Saturday, February 27, 2010

2nd day of Tiger Year lunch

On the 2nd day of the Tiger year, hubby has promised to accompanied me back to my dad's house. Since I've moved out, this is the 1st time that I go over to his place for CNY... Kinda nervous tho ;p

As a trade off to accompanying me, hubby insisted we have lunch ourselves before meeting dad. He's anticipated that it will be a long visit. Since we will be going to Kota Damansara, we went to Pappa Rich to try out this place. Heard about this place and wanted to try it a while ago, but just never made it. Well, this is the time.

The menu is almost the same as Old Town, but much richer in variety.

I ordered the Fresh Lemon Honey Ice (RM4.20). Refreshing!

For my meal, I ordered the Dry Curry Mee (RM8.90). Not too bad. The curry was not spicy enough for me, so I added cili padi.

Hubby ordered the Ipoh Kuey Teow Soup with Steamed Chicken (RM9.90). Quite worth the money as the portion is quite big.

Being his greedy self, he ordered 2 Half Boiled Eggs (RM2.80). The thing about Pappa Rich (or at least this outlet) is that they have a whole basket of ready half boiled eggs. So when anyone orders, they just take it from the basket, and obviously, it is already cold compared to those that were just boiled. It would definitely tasted better if they had it boiled "fresh".

Heppy Birthday to Papa Kwan

Every year, we will go celebrate Alex's father's birthday, which is on the 4th day of CNY.
When I first join this group and heard of this practice, I was quite shocked cos we have never celebrated any of my friend's father's birthday!
So for this year, there is no difference. The venue for this year is at Teochew Restaurant.

Yee Sang serving - in conjunction with the CNy celebration.

The "Cheong Sau Meen" (Longevity Noodle). Delicious!

Pork Knuckle - Something different.

This is one of the couple - All happy.

Us @ 4th day of 2010 CNY in Teochew! Happy happy~~

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Masak-masak time!

The final day of the official public holiday for the CNY celebration - 3rd day. Dad and younger brother came early in the morning to visit my new place and also my brother went for a swim. We were suppose to have lunch together after that but hubby and I had other plans.

Don't be shock to hear our plans!

Instead of hanging around and chat or gamble, we have decided to cook up a lunch. LOL it was like a gang of housewives gathered to prepare lunch and the husbands just sat and watch TV, chat over beer and reading the newspaper. I felt like we have join the "si lai" (auntie's) club! Xian Pin + Hui (the hosts) even took the effort to go to the market to buy the ingredients!

Who would have thought that we have come down to this?
It's back to kid's play - masak-masak time!

Alan + Uli went join the hosts to Carrefour after that to buy additional ingredients.
When we arrived, we started preparing the lunch.

Look! I helped (a bit!) ;p The only dude that helped from the start was Alan. He did everything from peeling the potatos with spoon (!), to washing, to cleaning. Husband material! My husband was just taking picture LOL! But he did helped with the cleaning after.

After about 2 hours and taking turn to cook each dishes, lunch if finally served! Dishes are:

ABC soup - Chef: Uli + Alan + Xian Pin
Luncheon meat and egg - Chef: Alex
Vegetables - Chef: Phoebe
Soy Sauce Chicken - Chef: Uli
Baked beans - Chef: Michelle!
Fried roasted pork - Chef: Xian Pin

It was a great lunch in the house. It was the very first time we did this, and it was really fun. We must definitely do this again soon!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Happy Tiger Year - Day 1

The first day of CNY. Just did the usual - Started off the day by visiting my mum and had vegetarian lunch. Then went over to my mum's relatives for a while. Then Vincent left to go back to his own place while I went over to my dad's mum's place in KL. Hubby is never a fan of visiting relatives cos he finds it boring, so am not gonna force him to do it.

At night, we went to Pavilion with Hui + Xian Pin & Yew + Phoebe. We were gonna watch 14 Blades together. We met up earlier for yam cha session and since all is full, we found a place at Athena.

Not our first time here, but we have never fancy this restaurant. We saw their bar was full with used glasses. They ran out of glasses cos there wasn't enough workers that day to wash the utensils. Needless to say, the service sucks and we waited forever to have our food.

Hubby was hungry cos it was vegetarian that day, but he had to forego the diet, and ordered the Spaghetti Prawn Olio instead.
Hu + Xian Pin ordered the Lamb Shank "just to join in the fun to eat together" LOL! Not my idea of light snack.

The Tiramisu that Phoebe ordered took forever! It finally arrived (after a few times asking them for it).

This is the first time we celebrate V-Day together with hubby's friends. LOL!

Although the restaurant was in a mess and chaotic, the food was actually quite good. It's the new year... so no yelling and stressing over late food!

Lifestyle store & cafe - Garden

We were at the Curve on the eve of CNY and was there to look for CNY gifts for my parents. Supposedly to get some wines from Tesco but we ended up in the Curve... and we stumbled across this new cafe. Nobody can miss this place. The deco just stood out! They have a white grand piano outside! Cool!

This place is called the Garden. The ambience resembles the Westerners.

Their menu is really cute too. One side of the page is their dishes, and the other page would be the type of flower for every month and what it means.

Since we've just had our "reunion" lunch with my mum, we were still very full, thus opted for their beverages. One of the recommendation is their soda range. I ordered the Strawberry soda.

And hubby ordered the Passion Fruit Soda. It was definitely a thirst quencher.

This restaurant serves both loval and Western cuisine. They serve Thai food as well. Although the service here sucks (big time), but I wanna come back to try their food. Such a hypocrite!

Monday, February 15, 2010

V-Day + CNY 1st day

For this year of the Tiger, the 1st day coincides with the special V-Day. Every year, we celebrate V-Day a couple of days earlier to avoid the human traffic... But for this year, we were too busy preparing for CNY and did not take that into consideration. Luckily, we have done the reunion dinner by 13th Feb 2010 afternoon. So we had the dinner time during the eve of V-Day and CNY free. Seeing that we have done our dutiful responsibilities to our families, we went to Changkat for a special dinner - Just the 2 of us.

Other than 2 special days falling on the same day, it is an extra special year for us as this is also:

  • The first time we are celebrating CNY as husband and wife.
  • Our very own family reunion dinner.

The place where we had our meal to celebrate all these joyous events is La Vaca in Changkat BB.

Since this was a last minute arrangement, we did not make any reservation, but not worries, the crowd is lesser than usual V-Day since most of the people are back with their families or hometown.

The theme of this restaurant is beef-dishes. Everything here is beef. Their specialty and also they have fresh oysters. With cow as their main theme, check out their cute menu:

The wine menu. The wine is fairly cheap... Quite reasonable for a place in Changkat.

The starter - On the house. Really tasty and warm bread.

We ordered the Ceasar salad (RM26.00). With so much Chinese dinner before and during CNY, we need something to cleanse our system. The serving is reasonably big, and very tasty too!

This is the Jumbo Beef Sausage (RM38.00) I ordered. It was H-U-G-E! LOL! Very big and long! ;p
The sauce that was very yummy too! Very nice fragrant of onion.

Hubby ordered this - The Sirloin Beef (RM68.00). The serving for this is bigger than the normal steak... It's even bigger than the one from Angus Steakhouse. We couldn't finish this. It was just too much for us.

This is the platter of sauces that came with the beef. We barely touch it cos the steak was already good enough.

Very very full and satisfied with the dinner. This year's V-Day celebration just proved to be yet another memorable occasion!!

46 Changkat Bukit Bintang 50200 KL

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Tiger Year!


Happy Chinese New Year all!!

Gong Xi Fa Cai!

Happy Woohoo everyone!

First day of CNY + V-Day! I've just finished visiting my relatives and came back to hubby's parents home.

Here's wishing everyone:

1) Roaring abundance of wealth!
2) GRReat health!
3) Ferocious happiness!

Leaving you with the CNY deco for this year in major shopping complexes in KL.

1 Utama

Berjaya Times Square

Lot 10
In Lot 10, they hung all the surnames. This is hubby's surname, which is also mine - FOO.