Thursday, September 30, 2010

All's well, Ends well

It's been forever since I've updated my blog! LOL! I was so busy since the wedding, and could only have time finally to jot something nice... Just to show that I am still here!

Well, tea ceremony on the 18th Sept went well... It was tiring, but enjoyable. After the ceremony, we rested, and went clubbing at G6. We wanna thank all our heng dais and ji muis for all the help.

I got this picture from our very helpful friend, Yew Li aka the photographer.

Preparing for our prayers

I'll need time to get the pictures from our hired photographer, and write fully on what happened during our wedding.

Until then, I have another wedding to attend this Saturday. Ciao!

Friday, September 17, 2010

24 hours!

In exactly 24 hours will be my wedding! OMG!! Still in disbelief mood!!!

For picture sake, below is the hand corsage that I've got for my ji muis. Simple rose corsage. I actually wanted daisies but I've searched high and low, and nobody has it. I want a silk daisy corsage but no such thing. Daisies corsages are normally available in fresh flowers. So I have no choice but to get this.

Peach rose hand corsage

Next blog post would be from moi, the traditionally married woman LOL!

Can't wait! Till then, signing off and hoping everything goes better than planned! *fingers crossed*

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Delivery of Betrothal Gift / Ko Dai Lai

Last Sunday was the auspicious date for the delivery of betrothal gift from the groom's family to the bride's family. Mum-in-law has been very busy searching for all the items requested by my dad for the delivery. On the eve of the delivery date, I can see that she is so worn out from all the preparation. Sigh weddings really have so much to do.

Although there was a major drama that happened right before this occasion, everything is solved and though not all party wins, but majority wins...

So anyways, the auspicious time to delivery the gifts was between 9.30am - 10.30am. I went over to dad's place earlier and waited for hubby to come with the gifts. I know it's silly of me, but I was so excited LOL!

These are the gifts that the groom's family sent over. Hubby got the help of his auntie to be the representative to deliver the gifts.

Roast pork

2 chickens

2 bottles of liquor

Fruits - Oranges and pears

L-R: Red cloth, Double Happiness Chinese Candles

Dad requested for the traditional Hokkien wedding cakes to be delivered. Mum-in-law went ll the way to Brickfields to look for it and placed the orders.

Traditional Wedding Cake 1

Traditional Wedding Cake 2

Traditional Wedding Cake 3 & 4

To accommodate both my parents, mum-in-law went the extra mile to look for the modern wedding cakes for my mum. Mum wants modern wedding cakes cos she's not Hokkien, and mum-in-law found it from Tong Kei. Luckily, mum-in-law is an understanding person and did not complain about the fuss kicked up by my parents.

Modern Wedding Cake

This is additional. Cos it is the mooncake festival and hubby has already bought this earlier, we brought it along to give it to my dad. Dad said to leave it on the prayers table be presented to the Gods and ancestors.


According to grandma, since the groom has delivered the gifts, we have to return the favor. So she packed a little bit of everything that was delivered to return to the groom. Dad replaced the alcohol with 2 bottles of red wine.

Returned gifts 1

Returned gifts 2

Since we got the return cakes and mum-in-law can't finish it, she gave some to us so that I can bring some back to my colleagues to share it. As I have not seen the cakes before, I opened it and photographed it for memory keepsake.

This is cake's filling is sweet and kinda sticky. Very tasty!

Traditional Wedding Cake 3

Traditional Wedding Cake 3 - Close up

This cake is like the one from Penang, which has the green bean paste. It's so scrumptious!

Traditional Wedding Cake 4 - Close up

Traditional Wedding Cake 4 - Close up

We also got a box of the modern cake from Tong Kei. 1 box contains 2 mooncake-alike cake. I have not open it yet, but was told that it's lotus paste. Can't wait to try it!

Modern cake from Tong Kei 1

Modern cake from Tong Kei 2

I'll be getting married this SATURDAY! OMG! I'm so excited although technically, we've registered our marriage about 8 months ago LOL! Still, I'm blardy thrilled, nonetheless.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Thanks babes!

I'm back from my Hen's Night in PD!

Heaps and loads of thanks to my loveliest girlfriends/best friends/ji muis!!!

Add Image
Pictures of the place we stay in will prolly be uploaded after my wedding cause I am SUPER B-U-S-Y!!!

Bee Lay - Thanks for the Jagermeister
Leech - Thanks for arranging the trip and booking the room
Lisa - Thanks for your porn action and being the driver
Mae - Wish you could be here with us
Tze - Thanks for coming back earlier just so you can make it for this hen's night
Ying Tzu - Thanks for driving and sorry for making you leave cute Chlo Ee alone

I luv you all so much! Really... I can't imagine my life without you all! Muaks!

*I know I'm being emo and drama, but planning a wedding can really tell who are your friends and who you can depend on.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Our wedding photo album

We have finally collected our wedding photo albums last month... Collected it when we went for our 2nd wedding gown trial in August.

Before we got to this stage, we have to go through the agony of selecting the pictures we want, get the best rate for additional poses, wait for them to edit and design the pictures... Then we have to go there to look at the design to confirm. When that's done, we have to choose what material and design we want for the photo album, design of the album, etc.

There are 2 albums which are 15 x 30 in size. We chose to have one album in design copy, and another as handmade copy.

Design photo album

Handmade photo album

This other album that we have is FOC LOL! Hubby got this from them after much persuasion. This 12 x 16 album are the pictures provided by us. We have chosen the pictures from our holidays to be given to them to design for this album.

12 x 16 holiday picture album

The 2 albums are super duper heavy!! Hubby went and weigh it and they weigh a whole 15kgs! I can't even carry it myself LOL!

Oh well, at least we are happy with the output! We also have our photo frame in our house. Happy happy~~

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Honeymoon package DONE!

YES! Finally, our honeymoon package to Europe is CONFIRMED! La la la! Yay yay ya! LOL!

Yes, I am over the moon and super duper ecstatic with our tour.

During our visit to the Matta Fair last weekend, we knew we had to survey this tour company called Chan's Tour. They are based in Singapore and yes, we did surveyed them previously but didn't select them. We did our research and realised that this is another reputable company and could act as our back up just in case the tour by Hong Thai doesn't work.

Chan's Tour

Once we started our chat with them, we were hooked! They were so professional! Although they are slightly pricier, but their overall package is definitely worth the price.

Chan's Tour's 12D Europe trip

Of course we didn't decide then and there that we will cancel our previous booking with Hong Thai and go with this. We went to Hong Thai and still CAN'T confirm our tour, which is such a turn off. I'm going for my honeymoon... They can't come to me last minute and tell me that the tour doesn't have enough people and we can't go for our honeymoon, right?!

On Sunday night, hubby decided to make the final call - Either to wait for Hong Thai and suffer the consequences of them cancelling; or to go ahead with Chan's (by paying a couple of hundered extra) and change the Hong Thai's deposit to somewhere else.

Decision made was to go with Chan's Tour!! After analysing it, we really can't afford to have our honeymoon trip cancel. And Chan's Tour compared to Hong Thai is about the same price.

So on Monday, during lunch hour, we made our way to Chan's office in Imbi to pay our deposit. They have only 6 seats left! Luckily, we made our decision in time and booked our places.

Europe trip deposit paid

Date has also been confirmed - which is on the 19th October 2010. There it is! Our names as participants for this tour!

Our names on the receipt

These are the highlights of our tour. Comparing to Hong Thai's, their additional are the 2 night stay in Paris, 1 night stay in Milan and also the Mt Titlis tour.

Tour highlights

Signed, sealed and delivered babehhhhhh! Here we come!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Happy Birthday Leech!

Traffic in KL

Check out the jam in KL last Friday! The jam started as early as 4.30pm! When I peeked out from my office building, was I surprised! It was still the fasting month and it shouldn't be this jam at this hour.

I was suppose to meet Blay at her office at 7pm cos we were going to Bangsar for Leech's birthday celebration. Knowing that hubby will be super pissed and moody, I told him I'll meet him at his office so that we can wait out for the traffic to clear and hubby can go home while I meet Blay.

Since it was just 5pm, we need to look for a place that let us hang out but not have heavy dinner, and hubby brought me to Brussels Beer Cafe at Menara Hap Seng.

Brussels Beer Cafe @ Menara Hap Seng

They were having happy hour, and I ordered my Hoe. If I'm not mistaken, it costs about RM14. The happy hour is only a few ringgit cheaper though.


Hubby was feeling adventurous - He ordered the Leffe. The glass was huge! The color was like Ribena though LOL! Hubby's verdict - It's sweet.


As we will be there for another 2 hours, hubby ordered the Brussels' Style Roast Pork (RM18.80). The menu said " Brussels' roast pork with crunch top skin of pork belly" and the word "crunch" caught his attention. He wants to see how crunchy can the skin be.

Brussels' Style Roast Pork

It looks pretty good rite? I would say the picture doesn't do it justice cos I was using my iPhone to take the picture. It tasted so much better than it looks! Really! You should try it!

Super crunchy Brussels' Style Roast Pork

I picked their recommendation - the Meat Ball cook with Leffe Brune (RM13.80). The broth has a very distinctive Leffe taste! Meaning they didn't stinge on their ingredients!

Meat Ball cook with Leffe Brune

As we were waiting for our food, I realised that Blay was still in her office waiting for the time to go to Bangsar, so I asked her to come join us for a drink. She ordered the Stella Artois and hubby has already finished his Leffe, so he ordered another drink, which is also a Stella Artois. Look at the difference in size of their drinks.

Stella Artois - 1/2 pint and 1 pint

As the traffic slowly eased up, Blay and I made our way to Bangsar and met up with Leech and Lisa. Initially wanted to go to WIP but as expected, it was packed to the brim! Alexis as well... So we picked this - Monte's.

Monte's @ BSC

It was less packed, and was so chillax. Great hang out place with the babes! And they served us with these buns as appetizer.


I didn't bother snapping any more pictures cos they were busy giving me small pieces of their food for me to try LOL! I was stuffed with my dinner at Brussels, that's why I didn't order anything.

For desserts, YTzu brought along a cake for Leech. YTzu's such a sweetheart!

Birthday cake

The waiters came singing the birthday song with us too!

The birthday girl - Leech

Happy Birthday gal! Many happy returns and may your wishes come true! Luv ya!

Monday, September 6, 2010

Meatworks @ Solaris

Last month, we were thinking real hard on where and what to eat. Did research online but could not find any that serves our taste buds.

Then suddenly, I thought of this place - Meatworks @ Solaris.

We made a call earlier just in case if it's crowded since it was a Sunday and it was the Ramadhan month. When we got there about 7pm, it was quite empty.

Deco @ Meatworks

Ambiance was great... White furniture frame the cosy restaurant. They have this freezer that sells fresh meat like they do in supermarkets.

Fresh meats

We placed our orders. My beverage - Earl Grey tea. Refreshing!

Earl Grey Tea

Hubby ordered the rejuvenating Watermelon Juice.

Watermelon juice

Our appetizer - Onion Soup Gratinee (RM17). It is a caramelized onion and beef broth served with Gruyere toast. The plentiful amount of onion really brings out the taste of this broth.

Onion Soup Gratinee

This is hubby's main course - BBQ Spared Ribs (3 Ribs - RM50). The menu claimed that the ribs were braised and barbequed to tender perfection... And I say perfection it is! Definitely recommended to ribs lovers.

BBQ Spared Ribs

As I am avoiding beef, I ordered the Roast Chicken (1/4 chicken - RM20). I didn't expect them to serve me with the drum part... And I actually wanted the breast part but whatever. I ain't making a fuss.

1/4 Roast Chicken

"A spit-roasted chicken served with organic vegetables from Cameron Highlands" was described in the menu. I have no comment on the organic vegetables, but it is definitely roasted to the best!

Digging in to my Roast Chicken

Great place to dine and chill. There are the sandwiches that I wanna try... Maybe next time.