Thursday, August 12, 2010

Wedding music

For our dinner reception, we will have cocktail session starting at 6pm. Throughout the cocktail session, the club has provided us a pianist to fill the environment. Of course, it is all great and fancy, but the pianist is only available during the cocktail session. Once the dinner starts, then the pianist is gone.

So that leaves us with 3 choices, which are:
  • Leave it to the club to play any music they have in-house - Can't risk this cos I won't know what music they will play.
  • Engage the service of local band/group to perform - Too pricey... At least RM1.5K for a band with 2 people.
  • Play our own music - Which is the choice we have decided on.

Now, my initial idea was to select at least 100 songs that I want to be played during the dinner, download it, and burn it. Obviously, this idea has been banned because it takes too much time and unnecessary effort.

We went to a couple of CDs shop and finally came upon the Rock Corner in Mid Valley last month. I was just browsing and was actually tired with the huge variety of CDs when the security guard (yes, a guard) came to me and asked me what was I looking for. He then rushed to a couple of different racks and brought me a couple of CDs, and surprisingly, are exactly what I wanted!

As I couldn't decide if I want to have songs aired or just instrumental, he suggested this CD to me, which is a combination of both! WOW! Talk about convenience and solving my dilemma! This set which has 5 CDs and costs RM54.90 is a mixture of oldies (mostly) and some new songs, and of course has both instrumental and lyrical.

100 Best Wedding Classics

I continued browsing and I got my eyes set on this - The 101 Colours of Love. It is by far, the closest selected songs that I would want for my dinner and nothing too cheesy (or at least kept to minimal). Total in this was 6 CDs, which costs RM49.90! What a deal! I really like this set!

101 Colours of Love

As I busied myself with wedding stuff (as usual), hubby busied himself with anything other than wedding related stuff (as usual too). He came to me and said he wants to get this as well. It was a collection of Jacky Cheung's CDs. This compilation which consists of 8 CDs included some of his well known and most memorable songs. Can't really recall the exact price for this but it should be at about RM90++. Hubby has been listening to it ever since and he loves it! LOL what an uncle!

Jacky Cheung's CD compilation

Another item that he bought was the original DVD of Avatar. This is one of his favourite movies, and he has a copy which is pirated, and obviously, is really fuzzy. Remember the part where the Navi were speaking in their local languages? Yeah the pirated DVD has no translation for this. I was in a shopping mood, so I don't mind him buying it.

Original Avatar

I guess hubby's on a shopping spree as well cos he got another DVD for himself - La Brasesiere. They were having promotion for the older movies and this DVD only costs RM12.90. Hubby wanted to watch it again cos he said it is a good movie, which I have to agree.

La Brasesiere

After purchasing, I realised that I won't be able to play both the compilations I got for my dinner. I'll prolly mix it up and pick the CDs that I like.

And I can lend it to anyone who wants to use it for any events. So, who wants it, lemme me know!


uLi.佑莉 said...

I Want! I Want!

Michelle Y said...

Hehehe OK OK! Lend to you once I'm done with it. You can choose which one you want.

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