Saturday, May 15, 2010

Jeebra's zoo fun

About 2 weeks ago, it was Jeebra's birthday. Jeebra is an ex-ME staff, and she has got to be the nicest and sweetest girl I've ever met! Indeed, she's a precious lil gem.

For her pre-birthday celebration, we went to Velvet to celebrate it. Here are some of the photos from the night:

L-R: Rock Chic's back, me and Jeebra

What better drinks to serve the ladies than Vodka?

Cheers to Jeebra!

This picture is just to show the 2 "smart" people who went suntanning without wearing sunblock. They suffered from sunburn and the skin peeled for about 2 weeks! And this is the aftermath. Lesson learned: Sunblock is created for a reason!

Karma Bitch & Rock Chic's sunburn aftermath

Since it was a birthday celebration, of course the birthday gal has to get drunk! This drink was ordered especially for her - Graveyard.

Jeebra with her Graveyard - Still sober

And obviously this was not her only drink. She had to gulped down another shot of Tequila, halfway from finishing her Graveyard.

Jeebra still with her Graveyard - After a few sips

She was so drunk that night after the Graveyard! LOL! I left early, but was already informed that she spend the rest of the night in the toilet trying to puke.

The unfortunate thing was that Velvet was raided that night. I left at 1am, and the police raided the place at about 1.30am. Poor them... They were instructed to provide the police with sample of their urine. They didn't get to leave the place until about 4am!

Pissed-drunk Jeebra was carried out by Roshan... Poor girl can't even walk out of the place.

Coming up - Jeebra's birthday dinner.


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