Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Krabi :: Part Tres

Right after our 4 Island Tour, we went back to our hotel and took our shower. Hubby complained about his feet aching and how he wants to have a foot massage. And that was what we did.

We were approached by this auntie (who asked me if I'm Thai!) and asked us to visit her shop. We were easily persuaded, and we followed her to her shop. It was quite a distance from our hotel, and finally arrived at her "shop".

This is the "shop" that she was referring to. It was just a simple hut, and along this shore, there were many more shops offering the same service.
Prepped for a relaxing foot massage

It was so comfortable and relaxing with the sound of soft waves and sea breeze... I fell asleep hehehe!

And then, it's my turn to complain - Hungry! I wanted to try the stall at the street, and went to this stall. This is how the tourists all wait for their order.
Waiting for my order

Ta-da! My delicious, yummy Pad Thai! OMG it has to be one of the best I've ever had!
Pad Thai

With Pad Thai, BBQ Chicken and Haagen-Dazs ice cream, we were quite stuffed, and can't go for dinner, so we walked around the street.

After our stroll, hubby wants to sit down and have a drink, so we were to the bar at our hotel. We chose this cos it's quiet and it overlooks the beach... Just the atmosphere I want.

I ordered the Lychee Margarita. Alcohol taste was so strong! Me like!
Lychee Margarita

And hubby had the Tequila Sunrise. Maybe it's the orange that they used, it tasted very weird... kinda like sourish and a little bit bitter.
Tequila Sunrise

This is the view from the where we were having our drinks. Hubby managed to take a picture of the moon as well.
Scenery from hotel bar

Hehehe our own picture time!
Us @ the hotel bar

After the drinks, we decided to go for our dinner. Saw that this place was crowded with tourists, so we checked this place out.
Thai/Mexican Restaurant - Blue Orchid Restaurant

They were having Happy Hour promotion for all their cocktails - Only 100 Baht for all cocktails! What a deal! Since I've just had my Margarita, I decided to take it a level higher - I ordered the B52 muahaha! The waiter insisted that I finished it in a gulp and stood there to watch me do it! Great... I braced myself and gulped it down. Ooh! *high*
My drink - B52

Hubby wants to cool the alcohol level, so he ordered the Blue Lagoon.
Hubby's Blue Lagoon

We ordered light dinner since we already have 2 servings of alcohol each. This is their satay set. I still prefer our local satay.
Satay Set

Hubby's must-have, which is the Tom Yam Soup. His verdict? OK OK lar.
Tom Yam Soup

We called it a day after the dinner. Too tired with the island tour.

Day 03. We didn't have any tour in the morning, so we've decided to take a dive in the swimming pool. Must definitely try out the swimming pool.
Michelle @ Phra Nang Inn's swimming pool

After about 20 minutes at the swimming pool, we headed to the beach for a relaxing sunbathing time. I was just lying around, reading my book, while hubby busied himself taking pictures.
Scenery @Ao Nang Beach 01

Ain't it beautiful?!
Scenery @Ao Nang Beach 02

This little Mat Salleh boy kept staring at me while I read my book. I have no idea why... But he's so cute! So I took a picture of him.
Cute little boy

This picture is so artsy, I'd reckon! Hubby told me to hold still so that he can take this picture. Nice!
Artsy picture

It's lunch time! We wanted to have lunch before we depart for our half day city tour. For convenience and also cos we don't wanna take any chances at other restaurants, we went back to the same restaurant where we had dinner for Day 01.

Check out how they served the rice to hubby. Heart shape! How sweet hahaha!
Heart-shaped rice

Yet again, Tom Yam Soup. This is nicer than yesterday's, but still ain't the best we've tried.
Tom Yam Soup

This is the Garlic Chicken. Yummy! I like garlic, so I almost finish this dish by myself!
Garlic Chicken

And lacking in fibre, we ordered the Caesar Salad. Not the best, but decent enough. At least the vege is fresh and clean.
Caesar Salad

Coming up next - Half Day City Tour


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