for us is the posing and smiling. I really don't know how the brides do it! They can smile all day long, and still look fabulous! I can't... Actually, I failed miserably. Photographers want happy big smiles whenever they think they want it... Then switch to cool mood... Then switch to "sexy" look... Then switch to "in love" mood... And then "small smile" mood. Now I realised being a model is no easy job. You have to find a way to switch your face expression whenever it is needed.

But anyways, we had fun that day! It was great being made up and ushered all the way. Happy to say that we got more than we have, and are very satisfied with the crew.

I have to go for my 2nd day photo shoot today, which will be in PD. Will update more on both days photo shoot.

Leaving this post with a picture of my hairstyle that I simply A-D-O-R-E!!! *luvs*

1st hairstyle for Day 1 photo shoot - Loose curls with fresh white roses

The makeup artist ordered the fresh white roses when she was about to start on my hair. She wanted to use something fresh instead of just normal hair accessories. So she asked me if I like white roses. I love fresh flowers for my hair, so she got one of the crew members to get it for me. Look! Ain't it gorgeous?!

Signing off... Heading to my 2nd day photo shoot!


Steanie Tai said...

Nice hair made !! :) :)
All the best to your day-2 photo shoot..

Michelle Y said...

Thanks luv! That hairstyle goes with my casual dress
I need all the luck! Hopefully the pictures come out better than expected!

uLi.佑莉 said...


Michelle Y said...

Thanks! I really like it!

saltvinegar said...

Love the hair!Sis the MUA charge you for the roses?

Michelle Y said...

Thanks! :)
No she didn't. At first I thought she will, but she didn't. Since she didn't say anything, so I just kept quiet about it also haha! The MUA is a very nice person actually. I highly recommend her!

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