Thursday, October 7, 2010

Post-honeymoon trip - Approved!

Planning ahead, I've mentioned to hubby long before our wedding about celebrating our 1st year ROM anniversary somewhere. It can also be in conjunction with our post-honeymoon trip. It could be somewhere near and short just to mark our 1 year anniversary.

Places suggested were:
  • Singapore - I wanna go to the USS
  • Bali - The last time I went there, we were pretty broke and didn't quite enjoy ourselves

At first, hubby was against it because we might not have the budget for this trip after our wedding. But right after our wedding dinner, hubby said we can squeeze the trip in.

So we are going to BALI in December!! YAY!

We had to go through massive, unnecessary trouble with Hong Thai with this as we were planning to use the deposit we have with them to transfer to this trip. No thanks to their inefficiency, we were informed that the hotel we want has been fully booked... Which leaves us no choice but to choose another hotel and pay for it ourselves. The deposit? We insisted that they refund it to us, of course! I'm warning you guys - DON'T book with Hong Thai. This is my personal opinion OK!

So we made our own reservation and bookings, and TA-DA!! We have booked ourselves to Bali. schedule to leave on 26th Dec 2010 and be back on 29th Dec 2010.

We will be flying there by Air Asia. December is peak period for almost everywhere! But this is the only time I can take my holidays with no worries and at peace of mind. So, paying more is the price I have to pay!

Air Asia's confirmation to Bali

And the hotel we will be staying is Alam Kulkul in Kuta. It is standard pricing for almost all hotels in Bali, about RM450 per room per night. Why did we choose this? This hotel has direct access to the beach. Whenever we go for beach holidays, we always want our hotel to have direct beach access. There really is no point going for beach holidays and not be near the beach right?!

I've always booked my hotel with Agoda. It's fast, convenient, and most of all, they are cheaper than everywhere else I've looked at.

Agoda's confirmation to Alam Kulkul

Hurry! My year end trip is confirmed. Can't wait for this, and Europe!


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