Monday, August 31, 2009

Langkawi Trip - Day 2

Day 2 of our Langkawi trip. The planned activity for today was sightseeing at the Kilim Nature Park. This includes Eagle Feeding, Mangrove Swamp, Bat Cave and Fish Farm.

Since there were so many of us, we had to be separated to 2 boats. The boat that I was on had only 7 of us, while the other boat had 13 people. Check out the picture of Boat 2. It was going so fast that half the boat was not touching the water. It was scary! Cute Smileys

First stop - Eagle Feeding. There are many eagles here... Just that they are quite small. According to our guide, the eagles here are smaller. The bigger ones are not located here. It was quite fascinating to watch the eagle dive down for food.

Our guide then went ahead with our sightseeing journey. Instead of the open sea, we came to this mangrove swamp. It looks creepy a little bit cos it was so quiet. CN was saying this looks like one of the scenes where a huge crocodile will just come up and grab us! Seriously! No jokes like that! Happy Smileys Inside the swamp, we came to this cave the locals called the Crocodile Cave. When the guide maneuvered the boat towards the cave, I panicked! No way I'm going in there with cave with crocodiles!! Then the guide said it is named that way because a long time ago, some locals were venturing into this cave, and found a HUGE crocodile living in there, but now it is gone. Nobody knows where.

Next stop was the Bat Cave. The entrance fee was RM1 per person, and they only gave us one torchlight for 20 of us! Sigh... No energy to argue with them. So we went in the cave, and as suspected, no cameras allowed. It was a very small caves, with bats hanging from the top. Obviously they were all asleep.

Our final stop was the Fish Farm. The ride to this place was quite a distance, and we had to travel further into the sea. The waves were stronger there. I'm no expert in boats, but I would thought that with rough waves, the driver would go slower, but no! He was going so fast! The boat was bouncing and at some point, I was afraid that the boat will break into half! To top it off, it was raining. Scary scary ride! Ashamed Smileys

We finally arrived at the Fish Farm safe and sound! Check out the big fish! The fishes here act like they have not been fed for ages! You just throw a small piece of meat into the pond, and all the fishes will attack it.

Our boat driver left us at the Fish Farm, so we decided to have our lunch there. The food here is surprisingly not bad. Quite special... I mean, their fried rice is white in color, but there is taste, and it was quite good, I must say. Slightly pricey, but this is expected when you dine in places like this.

Finally done with the sightseeing. Went back to the hotel and the boys went to the swimming pool for some water sports/activities. I was in the pool for a while, and then went back to the hotel room to shower. The boys continued with beach volleyball but I went over to another room and played mahjong! LOL yes, one of the girls brought the miniature mahjong to Langkawi! And no, we did not gamble. Just a game to past time Laughing Smileys

Dinner time! We avoided the place we had dinner the night before and tried something new. We passed by this restaurant that is quite crowded, and we thought we'd give it a try. Pleasantly surprised, the food were delicious! Drooling smiley face Nothing like what I've tasted in Langkawi, period! It was good, especially the pork knuckle! Yum yum!

Group picture & solo/couple picture time before and after dinner! Leisures-and-Sports smiley face

Back to the hotel for a round 2 of games and liquors. This time, we had Tequila Pop, and some beer.

Great day out with the gang!! Mad Smileys

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Langkawi Trip - Day 1

Finally got my hands on all the photos from the different cameras from the Langkawi trip! smiley face This makes it so much easier when compiling the photos.

Arrived at LCCT around 8.45am. We wanna check in together so that we can all get to sit together (at least that was the plan), but since not all of us came together, we had our breakfast in McD while waiting. As mentioned, there are 20 of us in this trip. Check out our group photo (only missing person is the photographer). With the H1N1, we got a box of mask and we donned the mask only at the airport and in the plane.

The flight was delayed about 45 minutes... Some technical error it seemed. We only arrived in Langkawi at about 12pm. While waiting for our rented cars, photo session again!

We've booked Hotel Langkasuka for our accommodation. It's around RM190 per night. It was spacious, and had 2 Queen-sized bed. Apparently, check in time is 2pm, so we left our luggage in the hotel.
With 5 rooms to check in, the concierge took quite a while to check us in, so the other 18 of us busied ourselves with the camera (again!). Posers for the cameras:

Lunch time! Typical of the gang to start shouting for food upon landing. So we had lunch at one of the kopitiam. They said when you're hungry, any food will taste good... Not true! The lunch I had was one of the worst! It was bad. The wantan mee that I had was so oily and had no taste. Very disappointed...

After lunch, it's time to stock up on junk food and obviously, ALCOHOL! Drinks smiley face No Langkawi trip is complete without liquors and food. Ironically, the gang always come back to this same place they always come to get their supplies.

After buying our supplies, we headed back to the hotel, but it was kinda late and we were afraid that the cable car will close by the time we get that from the hotel. So we headed to our planned destination, which is the cable car. On our way there, we stopped by Petronas Quay. I don't remember seeing this the last time I came, but it was a beautiful place! The yachts were lined up at the quay! For a moment, the scenery doesn't look or feel like we were in Malaysia.

Done with photo snapping and also KFC (2 of the gang had to have the KFC), we continued our journey to Oriental Village. Nice little village... The place was very calm and peaceful... Great place to chillax Cool smiley face

The weather was fine and accommodating for us to ride the cable car. Entrance fee is RM30 for adults, but if you have MyCard, then it is RM15. It can be quite scary to look our from the cable car when you are riding on it. Not recommended for those who are afraid of height.

We arrived at the first stop in about 5 minutes. The scenery was just marvelous! Absolutely breathtaking. I remembered the last time I came here, it was very cold and was drizzling. This time, it is bright and sunny... So the photos came out clearly, capturing the scenery.

We continued with the cable car and got down on the 2nd stop. From that station, we walked (lotsa staircases) all the way to a bridge. This bridge links to another station. The last time I came, there wasn't any bridge. I have to say, this bridge is quite a delightful walk. It was very windy, and the bridge was shaking as we make our way to the end of the bridge. Nevertheless, we made it to the next station.

At the station the end of the bridge is yet another pit stop for photography session. As our photographer brought her tripod along, it is time for group picture... Well, it was almost a group picture except Botak and his GF. Nobody notices that they were missing from the picture until we make our way back down smiley face

We finally managed to checked in the hotel around 5pm. Right after settling into our own room, the boys wanted to go for a game of beach soccer. I went along with my book, and I thought I could just chill and read my book, but I was quite mesmerized with the scene at the beach. Somehow, I just felt like looking and staring at the beach instead of reading my book Drooling smiley face The scene was awesome! It could be due to the fact that the sun was setting, and the color of the sky was just fascinating!

After all the exercise, it's dinner time. We had dinner at this restaurant called Island Cafe which was packed! Obviously we thought it would be good, but yet again, it was another disappointment. Let's just say it was bad - no further elaboration needed.

Now all fully charged up, it's time for games and alcohol! Since the days was Hui's birthday, we secretly bought a cake for him. The cake that we chose was so cute! It's just a simple butter cake, except that it was decorated like a field and a few plastic figures of football players. We bought a bottle of sparkling wine as well to celebrate the birthday occasion. And since Fong's birthday had just passed, it was a double celebration! Holidays-and-Party smiley face
We called it a night quite early as we will have other activities the next day. Time to Sleepy smiley face

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Beautiful Langkawi

As my fiance was looking at the pictures we took in Langkawi, he was asking why didn't I post up any scenery pictures. He claimed that the pictures he took are very artistic, and needs to be shared with the world Hello Kitty Smileys

Well, since he insist on being generous, I modified some of the scenery pictures and decided to post it up to add to his gallery... So, welcome to Vincent Foo Art Gallery!

Oriental VillageThis is taken from the Cable Car we rode.
On our way up by cable car.

The bridge at one of the stops from the cable car ride.
Petronas Quay - Yacht view.
Petronas Quay - The building.
The station where we start our sightseeing.
A place to "park" your yacht.
Taken from the sightseeing ride.
Taken from Air Asia plane when we were on our way back to KL.
LOL All that I can say is "OK lar" Confused Smileys