Friday, April 16, 2010

Super adorable baby Eunice

We paid a visit to baby Eunice, Pui Kuan and Jek Chee on Wednesday, a day after baby Eunice's date of birth. The hospital was all the way in Kota Damansara, and as usual, hubby passed the car key to me to drive since he's too lazy.

Here's welcoming cute lil baby Eunice Wong! Isn't she the most adorable thing you have seen?! Aww...

Baby Eunice Wong

The happy and proud parents with their newborn. As mentioned, this is a premature birth. According to Pui Kuan, her water broke while she was at home cos she was given MC on that day. When her water broke, she called Jek Chee and he rushed home to send her to a hospital.

The gynecologist that Pui Kuan goes to is stationed in Kelana Jaya Medical Centre. By right, she would have given birth there but according to her gynecologist, the equipment and facilities in Tropicana Medical Centre is more advanced and more well-suited to accommodate her current situation. So they made the switch.

L-R: Eunice, Pui Kuan, Jek Chee

Since it was a premature birth, it will have to be a Cesarean instead of a natural birth. For this operation, only the bottom half of Pui Kuan was given anaesthetic. She can still witness the whole procedure and watch her baby enters our world.

Mama Pui Kuan

Pui Kuan said that when the doctor has safely delivered Eunice, he held her up but the baby was white! She was horrified and actually cried that very instant!

I tell you - Never doubt a mother's unconditional love to her child. She has been carrying her lil love of her life for almost 8 months, and to see her baby in front of her in white! Can you imagine the horror she went through at that very second?!

But luckily, the doctor shook the baby and color began to come back to the little girl. All was OK. Mum and dad was relieved to see their baby girl crying.

Baby Eunice with aunties

Weighing at a mere 2.01kg, the baby had to stay in the ICU for a night. Being a brave girl, she was discharged from the ICU and join her mum the very next day.

Baby Eunice and uncles

Babies are miracle of life. A new life enters our world and grows up with us - Firstly in a mother's belly, and later join us in our world.

It is definitely something to marvel upon.

OK. I'm gonna go emo myself now. This is a very touching story.


uLi.佑莉 said...

Baby Eunice is cute :)

Michelle Y said...

Agree! The way she keeps sucking the air like sucking for food... so cute!

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