Saturday, August 28, 2010

Partee @ Gsix

It's party time!

One of hubby's brothers birthday was just last Saturday, and one of them suggested that we go to Gsix in Mid Valley Gardens. Since I've never been there before, why not?

We started dinner at Yuzu in MV Gardens before that. Of course, going for dinner with this group is like feeding a pack of hungry wolves. You can never snap any picture cos once the food is served, it goes to their stomach almost immediately.

After dinner, we headed to Gsix at around 10.15am. After long deliberation, we finally got ourselves a decent table. The place was as crowded as we heard about it!

Anyhoo, we partied hard that night! Absolutely a fantastic night out! Woo-hoo!

Here are just some pictures taken that night from Gsix, courtesy of Pui Kuan.

Picture taken at the start of the night - Sober

Drink drink drink!

Difference between "red face" and "white face" - After effect of Hennessy

Pictures with the dudes

Picture taken at the ened of the night - Still sober (for some of us!)

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Yummy mooncake

Although it's now the Hungry Ghost Festival, I've gone to get mooncake to celebrate the mooncake festival. I know it's a little bit too early, but I was really stressed out with the wedding preparation and I needed a break. So I got off from work early the other day and ran to Pavilion to get my favourite mooncake brand - The Baker's Cottage.

The Baker's Cottage box

This year, The Baker's Cottage didn't have any collaboration with any credit card merchant, so no discount. Since hubby was late, I took my time to choose the mooncake that I want.
4 choices from Baker's Cottage

Actually, I was buying this to give it as a gift to my in-laws. But of course, I would wanna try it too and hubby said we can eat it with them. This way, it is better cos we won't have to eat too much.

And hubby was right. His mum insisted that they can't finish the whole thing, and asked us to cut the mooncake to half and bring it back for ourselves LOL! So we did just that!

3 of halves mooncake

My first choice and highly recommended by the sales assistant - the Grand Ruby. This is the new mooncake promoted by the Baker's Cottage. And I have to say... This is absolutely the bomb! Really! Go try this!

Grand Ruby

We get this flavor every year - Tiramisu. This is hubby's favourite. Fancy having something so western mix with something so Chinese.


This is my first time trying this flavor - Precious Black. It apparently uses the black charcoal. The sales assistant claimed that this flavor was a sold out last year. I really like this too... Not as sweet... Just nice.

Precious Black

Every year, hubby will ask for favor from his ex-colleagues to obtain discount for mooncakes from Tai Thong, and this year, it is no different. We bought 3 boxes for my parents, and also hubby's uncle and auntie.

Tai Thong mooncake

We've finished the 3 of half mooncakes we bought back... And I'm already starting to miss the Grand Ruby... Hmm I might just drop by Pavilion soon to get it again.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Our picture featured in official website

OMG I can't believe this! LOL!

Our pre-wedding picture has been selected to be featured in our bridal studio (Eyeshot Studio) official website! One of our pictures is featured to advertise for their website.

Do check it out here.

This is the picture that as chosen:

Pre-wedding shot @ Pavilion, KL

To take this shot is not an easy task, and not a very typical "wedding" pose... Quite controversy LOL! Some saw this and went "Woah!!"! Hahaha!

It was very challenging to us cos I have to bend all the way down and hubby had to support my weight YET looking comfortable and enjoying it. After bending down and adjusting to the correct angle, we have to hold that pose and focus on our facial expression before the photographer click on the camera. After that, when I got up, I remembered that my back was aching! LOL too old for this man!

Anyhoo, I'm just overjoyed and thrilled!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

1st DIY Project

For my wedding, I thought I'd be a little adventurous and do my very first DIY. I'll be doing a "Wishing Tree" for my wedding reception. What it is exactly? It's a "tree" to hang the wishes that my guests will write on.

These are the materials that we've brought for our project:

Purple paper

Wrapped wires

Patterned edge scissor

Sheer white/silver ribbon

Silver and white ribbon

Silver and purple artificial leaves

Cylinder styrofoam

Initially, hubby was very reluctant to do this cos it's too much extra work... But after much coaxing, he lent his helping hand LOL! We've modified the "Wishing Tree" to our convenience, and we're not halfway through. Will post up the picture once it is done.

Fingers crossed, this will turn our as the way we've imagined and planned it to be.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Pre-wedding ROM pictures

This is soOooO backdated, I almost feel ashamed of myself LOL!

But anyhoo, here are the pictures of our ROM pre-wedding photos in Putrajaya. As mentioned in my post on our ROM, I have to collect my pictures from different sources. Don't be mistaken tho, I've gotten my hands on these set of pictures from the photographer that I've hired about 1 month after our ROM.

So *ahem ahem*, these are our photos. Do excuse us for the lame poses and cheesy shots. We are no model, and it's our first time.

My last warning: Be warned! Lameness maximum approaching~~~

Ooh~~ Look at his eyes - SLEEPY!

Run run run~~ Run towards your bride...

... And then JUMP!

Scream your heart out - I'm MARRIED!

Him trying to act cool; I was trying to look demure - Fail LOL!

One of my favourite shots

Posing withe the bendera Malaysia

Kissed ~ Under the sun and our flag

Yet another one of my favourite shots

Found my other half in the "jungle" ~ LOL!

Proposal successful!

"I'll be right behind supporting you"

And finally, hand-in-hand, love forever and togetherness

LOL I warned you that it is lame! Ain't that the truth?! I can't even help laughing myself!

Anyways, hope you enjoy the pictures...

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The countdown begins

The countdown to my wedding has officially begun! In exactly one month from now, I'll be having my tea ceremony.

So much to do!! There is definitely something wedding related stuff to do... Like it's never ending! I can't believe that there is still so many things to take care of!

Won't be able to update my blog as often anymore since I've been spending my time on research. Mostly, my research after work is honeymoon stuff. Need to research on accommodation, places to go, how to get there, which day and what time to go etc. Oh and definitely not forgetting their local etiquette.

If u ask me which one am I looking forward to... I would say Paris!! Hell yeah!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Honeymoon to Europe - Halfway finalised

Last Sunday, hubby went into Smart Holidays website to see if they have a tentative date for us to go to Europe. They did have one on 11th September 2010 but obviously we can't make it on the dates. We told them to inform us for the one in October.

Last weekend was the MAS fair. So, out of curiosity, hubby checked out Smart Holidays website to see if they have any promotion or offer for the Europe trip we booked from the March 2010 MATTA Fair.

Sure enough, they were having promotion, and it was RM300 cheaper per person! Not to worry, cos the package we have booked has a clause that states that we can change to any trip and if our package is at a lower fee at anytime prior to us paying in full, we can switch it to the lower fee package or another trip. That is why I don't feel the pinch (yet!).

Anyhoo, the website has listed a tentative date in October 2010, which is 23 October 2010. With 10 days trip and our own extension, we will only be back on the first week of November, which is during the Deepavali on 5th November 2010. Yay! I get to save on 1 annual leave LOL!

And instead of extending only 3 nights, we are now planning to extend our stay in Paris for 4 nights. We will fly back on 4th November and arrive in KL on 5th November. Then, we will have the weekend to recover from the jet lag and go back to work on Monday. Perfect!

Check out the itinerary of the package we have booked! Downloaded this from Smart Holidays website for the 10D7N Best of Europe:

Our honeymoon itinerary to Europe - Adapted from Smart Holidays website

Maybe it's a little too small, but overall, these are the countries that we will be going to:
Vatican/ Rome/ Pisa/ Venice/ Lucern/ Rhineland Germany/ Amsterdam/ Brussels/ Paris

Of course we will still go to the MATTA Fair in September. I want to finalise my honeymoon package then and there, once and for all. Make the payment and prepare for our honeymoon to the romantic Europe!

Oh and one more thing - we will also plan for our trip next year... Our post honeymoon trip. We have decided this during the MATTA Fair in March but it was still to early to book for 2011 trip. Where are we going? Will reveal once we have book our tics!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Dad's Birthday Dinner

Last month, dad celebrated his birthday with his family at Imperial Garden in PJ. By right, he's 50 this year, but if calculated by the Lunar calendar, he's 51 this year. Hmm... Dad's age is really catching up. Sigh... am feeling guilty all over again...

That night, dad booked 4 tables in total for his family. Even the dishes he ordered were very different from the usual, and of course tasted really yummy! For some, I really don't know the name as they did not print out any menu for displayed. But really, the food here are absolutely tasty!

Thai Chili Sauce - Absolutely appetizing!

Appetizer - Which I can't recall what it is

Shark's Fin Soup ala Thai

Bean Sprouts - To go with the Shark's Fin Soup

Beijing Duck - Yummy!

King Prawn

Longevity Noodle - This is very delicious!

Braised Abalone - The abalone is very soft and appetizing

Dessert Mango Sago - Very savory!

Most of my cousins didn't come, but my aunts and uncles all came. Here's a picture of all of the. Total siblings my dad has - 9!

One family

This is my brother... My true blood brother. Our relationship has gotten a little better, which I hope it could improve... If only he's not so stubborn and egoist.

My brother & I

Myself with my dad, brother and sister

The birthday cake is dad's favourite - Durian cake. I actually love it! Yummy! OMG I'm craving for it again! Must remember to ask my dad where he bought it and hope they sell in a smaller piece.

My "extended" family

Happy Birthday DAD~~