Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Honeymoon in Europe ♥ Vatican City ♥

Continuing from the previous post, after our visit to the Colosseum, we were driven to a little city enclave in Rome - Vatican City.

Note: A strict dress code is enforced (as in many other houses of worship), so have shoulders covered, wear trousers or a not-too-short dress, and take your hats off (which is the custom in churches in Europe, women must wear scarves or some thing to cover their heads.

Panorama view of the St. Peter's Square

Exterior of the square

Apostolic Palace

We have to queue to go into the church because there are security checks at the entrance. There are security scanners and they have the right to check your bags at the entrance.

The queue to enter St. Peter's Basilica

We start out queue here - but it was a very fast queue

St. Peter's Basilica interior of a Christian church in the world is so breathtakingly beautiful!! I was just in awe staring at the details of the church.

Interior in the church 01

Every part is so meticulously designed and elaborated. Best thing is we could take picture of inside the church with flash. We were allowed to do so because the color and deco in the church are decorated with marbles. This point is very different compared to other churches because other churches are paintings and color on the wall.

Interior in the church 02

Paintings on the wall

Interior in the church 03

Interior in the church 04

Interior in the church 05 + Michelle

Right outside the Basilica stands the Swiss Guards. They have on this colorful uniform and are all so tall and built! Not to mention hunky!

Swiss Guards

After we exited the church, we were directed to the souvenir shop and bought some rosaries for friends.

Fountain at the piazza

Us at the St. Peter's Square

Vatican City's blog is done. Next is to continue with the Part 1 of Rome. For more pictures of Vatican City, do check out this Facebook link.

To be continued...


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