Sunday, September 12, 2010

Our wedding photo album

We have finally collected our wedding photo albums last month... Collected it when we went for our 2nd wedding gown trial in August.

Before we got to this stage, we have to go through the agony of selecting the pictures we want, get the best rate for additional poses, wait for them to edit and design the pictures... Then we have to go there to look at the design to confirm. When that's done, we have to choose what material and design we want for the photo album, design of the album, etc.

There are 2 albums which are 15 x 30 in size. We chose to have one album in design copy, and another as handmade copy.

Design photo album

Handmade photo album

This other album that we have is FOC LOL! Hubby got this from them after much persuasion. This 12 x 16 album are the pictures provided by us. We have chosen the pictures from our holidays to be given to them to design for this album.

12 x 16 holiday picture album

The 2 albums are super duper heavy!! Hubby went and weigh it and they weigh a whole 15kgs! I can't even carry it myself LOL!

Oh well, at least we are happy with the output! We also have our photo frame in our house. Happy happy~~


uLi.佑莉 said...

All photos were nicely taken =)

Michelle Y said...

Thanks! :)

christine mae Engcoy said...
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cristmae said...

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