Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Next stage in life

Now that the wedding is done and honeymoon is over, it is finally time for the next stage in our lives - BABY! Yes, it is finally the time to start our own family.

Being a responsible *ahem ahem* individual and future parent, we need to do everything in our power and knowledge to prepare our lives with a new edition in our family. One of the steps we have taken was to go for our full body checkup.

I know most couples go for their premarital checkups before wedding, but for us, we did all our wedding and honeymoon before our checkups. Why? I still remember this convo I had with hubby back in Jul/Aug before our wedding.

Wife: Eh we haven't do our body checkups lar.

: So?

: So?! What do you mean so? We have to do the checkups not only for our health condition but also for our blood and genes compatibility for our future baby.

: Why must we do it before our wedding? We can do it after. So what if we do it now? What if we find out that we have some sickness or our blood is incompatible? Are you going to cancel the wedding? Or go ahead?

: That's just an excuse to avoid the checkups

: I'm not avoiding, just postponing because we don't have the time to do it not. Say we do it now, get the test result in 2 weeks. If all goes well, great! If *touch wood* not? Then what will happen? Break up? Cancel the wedding? Let me ask you. If the test result shows I have sickness or our blood is incompatible and shows that we can't have baby *touch wood*, then will you leave me?

: No! Of course not!

: Same goes with me. Since we know whatever the result will be, the wedding goes on. Don't worry. No matter what, I'm marrying you. You can't run away from being my wife!!

So finally, we did our physical checkups on Monday. The appointment was at 9am but we arrived at Gleneagles at about 8.30am. After discussion with the nurses and consultation officers, we have decided to go with the BASIC TEST. The tests took about 4 hours to complete. Click here to view the full list provided by Gleneagles.

Gleneagles provided us with a complimentary gift voucher at Dome after our tests completion.

Dome gift voucher

Hubby was super hungry since he was fasting since the previous night. Immediately we went to Dome to redeem our voucher. For complimentary voucher, the choices given were quite decent. Here are our choices:

Hot Cappuccino

Iced Lemon Tea

Spicy Chicken Mushroom Pasta

Beef Bolognese Pasta

This is additional since Hubby was starving:

Wild Mushroom Soup

After our tests, I went back to office and hubby back home. That is how he was able to prepared dinner on Monday.

We will be taking our test result on the 28th Jan 2011. Finger doubled and tripled crossed, we will pass all the tests with flying colors!


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Girl! Congrats that u are planning to have a baby!

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