Thursday, September 9, 2010

Honeymoon package DONE!

YES! Finally, our honeymoon package to Europe is CONFIRMED! La la la! Yay yay ya! LOL!

Yes, I am over the moon and super duper ecstatic with our tour.

During our visit to the Matta Fair last weekend, we knew we had to survey this tour company called Chan's Tour. They are based in Singapore and yes, we did surveyed them previously but didn't select them. We did our research and realised that this is another reputable company and could act as our back up just in case the tour by Hong Thai doesn't work.

Chan's Tour

Once we started our chat with them, we were hooked! They were so professional! Although they are slightly pricier, but their overall package is definitely worth the price.

Chan's Tour's 12D Europe trip

Of course we didn't decide then and there that we will cancel our previous booking with Hong Thai and go with this. We went to Hong Thai and still CAN'T confirm our tour, which is such a turn off. I'm going for my honeymoon... They can't come to me last minute and tell me that the tour doesn't have enough people and we can't go for our honeymoon, right?!

On Sunday night, hubby decided to make the final call - Either to wait for Hong Thai and suffer the consequences of them cancelling; or to go ahead with Chan's (by paying a couple of hundered extra) and change the Hong Thai's deposit to somewhere else.

Decision made was to go with Chan's Tour!! After analysing it, we really can't afford to have our honeymoon trip cancel. And Chan's Tour compared to Hong Thai is about the same price.

So on Monday, during lunch hour, we made our way to Chan's office in Imbi to pay our deposit. They have only 6 seats left! Luckily, we made our decision in time and booked our places.

Europe trip deposit paid

Date has also been confirmed - which is on the 19th October 2010. There it is! Our names as participants for this tour!

Our names on the receipt

These are the highlights of our tour. Comparing to Hong Thai's, their additional are the 2 night stay in Paris, 1 night stay in Milan and also the Mt Titlis tour.

Tour highlights

Signed, sealed and delivered babehhhhhh! Here we come!


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