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Krabi :: Part Dos

Continuing from the Krabi trip...
So, on the 2nd day, we signed ourselves up for a full day 4 Island Tour. Price on the brochure was 1200 Baht per person, but we got it at 900 Baht per person. At 8.15am, the tour agent picked us up from our hotel to the jetty. It was quite unnecessary because the jetty was just around the corner hehehe! We didn't know, if not, we would have walk there since it was about 5 minutes walk.

Our speedboat for our tour

The place was already packed with tourists. Tour companies busy sticking stickers to label us accordingly. After a short brief, we took off to the 1st island - which is the Phranang Cave. I have to say, of all the island holidays I've been to, Krabi definitely has the spot of top 2 most beautiful islands. Check out some of the pictures:

Love the piles of white cloud in this picture!

Scenery @ Phranang Cave - 01

Hubby says this is "art"!

Scenery @ Phranang Cave - 02

Our feet hehehe! Look at my non-pedicured feet. Fugly!

Waves washed ashore

This is the Phranang Cave. We were told to look into the hole (behind where I'm standing) to check out what it has in stored for us. I dare not to look, but hubby did. Apparently, it was all bats! Right next to this cave was a mini temple. The locals pray there.

Michelle @ Phranang Cave

We spent almost an hour here. There is nothing to do here, except sunbathing. So, I took my sweet time applying my sunblock and set up the camera to snap a picture of us both.

Us @ Phranang Cave

After the first stop at Phranang Cave, we continued our journey. Here, we see the famous Chicken Island. The tour guide did mentioned that the original name for this island is not Chicken Island. The name was given by tourists as we reckon it resembles a chicken. After a while, the island has been name Chicken Island.

Chicken Island

Our speedboat made a stop here. We were told to do our snorkeling here. They gave us bread to feed the fishes. I was quite skeptical to jump in, so I threw crumbs into the ocean to check out the fishes first... And here they are! The fishes!

Fishes found at the snorkeling activity

But no! I didn't jump into the ocean. Why? Check out this picture. See the floating pink object? Those are jellyfishes!! They are huge, and they are everywhere! I ain't gonna take no chances with them. They stung hubby before when we were in Redang, and it was really bad. No way I am repeating history. I'm just contented to stay on the boat and feed the fishes from the top.

Fishes and jellyfishes

After the snorkeling activity, we headed to the 3rd island, which was the Tup Island. Famous for their sandbank, I was left speechless when I stepped on this island. 3 islands were "interconnected"! You can actually walk from one island to the other! This picture only shows 2 islands, but they connect 3 islands. It's really a wonder.

Tup Islands famous sandbank

The beautiful island is definitely worth taking pictures. We spent quite sometime taking pictures. Check them out!

Scenery @ Tup Island - 01

We were left to relax at this island for about an hour. Hubby busied himself with picture taking, while I sunbathed!

I love this! Looks like a postcard hahaha!

Scenery @ Tup Island - 02

Next up is our lunch as the tour covers our lunch. We were blardy hungry by then, and we were brought to Chicken Island again to have our lunch. This is the hut where we had our lunch. It was so crowded with tourists!

"Canteen" for lunch

Presenting to you - The most pathetic lunch in my entire life! Fried rice and... plain water. Yup that's it! I know, it's freaking pathetic. And the fried rice was tasteless!

Fried rice lunch

After lunch, we were brought to the final island in this tour, which is the Poda Island. This is a private island, and is well known for its clean beach and peaceful surroundings. There is entrance fee for this island! But it is already included in our tour package.

Hubby @ Poda Island

Guess how long we have to be there? 2 hours! OMG! OK don't get me wrong. The island is breathtakingly gorgeous, but we have to loiter here for 2 hours! Maybe I'm used to the city life... The thought of lying here doing nothing for 2 hours almost killed me! On top of that, we can't even sleep in peace because there were flies all around. There were so many of them, that I can't have a peaceful 5 minutes.

So, we occupied our time with taking pictures. What else is there to do?!

Scenery @ Poda Island - 01

It was all green leaves and brown branches, except for this particular tree. Blossoms of red pierced through, which created quite an interesting contrast.

Scenery @ Poda Island - 02

This hut is located at different spots on the island. Tourists/visitors simply lie around and enjoy the serene atmosphere.

Hubby @ the hut in Poda Island

We were finally transported back to Ao Nang town after the last stop in Poda Island. Since the jetty was just 5 minutes walk to our hotel, we decided to walk back instead of taking the ride offered. On our way back, we walked passed Haagen-Dazs, and hubby went in. He did not walked out with just 2 scoops of ice-cream, but he came out holding a tub of Cookies and Cream tub! Hubby said he's too hungry, and there's extra cash. He wants to enjoy his ice cream in the hotel room.

Hubby @ Haagen-Dazs

More pictures from Krabi trip!


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