Wednesday, June 30, 2010

1st wedding gown trial - Teaser

Hahaha I'm not doing this teaser on purpose. It's just that I have not finish editing the pictures of my wedding gown trial, and this is the only way I can think of updating this session.

And yes, the picture below is one of the pictures taken during my 1st wedding gown trial for our photoshoot back in April. Had it in B&W to try to look cool with the pose! LOL kidding! I was just too lazy to edit the brightness and color editing, so I just did it in B&W. Shortcut!

I liked it cos it's mermaid cut and the back is so s-e-x-y! It was a backless, strap dress. Didn't take a picture of it cos was thinking what other dress that I can try.

So anyways, I didn't choose this dress cos there is another mermaid cut dress that fits me better and accentuate my figure better.

Am so excited waiting for this Saturday! What's happening? Coming up next!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Wedding card artwork

"So efficient!"

That was the first thought that came into my mind when I saw an email attaching the artwork for our wedding card order in my Gmail inbox. We placed our order on Saturday, and I have the 1st artwork draft by yesterday afternoon! That was fast!

Check it out - Our first draft for our wedding card. This is the second page from a total of 4 pages. Don't freak out! My wedding card is not a textbook. It has 4 pages because it is folded and every side of the paper has some printout. the other 3 pages are OK with minimal errors. This is the only one that has the most, that I felt like highlighting.

Obviously, there are many amendments, which I've circled and labeled LOL!

1 --> This is such a joke LOL! I haven't seen the Mr. & Mrs. Yap since 10 years ago! They are no more Mr. & Mrs. I was laughing at it that I called my mum and told her about it. Of course she freaked out and demanded that I separate the names.
2 --> 'Wamly' invite? LOL what is "wamly"? I guess they were trying to say 'warmly'.
3 --> Wedding 'dinner' is sooooo outdated.
4 --> I've never like the date format that way in cards. I prefer the 'September 25, 2010' format.
5 --> 'Occasion' sounds so boring
6 --> I've never understand the reason to state our ranking amongst our siblings in invitation cards. It's not like being the eldest will have bigger ang pau or being the youngest will get more gifts.
7 --> Just 'R.S.V.P.' looks hanging.
8 --> I've always included my surname since I've started working. Somehow, it looks more "complete".

I think Nagamas has sent us 3 artworks so far for us to confirm, but there is always some error. Hey, I'm not blaming them or saying that they are not recommended. They have changed the artworks so many times but they have not complain a single thing. And it's not exactly their fault (for most of it) because I prefer to use different format or words.

There is a page with the Chinese characters, and hubby didn't check it until I made him check it. Then he realised his dad's and my last name is wrong. Hmm luckily I've made him check. If not, the cards with the wrong Chinese characters will go out to relatives and friends - And what an embarrassment it will do!!

If all goes well by tomorrow, then I will send them the CONFIRMATION. Then, it will take about 4-5 days for the output.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Wedding invitation card order placed

Finally, we have placed our order to print our wedding invitation card! LOL! I know this was schedule to be done in early June. Well, on my defense, I wanted to go last week or even last 2 weeks. Hubby here is too lazy cos he's watching World Cup!

So anyways, we went back to Nagamas as mentioned previously. They have a few new designs, and yes, being a typical fickle minded people, we changed our minds and selected a different design.
Sri Nagamas Printing House

For myself, I have only one request - which is the card has to be white. The white color cards are mostly catered to Malay wedding cards, but the one that we have chosen is the new batch of designs. It's more casual and relax, I would say.
Orders done!

Hubby wanted it red (typical!), but I insisted on white. He kept asking me why do I want it in white, vice versa. His reason for red is because it's a symbol of happiness and prosperity while I wanted white to beat the traditional style! We finally came to a decision where the card is white, with details in red, and the envelope is red. Win-win for both sides LOL!

Nagamas will send the artwork to us in a day or two, and I'll have to look at it before confirming it. Once it's confirmed, it will only take about 4-5 days to print it out. Total order was 200 cards. This should be more than enough.

Will post up the artwork (if I have the time) once I have it.

Oh! My pre-wedding album design is done! It was actually done last week but I had some part to change and I brought along our dating pictures for them to design. We also chose our album cover and pictures to develop into large photo frames last Saturday. Today, we went to the studio and looked at the pre-wedding designs again and also the dating pictures, and we are very satisfied with it! Now, we'll have to wait for 3-4 weeks for the output, and then we can collect our album! YAY!

Friday, June 25, 2010


It's time again for us to try something new. Since we have just discovered Jaya One, we thought of giving it a try again that weekend.

We wanted to go the Thai food there but it was closed. So our next option was Japanese food, and we stumbled across Kissaten.

Chopsticks in Kissaten

This restaurant doesn't serve authentic Japanese food. It incorporated some Italian/Western aspects in it, whereby pasta and burger were mixed to create an interesting twist.

Pictures framing the walls in Kissaten

It was about 3pm++ when we were there, but this place was almost a full house. It was quite surprising cos the other restaurants were quite empty.

Kissaten menu

Trying to be healthy, I ordered their recommended Bitter Gourd & Cucumber (RM8.90). Right after I ordered it, I was kinda afraid that it will be very bitter, but it didn't. It was actually quite pleasant. And I get to pack on the benefits of these 2 vegetables! Cool!

Bitter Gourd & Cucumber

Hubby didn't wanna have green tea, so he ordered the Salted Lemon 7-Up (RM5.90).

Salted Lemon 7-Up

For my main course, I ordered the Pork Belly Udon (RM15.90). I find that the pork belly was quite raw, but still bearable. Other than that, this dish is actually very appetizing. Fresh hot soup with udon - Yummy!

Pork Belly Udon

Hubby had the Katsu Don (RM16.90). The serving of fried chicken in this was rather generous, and was delicious!

Katsu Don

Afraid that he will still be hungry after his Katsu Don, hubby ordered the Pepper Teriyaki Wings (RM6.90) as well. The picture for this dish illustrated in the menu only had 3 chicken wings, but when it was served, it had 4 pieces! LOL!

Pepper Teriyaki Wings

Definitely worth a visit again.

And then, just the other day, we found out that the Lot 10 food court has Kissaten as well! So much more convenient for us! Will have to go check it out if the food quality is the same as the one in Jaya One.

Level 1 2A-1-1, Palm Square, Jaya One
03-7954 1990

*Disclaimer: The views expressed here are based entirely on our personal experiences and tastebuds. We also declare that we have not receive any monetary or non-monetary compensation from this place for expressing our thoughts.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Baby Chloe

The day was yet another normal one. Was at work rushing this and that, when suddenly at about 12.30pm, my phone vibrated. I picked it up and saw a MMS with this picture:

And the sender being one of my best friends, Ying Tzu!! "OMG" I gasped! Quite loudly actually. I open the MMS and it was just this picture with no words.

First thought was YT has given birth to baby CHLOE! We had just met last weekend to watch Sex and the City together and her expectant date is 28th June 2010. And the day I received the MMS was just 22nd June 2010.

I called YT immediately but she sounded exhausted over the phone. She could only mentioned that she's in Gleneagles, and had just given birth at about 11am ++. I told her to rest and texted her husband instead to ask if it's OK for us to be there later at night. He said OK, and we arranged the rest.

Beatrice and I were there by 8.30pm, and YT was just having her dinner. She told us that was already in the hospital since 2am, and the pain started really bad around 6am ++. She said it was really painful and couldn't stand it. The doctor gave her a jab to ease the pain but there was no difference. Then, the doctor gave her the gas also to ease the pain. At first, she didn't want to take it, but she can't withstand the pain, so she took it.

At about 11am++, she finally gave birth to a healthy baby Chloe! Her husband was there to witness the whole thing! He was so brave to that he stood with the doctor to see his baby join us.

This is baby Chloe! So adorable! Weighing at 3.375kg, JT actually called her fat LOL! Ain't she the cutest?!

While we were looking at her, she opened her eyes once a while and had so many facial expressions. Such a darling! We can confirm that she has lovely double eyelids hahaha!

Congrats again to Papa JT and Mama YT! So happy for you both! YT is a brave mum! I really look up to her and am proud of her!

Ps. Beatrice will be the "Grumpy aunt" and make sure that Chloe will be a good girl!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Krabi :: Part Cinco

The final part of our pre-honeymoon Krabi trip!

So, after our half-day city trip, we went back to our hotel to freshen up. When we were done, it was almost 8pm. We didn't wanna try our luck with any of the local restaurants, so we have decided to go to McD's again! Hahaha this is because I saw that they have this in their menu which we didn't get to try.

We don't have this in KL's McD's - the Spicy McWings. It's funny how the name has the "wings" word, but when the food is served, there is no "wing"! It's just the drum part. Nonetheless, it is so crunchy and yummy!
Spicy McWings

Another item on their different on their menu is the Cheesy Fries. We have cheesy wedges in KFC, but cheesy fried? Hmm must try this. And man! This is totally recommended to cheese lovers! The cheese was so overwhelming! Really a savory one for cheese lovers.
Cheesy Fries

After our dinner, we went and collect our pants that we have custom made. Hubby made 2 pairs while I got one done. Total for 3 pairs of pants was RM290! Not bad rite?!
The place where we got our pants custom made

We walked around the street and just thoroughly enjoy ourselves in the local atmosphere. It is our last night here, and we wanna enjoy what we have here.

The next morning, breakfast at the hotel. Check out the view that we face everyday when we have our buffet breakfast at the hotel. Though the food is not fantastic, but the view is!
View from breakfast in hotel

Since it was still early, I went for a manicure and pedicure session, while hubby went for his Thai massage session. Look at my beautifully drawn manicure! Total for the manicure with the drawing was a mere RM30 and they used OPI! And it lasted me for 2 weeks! The pedicure was just RM5! OMG we can never get this in KL!

It is finally the conclusion of the Krabi trip. It was definitely a memorable trip with hubby. Although we didn't make it to Bangkok, but we did make it up with this Krabi trip.

Now, I can't wait for my next mini-trip -- MIRI, SARAWAK in July!!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Betrothal dates - Checked

As instructed by the temple, we were suppose to return to the temple 3 months prior to our wedding date to obtain the dates for the betrothal gifts to be delivered to the bride's family. Since our wedding is in Sept, we went to the temple today with hubby's parents for this.

After our prayers, we sat down and gave our date of birth as per the Lunar calendar. They confirmed that the dates we have chosen for our wedding is a good date for us both. Well, the dates were actually provided by them... and we just choose from the list that they have given us. So yeah... It is suppose to be a good, auspicious date.

So yeah, we have our betrothal date. Initially, they told us that the date for betrothal gift might not be on a weekend. I was thinking "Crap! I need to apply for annual leave"... But then, he said luckily, he got a Sunday for us, which is 12th September 2010. This is roughly 6 days prior to my wedding. He looked at us and waited for our reaction. I was delighted to know that I don't have to take AL for this!

There's also the auspicious timing for the betrothal gifts to be delivered. It is between 9.30am - 10.30am. Apparently, the groom's parents can't deliver the betrothal gifts. The groom's aunt should be doing this. So, hubby has to ask a favor from his aunt.

After getting the betrothal gifts delivery date, we asked for the auspicious time for our tea ceremony. There is the auspicious timing that the groom has to fetch the bride back home, and the bride has to be at the groom's place by that time. The time that I'm suppose to be back at hubby's place is before 11am. Best is at 10.30am. That's really early! That means hubby has to be at by place by 8.30am, whereby the games will start. Then at 9.30am, the tea ceremony will start. Hopefully this will take only 30 minutes because we have to leave for hubby's place by 10am. Which means, hubby's friends have to arrive at his place by 7.30am, at the latest, and I have to start my makeup at 7.30am too! OMG!

Well, this is the initial plan. I really don't feel like following the timing cos it's gonna be a rush, but it is said that if we arrive later than 11am, we will argue all the time! I know this is very superstitious, but then again, sigh... We've already asked for the timing, so we might as well just follow it.

So, heng dais and ji muis, am gonna trouble all of you cos you have to wake up so early!

And this is not our last visit to the temple. 2 weeks prior to our tea ceremony, we have to go back to the temple bringing along a list of gifts. All in Chinese, so I am leaving that to my hubby and his parents to deal with.

Hmm so much to do! So many traditions and customs! So much for trying to keep it simple and be a minimalist. Sigh... so much for trying...

Friday, June 18, 2010

Krabi :: Part Cuatro

On Day 3 pm, we were schedule for our half day city tour. We chose the PM tour because I wanna go to their night market. Read about it online, so I was thinking to pay a visit to this place. Since it is located in the city, might as well sign up for the city tour.

A local picked us up at 2pm and drove about 30 minutes to our first stop - Elephant trekking.
Elephant trekking

I am riding the elephant! With hubby as my passenger hehehe! Now, that is something I have not done!Michelle riding an elephant

OK OK! I admit that I was not the one riding it LOL! Not at least for the first 30 minutes! The local was the one riding the elephant when we first started. After about 30 minutes, he go off the elephant and asked if any of us wanna ride it. Since I've never had this chance, I was thinking "why not?!"... And so I made my way to the elephant's head and rode on it! It is definitely much more dangerous than just sitting at the back. One of my hands was holding on to the strap and the other at the chair where hubby is seated. It was quite unbalance, and the ride was quite rocky... But it was fun! Cool experience!

Thanking us

After getting off from our gentle animal, the owners got the elephants to perform a small show for us. They started dancing and do tricks for us. The owner said it is a way to thank us. I reckon that elephants are very smart, beautiful and gentle animal. It's really such a pity to see them chained up.
Performing her tricks

Of course, at a tourist place, they will definitely try to earn some extra money. We were told that we can feed these elephants with a basket of bananas for 50Baht. So, I bought a basket and started feeding them.

I normally just hand the bananas to their trunks, but this elephant's master told me to place the banana in its mouth. I freaked! I didn't wanna do it, but he said it's fine. The elephant opened its mouth and I saw the huge tongue, and again, I freaked out! No offense to Ms. Elephant, but it's too disgusting.

But, I was easily persuaded. The master taught me a way to feed it in her mouth without touching its tongue, and I managed to do it! YAY! Was so exciting!

Feeding the elephants

After that, it was picture time! The master told me to hold its trunks and snap a picture, and I did! Such gorgeous creatures!
Michelle and elephant

Then, it's us with the elephant.
Us with elephant

After the elephant trekking, we were driven to the Tiger Cave Temple, yet another tourist spot.
Tiger Cave Temple

We were told that there are lots of steps leading to the top of the temple. The climb to the peak would take around 1 hour. Just hearing that, my knees went weak, and decided not to go. So we took a stroll around the temple.

The temple was full of monkeys! They were literally everywhere! The temple has found a way to somehow control these monkeys, by having loads of dogs around! No kidding!
Monkeys @ Tiger Cave Temple

We came to this flight of stairs and apparently, it is the shortest, so we gave it a shot. After about 15 minutes climb, we came to a huge platform for prayers and statues of Gods.
Flight of stairs

As we were exploring the place, we came across this monk. I saw him holding bananas and came to this tortoise. When the tortoise sense him, it stuck out its head and the monk started to feed him. Peculiar, isn't it?
Monk feeding a tortoise

Next on our itinerary was the night market. Check out this traffic light. Cool stuff huh?!Traffic light @ Krabi town

When we finally arrived at the night market, I was speechless. Not because of awe, but more like disappointed speechless. Sigh, it was just another market... something like our wet market. It was nothing like the market that I have in mind.
Local food @ Night Market

I was kinda expecting them to sell a variety of stuff, but instead, all I got was fruits, and some local delicacies. Ain't complaining about the delicacies, but would wanna have some shopping experience too!
Local delicacies

This is the local version of our "Chap Fan" (Economy Rice). Look at the pot! It's huge!
"Chap Fan"

Their fried Fish Cake. 10 Baht for 3 pieces. Very yummy!
Fish Cake

And then I found it! The cookie (I call this cookie - No idea what is the correct name) that I've always been looking for in Thailand. I couldn't find this in last year's Koh Samui's trip, but I found it here! It was selling at 1Baht for 1 piece! I couldn't believe how cheap it was! Hubby asked what this is, but I have no idea. The white stuff is egg white whisk in sugar, and it's really delicious! - And that's all I know!
My favourite cookie

After a walk at the night market, we went to the local shopping mall. There, we bought the souvenirs for family and friends.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Krabi :: Part Tres

Right after our 4 Island Tour, we went back to our hotel and took our shower. Hubby complained about his feet aching and how he wants to have a foot massage. And that was what we did.

We were approached by this auntie (who asked me if I'm Thai!) and asked us to visit her shop. We were easily persuaded, and we followed her to her shop. It was quite a distance from our hotel, and finally arrived at her "shop".

This is the "shop" that she was referring to. It was just a simple hut, and along this shore, there were many more shops offering the same service.
Prepped for a relaxing foot massage

It was so comfortable and relaxing with the sound of soft waves and sea breeze... I fell asleep hehehe!

And then, it's my turn to complain - Hungry! I wanted to try the stall at the street, and went to this stall. This is how the tourists all wait for their order.
Waiting for my order

Ta-da! My delicious, yummy Pad Thai! OMG it has to be one of the best I've ever had!
Pad Thai

With Pad Thai, BBQ Chicken and Haagen-Dazs ice cream, we were quite stuffed, and can't go for dinner, so we walked around the street.

After our stroll, hubby wants to sit down and have a drink, so we were to the bar at our hotel. We chose this cos it's quiet and it overlooks the beach... Just the atmosphere I want.

I ordered the Lychee Margarita. Alcohol taste was so strong! Me like!
Lychee Margarita

And hubby had the Tequila Sunrise. Maybe it's the orange that they used, it tasted very weird... kinda like sourish and a little bit bitter.
Tequila Sunrise

This is the view from the where we were having our drinks. Hubby managed to take a picture of the moon as well.
Scenery from hotel bar

Hehehe our own picture time!
Us @ the hotel bar

After the drinks, we decided to go for our dinner. Saw that this place was crowded with tourists, so we checked this place out.
Thai/Mexican Restaurant - Blue Orchid Restaurant

They were having Happy Hour promotion for all their cocktails - Only 100 Baht for all cocktails! What a deal! Since I've just had my Margarita, I decided to take it a level higher - I ordered the B52 muahaha! The waiter insisted that I finished it in a gulp and stood there to watch me do it! Great... I braced myself and gulped it down. Ooh! *high*
My drink - B52

Hubby wants to cool the alcohol level, so he ordered the Blue Lagoon.
Hubby's Blue Lagoon

We ordered light dinner since we already have 2 servings of alcohol each. This is their satay set. I still prefer our local satay.
Satay Set

Hubby's must-have, which is the Tom Yam Soup. His verdict? OK OK lar.
Tom Yam Soup

We called it a day after the dinner. Too tired with the island tour.

Day 03. We didn't have any tour in the morning, so we've decided to take a dive in the swimming pool. Must definitely try out the swimming pool.
Michelle @ Phra Nang Inn's swimming pool

After about 20 minutes at the swimming pool, we headed to the beach for a relaxing sunbathing time. I was just lying around, reading my book, while hubby busied himself taking pictures.
Scenery @Ao Nang Beach 01

Ain't it beautiful?!
Scenery @Ao Nang Beach 02

This little Mat Salleh boy kept staring at me while I read my book. I have no idea why... But he's so cute! So I took a picture of him.
Cute little boy

This picture is so artsy, I'd reckon! Hubby told me to hold still so that he can take this picture. Nice!
Artsy picture

It's lunch time! We wanted to have lunch before we depart for our half day city tour. For convenience and also cos we don't wanna take any chances at other restaurants, we went back to the same restaurant where we had dinner for Day 01.

Check out how they served the rice to hubby. Heart shape! How sweet hahaha!
Heart-shaped rice

Yet again, Tom Yam Soup. This is nicer than yesterday's, but still ain't the best we've tried.
Tom Yam Soup

This is the Garlic Chicken. Yummy! I like garlic, so I almost finish this dish by myself!
Garlic Chicken

And lacking in fibre, we ordered the Caesar Salad. Not the best, but decent enough. At least the vege is fresh and clean.
Caesar Salad

Coming up next - Half Day City Tour