Thursday, May 20, 2010

Malacca - Part 2

Rickshaw @ A Famosa

Continuing from the previous post, after our visit to the A Famosa, we headed down to Jonker Street for lunch.

We passed by this tall building at the start of Jonker Street. Hubby said it's well known for souvenir F&B. I got excited and wanted to buy already, but he said he will drop by again.

San Shu Gong

The I saw this very old shop at the corner of Jonker Street with a long queue of people. Apparently, this is the famous Chicken Rice Ball. Word has it that this shop is the place to go for authentic Chicken Rice Ball. Obviously, with that queue, we won't be trying this place out.

Famous Chicken Rice Ball

The place that we have selected for our lunch for first day is this shop called Jonker 88. This place has been massively receiving the hype and recommendation by friends and the internet. As expected, the place was so crowded! We had to sit on different tables cos it's really first-come-first-serve on the seating.

Jonker 88

One of their specialties is their Asam Laksa. I actually like this very much. I've never really like anything sourish, but this tasted delicious! Just the perfect sour taste with a hint of spiciness.

Asam Laksa

Another dish that they have ordered is the Dry Curry Mee. I only managed to take 2 spoons and then gave up. It was soooooo spicy! I take chili padi and all, but man! This was just extremely hot! I really can't take it anymore and passed it to Yew Li.

Dry Curry Mee

Yet another recommendation is the cendol. The generous amount of Gula Melaka on this was just scrumptious! Many of them didn't really fancy it, but I love it! It must be the Gula Melaka... That culprit! LOL!


Since the gang were not completely satisfied with the lunch in Jonker Street, they've decided to ta pau the chicken rice ball. To maximise the time, they went to a shop that sells this, but was practically empty. Logic is they are too hungry to care less if it is tasty. In Malacca, it shouldn't be that bad.

But sad to say, this chicken rice is really bad! I've only eaten the chicken, and thought it was tasteless. One of hubby's friends ate only one of the rice balls cos according to them, they can use the rice ball as ping pong ball! It will work just the same!

Chicken Rice Ball

It was already about 2pm, so we checked in to the apartment we've rented. JC found this accommodation online. Totally recommend this place! Not only it is huge, but the price is quite cheap when you have so many people sharing a place. Total 13 of us, and we can still fit in another couple. They had so many beds for us, and the place is really clean too.

Our accommodation

After a refreshing shower and some rest, we continued our exploration in the city of Malacca. Heard about this new tower called Menara Taming Sari. You will ride up this tower, and it will rotate. You get to view the town of Malacca from the top.

Menara Taming Sari

The fee is RM20 per person for a ride. Show them you MyCard, and it is only RM10 per person

Ticket up the tower

Here we are. Only a few of us wanted to try this ride.

Waiting for the ride to start

The ride started with a straight up to the peak of the tower, then it rotates a few rounds. It felt just like the revolving restaurant in KL Tower. Check out some pictures taken from the top.

View from the top [1]

View from the top [2]

Us @ the peak

The end of Part 2. Coming up - the dinner at the Portuguese Settlement and supper hunting.


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what's the name of the hotel?

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Babe, I don't exactly remember the name... But I'll try to find out and let you know ya!

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