Thursday, December 16, 2010

Wedding Decoration

Just wanna share some photos during my wedding.

This is the decoration part... House decoration has to be credited to hubby! He has put in a tremendous amount of effort into decorating and cleaning it. He even set the dining table with wine and glass wine to make it more homely.

I did my part too ya! I cleaned and packed my (always messy) dressing table, and decorated some items.

Our new bedsheet from Aussino
Red "hei" Chinese characters all over. Wedding-ish in the most subtle taste.

The dolls of husband and wife

The deco on our dining table

The deco on my dressing table

The white dress hangar bought from HK

Mini shoes for rings
This is a gift from his aunty

And other than sharing the pictures of our house decoration, here is a picture of my hand bouquet for my tea ceremony session. I've chosen daisies because to me, it brings a sense of joy and laughter... You know that warm fuzzy feeling with your family members? Yeah I feel that daisies bring that kinda aura. And the pale pink just adds a hint of romance.

Pale pink daisies hand bouquet

The meaning of DAISY - Innocence, Loyal Love, I'll Never Tell (WTH is this?), Purity

Hubby's matching boutonniere

More pictures from my wedding, and of course, our honeymoon coming up.


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