Monday, September 6, 2010

Meatworks @ Solaris

Last month, we were thinking real hard on where and what to eat. Did research online but could not find any that serves our taste buds.

Then suddenly, I thought of this place - Meatworks @ Solaris.

We made a call earlier just in case if it's crowded since it was a Sunday and it was the Ramadhan month. When we got there about 7pm, it was quite empty.

Deco @ Meatworks

Ambiance was great... White furniture frame the cosy restaurant. They have this freezer that sells fresh meat like they do in supermarkets.

Fresh meats

We placed our orders. My beverage - Earl Grey tea. Refreshing!

Earl Grey Tea

Hubby ordered the rejuvenating Watermelon Juice.

Watermelon juice

Our appetizer - Onion Soup Gratinee (RM17). It is a caramelized onion and beef broth served with Gruyere toast. The plentiful amount of onion really brings out the taste of this broth.

Onion Soup Gratinee

This is hubby's main course - BBQ Spared Ribs (3 Ribs - RM50). The menu claimed that the ribs were braised and barbequed to tender perfection... And I say perfection it is! Definitely recommended to ribs lovers.

BBQ Spared Ribs

As I am avoiding beef, I ordered the Roast Chicken (1/4 chicken - RM20). I didn't expect them to serve me with the drum part... And I actually wanted the breast part but whatever. I ain't making a fuss.

1/4 Roast Chicken

"A spit-roasted chicken served with organic vegetables from Cameron Highlands" was described in the menu. I have no comment on the organic vegetables, but it is definitely roasted to the best!

Digging in to my Roast Chicken

Great place to dine and chill. There are the sandwiches that I wanna try... Maybe next time.


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