Monday, November 1, 2010

My new camera - Sony HX5V

Introducing my new toy - the SONY HX5V

Now, some of you might be thinking why did I get this new camera when I've already gotten a Canon DSLR. Well, I have always kept my Canon digital camera in my bag for instant and convenience use. Although this Canon Ixus has been a loyal companion for years, the quality of the images are not as good anymore, and is getting worse. Even using the editing software can't help improve the look of the images taken from this Canon Ixus.

So, I told hubby that I want to change a new camera, and finally, he has agreed. I was thinking of getting the Canon G11, but hubby said it's too bulky to be carried around in my clutch/wristlet, and thus, beating the main reason of us getting a new camera in the first place.

Then, my next choice was the Lumix LX3, but I can't get it because it has exceeded my budget although the images are very impressive.

And by luck, we walked into Sony, and was introduced to the Sony HX5v, and was totally hooked.

My new camera - Sony Hx5V

Some of the major specifications that are special are:
  • AVCHD Full HD movie recording
  • Optical SteadyShot (Active Mode)
  • 10x Optical zoom
  • Built-in GPS and Compass
  • Handheld Twilight
  • Intelligent Sweep Panorama
I totally love the panorama function! It's the function that I used the most, and it gives a brilliant fish eye effect. Another one attractive feature is the HD movie recording. This will be a great addition to our DSLR since we don't have this in our DSLR. And you should really try their Handheld Twilight is just awesome! The images taken during low light area looks fabulous!

Sony HX5FV view from the front

This camera comes in 2 colors, which are silver and black, and I've only got my eyes fixed on the black one. The outlet in Berjaya Times Square was sold out, and we made a call to the Curve and KLCC. The one at the Curve was also sold out, so we had to make our way to KLCC just to get the one in black. Hey, I'll be using this camera for at least another 3 years, it might as well be the color that I want.

Sony HX5FV view from the back

This camera was selling at RM1299, but they were having a promotion where we trade in any camera or any mobile phone, they will deduct RM300 from us. And we do have a very old mobile phone in our house that has been quite a waste. So we traded that in, and this camera costs us RM999. And they allow us to do EPP without upfront charges or any additional charges.

Sony HX5FV view from the top

With the camera, they gave us a free bag for the camera;

Camera bag

And a 8GB memory card.

8GB memory card

I bought this about a week prior to my Hen's Night in September, and have already used it a couple of times. So far, I've been pretty satisfied with is. Will upload the pictures from this camera in the future.

Tee-hee! New camera for play!


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