Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Room Eighteen


We saw this new restaurant on the LG in Times Square the other day and thought that we'd give it a go. It's called Room Eighteen. Apparently it is under the Tai Thong group.

From the advertisement and the layout of the restaurant, it looked okay and quite stylish.

When we were there, it was not peak hours so, less than half of the place was full. However, the service was really bad, and the utensils and atmosphere feels "unwelcoming". I feel very uneasy at the place... It was like sitting in a olden coffee shop (though I'd prefer the coffee shop than here).

They served us with the appetizer.

Vincent was having flu at that time, so he wanted to have something really warm, and ordered the porridge. Taste is not bad (if you're not really fussy). At least the yau char kuey is still crispy.

They were having some promotional dinner set, which I ordered. It was the Egg Noodle (dry) with Roasted Pork. The Egg Noodle had a very distinct taste and smell of egg. I find it a little too overwhelming. The Roasted Pork is just so-so.

The set came with a drink (Chinese Tea or Coke or Sprite), and a dessert. The dessert is Guai Lin Kau. This has very strong herbal taste. I kinda like this... My favourite actually!

Ask me if I would wanna go there again, I'd say no. I'd rather go to McD in Times Square, or even Starbucks. Not my cuppa tea.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

ROM - Alex & Phoebe

Another blissful couple tying the knot on this month is Mr. Alex Kwan and Ms. Phoebe Kyo in Putrajaya. 28.09.09 is the date they have registered and legalised their bond as husband and wife.

Since Alex is one of Vincent's best friends, he had taken leave on that special day to witness the special moment, and also be his photographer. After sending me to work, he went to Alex's house. The hand bouquet - 12 red roses. And also snapped in this picture is their wedding invitation card.

Alex all ready and geared up .

The happy and lovely couple - Alex and Phoebe. They coordinated their attire. The theme was gold. Phoebe had gold color headband and gold color belt against her white tube dress, while Alex had on a gold color tie against his white shirt. Nice!

Phoebe's shoes.

According to Vincent, so mishap happened on that day. Apparently the couple was waiting for their turn, and our of sudden, Vincent wanted to photograph the couple's wedding band, so he asked Alex for it. This is when it hit them. He forgot to bring the ring! He had left it at home (and his place is in Ampang)! Crap! Vincent and Uli can't go as they have to be the photographers, and it would not be nice at all for Alex to go get the ring and leave his bride alone. So this important mission was handed to Mr. Alan Chan. He sped back home with Alex's mum to retrieve the ring for the couple. It was so lucky that Alan was there to save the day. Since it will take him about an hour to retrieve the ring, it's picture time.

Classic snapshot - The bride not accepting the groom's proposal

And then she said YES!

Happy happy!

Finally, it is the couple's turn to enter the "Bilik Upacara". I heard that they were given time to take pictures before the solemnization takes place. Then, they will start the ceremony. The couple exchanging "I do's".

Alex signing his marriage certificate.

Phoebe's turn to sign.

The witness - Alex's father.

The other witness - Phoebe's father to sign.

Sliding in the ring for his wife.

Phoebe: I can't slide it in... Your finger is too big!
Alex: Ouch!
Apparently, the groom's finger was a little too big for the ring.

Phew! Ring is finally on each other's 4th finger.

The couple's wedding band.

The husband and wife with the husband's parents.

Now, the husband and wife with the wife's parents.

The husband and wife with the wife's sister and brother-in-law.

One big happy family.

Kudos to the hero of the day - Mr. Alan Chan. Mission accomplished!

Done with the registration! Hurrah! Husband and wife! This Saturday will be their tea ceremony. Coming up!

Monday, September 28, 2009


It is the Mid-Autumn Festival, or better known as Moon Festival (中秋節). This is one of favourite celebrations in the Chinese calendar. I love how the story behind this festival, and the mooncake! When I was young, my family used to have mooncake and other tidbits with nice, warm tea. We will enjoy the night together and we will play the candles and lanterns. It brings so much family bonding and togetherness that I cherish till today.

I was never a fan of mooncake until what happened to my family. After what happened to my family, I realised the only way I can enjoy the Mid-Autumn Festival is to have mooncake. At least it brings back some good ol' memories.

The other day, I was hit with the sudden urge to have mooncake, and Pavilion was selling it. I love the varieties of mooncake offered by Baker's Cottage, and grabbed one after work!

Check out the box - It's so creative!

There wasn't much choice in Pavilion, so I took what was best left.

Vincent ordered 3 boxes from Tai Thong to be given to my parents and his auntie.

The mooncakes from Baker's Cottage is really my favourite. I like to eat it and then go with a nice warm cup of tea. Best way for me to unwind!

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Wedding Reception - Jek Chee & Pui Kuan

The wedding reception for Jek Chee and Pui Kuan was held on 21.09.2009 in Restaurant Hee Lai Ton in Puchong. We arrived at about 6pm to help out and also to take some pictures!

Deco that was on the stage.

That's us with the newly wedded couple.

The heng dai's.

The ji mui's.

The groom -busy with the arrival of guests.

Guests leaving their wishes and signatures for the couple.

The corsage made of fresh flowers.

The helpful photographer.

The groom

Heng dai's getting ready for the grand entrance of the couple to start off the night.

Preparing for their march into the wedding hall.

Pops of confetti as the couple make their grand entrance as husband and wife for the first time.

Check this out. The Nan Yang Chinese newspaper advertised a few couples that are getting married. Our lovely couple is featured as well!

Cake cutting ceremony on the stage.

Pouring of champagne together.

The couple cheers to their guests.

Close family members were invited to the stage to join the couple in toasting to their guests.

Guests here happily toasting back - YAM SENG!!

Lil girls join in the fun in calling out "yam seng" as well!

7637 is the lucky number.

A wedding dinner is incomplete without live performances. Our Karaoke Queen - Ms. Uli.

And our Karaoke King - Mr. Jack.

This is another couple who is getting married in 2 weeks' time. Love is in the air~~

The heng dai's charged up to the stage and sang a sentimental song together.

The couple who celebrated their 1st year anniversary. Deja vu... Exactly 1 year ago we attended their wedding.

The ji mui's.

The wedding is done - A new husband and wife starts their journey together. Here's toasting to HAPPILY EVER AFTER to them!

To Jek Chee & Pui Kuan - May your wedding be the beginning of everlasting joy and happiness! CONGRATULATIONS!