Thursday, April 1, 2010

Happy April Fools' Day!

Yup... Today is the day to trick anyone on anything, and no grudges should be held against you! It is April Fools' Day!

To think that I have gone past the days to be tricked, and people in the working environment would be too bored and lazy to play this, but I was wrong. I got tricked today! A nasty one!

Queen of Jeebra called Rock Chic's extension but I answered it. Jeebra told me that she has been admitted to the hospital for operation. I was shocked and worried sick! I have not heard anything about no operation and kept asking her how did the operation went. She played along and gave me stories, and then just when I was asking her how's he wound, she kept quiet and said "April FOOL!"

Dammit!! I fell for another April Fools' trick! Feeling very discontent, I suggested her to play the same trick on Shy Flirt, and she fell for it too! LOL! I felt so much better... At least I don't feel like a fool! Shy Flirt then asked Jeebra to trick Nutella with the same trick, and yet again, he fell for the same trick as us!

What a joke! All 3 of us fell for the same joke!

Anyways, I still love you Jeebra, although I was shouting "I hate you" over and over again!

So anyways, I'm leaving with a picture of my DIY nail art. I have always like to decorate my nail but it's just difficult since I have to do house work. I like sticking stones on my nails but it always fall off due to me doing house work... Sigh.

I got the white nail polish from Etude House, and the red nail polish has always been in my collection. Ain't it pretty?! Hehehe!

If you have not pull any trick today, do it soon! You have the right!

Question of the day: So, are we visiting Jeebra after work today?


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