Thursday, April 29, 2010

Steamboat @ Shabu One

About 2 weeks ago, hubby wanted to have steamboat for dinner. It's one of his favourites... Don't ask me why. I don't really fancy it as I can never eat much.

After shopping for our pre-wedding photo shoot preparation, it was time to unwind. Lazy to drive out of Lot 10 and look for a dining place, we came across Shabu One in Lot 10, and thought "why not?".

Shabu One @ Lot 10

This place was not covered up like this before. It was an open concept. I guess tenants must have complained about the smell, thus, the boards were up.

I saw this poster right in front of the entrance, and got excited. If it is really 50% off per person, then I wouldn't think twice!

50% discount per adult for UOB cardholders

We asked the reception/waitress and she confirmed the advertisement. Usual price is RM58.00 per person. Since it is 2 of us on 50%, therefore, the price is RM58 for us both! We thought it was a good deal and worth a try since they are having a promotion.

Upon paying at the counter, we were given a receipt and led in. The package entitled us to a FOC Coconut each.

2 coconuts on the house

Upon entering, we were ushered to our table and were given 2 choices of soup. We got the Tom Yam and Herbal Chicken Soup.

Now, time for the fun part - Grab anything you want! As I was still on a diet at that time, I attacked the "vegetarian" section. All the different vegetables and mushrooms and taufu were here. I took a little bit of everything. These should keep me full!

Strictly for vegetarians

Hubby attacked a different section - Which are the frozen food. Check out their wide varieties of seafood available. I have to say, they have one of the vast selections of seafood. With the amount we paid, it is definitely worth it!

Clams clams clams

More clams and crabs

Fishes and scallops

This is the section that neither of us touched - The DIY noodle. They have udon, mee hoon, mee, kuew teow for you to cook yourself and to add in the soup that you want. What was fascinating to me is to have to cook your own noodle the kopitiam-style. Should have try it!

DIY noodle section

Their various choices of sauces. No chili for me, so I didn't bother paying attention at this corner. The containers are actually the soup for steamboat. Self-service.

Sauces & soup section

Other than serving raw food, they do have cooked food lay out. Especially catered to the hungry and can't wait for the food to cook at their personalised steamboat, this is perfect!

Cooked food buffet section

Hubby was really hungry as he has used up his energy to help me with my shopping hehehe~ So he went for the cooked food, and surprisingly, they were very delicious. I thought they would be cold and tasteless, but were quite the opposite. They were very yummy and warm. I actually enjoyed these more than my steamboat.

Cooked food for the hungry

They have this mini-hut that caught my attention. I was wondering what was this. Apparently, it is a place for you to grill the sausages and mochi. But there was no mochi to be found. I waited and went there a few times to check out the mochi but they didn't refill. I wanted to warm it up and add the peanuts to it, but they don't have it. Too bad.


Time for dessert! Ice-cream! Total of 16 flavors for us to choose. Though this is no Haagen-Dazs, but it was quite good. After the heat from the steamboat, having the ice-cream down our throat was absolutely divine!


One thing worth mentioning is that their raw food are very fresh. Food like the prawns and fishes were really fresh. You know if it has been kept in the freezer for far too long, or it's the cheap items, but the quality and standard here is pretty high. Hubby had so much prawn and fishes and crabs... His way of trying to make up for the money he paid I guess hahaha!

*Disclaimer: The views expressed here are based entirely on our personal experiences and tastebuds. We also declare that we have not receive any monetary or non-monetary compensation from this place for expressing our thoughts.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Half a decade, and counting...

Last Friday was one of the important dates in our lives together. It was our 5th anniversary. This is the dating anniversary. Now, we have more dates to remember, so many anniversaries to keep up with.

I was excited about this date roughly 2 weeks prior to it. So the other day...

Me: Our anniversary is approaching. Where should we do this year?
Hubby: Huh? What anniversary?
Me: Anniversary lar! What anniversary?!
Hubby: Wedding anniversary is end of this year lar... You got it wrong.
Me: I'm not referring to wedding anniversary lar! Our dating anniversary!!
Hubby: Ohh that anniversary. Eh, I thought married dy, all other dates don't matter anymore... Only ROM date counts?
Me: *&$^$*&^@*#

Since our anniversary falls on a Friday, the plan was to go shopping after work, then dinner at 7.30pm, and finish off with a movie.

The place we have chosen to have our dinner is Tamarind Hills. Initially, I wanted to go for Italian food in Tamarind Springs. That is too far and too tiresome to go on a Friday evening. Thus, hubby took a short cut solution and settle for this restaurant. Same company, just nearer and much more convenient. Hubby made up by taking the initiative to make the reservation. Peeps there only hold the reservation for 30 minutes.

Tamarind Hills @ Jalan Sultan Ismail

I've never notice this restaurant along Jalan Sultan Ismail. I guess it's because it's quite secluded and there is a flight of stairs leading up to the restaurant.

Flight of stairs leading to Tamarind Hill

Upon arrival, hubby took a picture of a picture in the restaurant, and was told that no pictures allowed in the restaurant, unless the picture is to take a picture of person/people. Such cockiness.

Fine. So I had to be a part-time model so that we can still take some pictures for our memories.

This is the complimentary Tamarind Juice. Quite sourish, so I didn't finish it.

Tamarind Juice

After ordering our food and wine, we went around the restaurant to check out the place. The place is quite exquisite. It has lots of greenery and made the place very serene. Very refreshing to see a little forest in the middle of the city.

We managed to take this photo with myself standing at the side. Crop myself out cos I was posing crazily and is not meant for public LOL!

Scenery @ Tamarind Hill

One of the sections in the restaurant for dining. This place is very romantic, but it is non- air-conditioned. Mosquito are everywhere. We were seated in the restaurant and I had to specifically request for a mosquito repellent.

One of the dining sections

We ordered a 2006 Cabernet Sauvignon red wine (RM180). Again, we failed to take a picture because the waiter came and say "No picture". This is the 2nd time. Fine.

Then our food came. I ordered this Soft Shell Crab (RM38) and took up my camera. This is the food I ordered, and I want to photograph it for my own memory. No commercial purpose whatsoever. Then the waitress came and say "No picture". This is the 3rd time.

I told myself to be patient and put my camera aside.

Soft Shell Crab

We also ordered the Red Tom Yam with Lobster (RM32) & Grilled Chicken Pandan Leaves (RM32), which I managed to photograph part of it as I was taking a picture of hubby.

Now here comes the annoying part. I saw hubby putting the sotong into his mouth and told him to hold it cos I wanna take a picture of him eating it. So *SNAP* + *FLASH*
And then, someone tap my shoulder from the back and said "No picture". That was IT! I've had enough. I wasn't even taking picture of their freaking precious food arrangement or their tastefully decorated restaurant. I was just taking a picture of my own husband eating! Do I need a written B&W approval from there beforehand before doing that?!

Like OMG! Really ridiculous. I stared at the chef (the dude that tapped my shoulder) and rolled my eyes, and said "I know. I was taking picture of my husband". This is the most polite and decent answer I could summon at that time. If it wasn't our anniversary, I would have yelled at him! I don't wanna spoil our dinner because of these irrelevant peeps.

Hubby having Tom Yam Sotong

Although they have ridiculous rules, I must say that their food are absolutely scrumptious and yummy! Very tasty. Their Tom Yam is to die-for. Not overly spicy, and the level of sourness is just perfect. Even the Grilled Chicken was just splendid!

Us @ 5th anniversary celebration

Other than those dishes, we have also ordered the Mix Vegetables (RM18). They added their very own Tamarind recipe in it, and it tasted rather different but pleasantly savory. Also included in our bill was the Steam Jasmine Rice (RM4) and Mineral Water (RM7).

Total bill came up to RM357.65 (Service charge 10% + Tax 5%)

It would have been a marvellous night and romantic dinner, if it wasn't for those annoying "no picture" words. Really, it was such a put-off.

So anyways, we were suppose to continue the night with a movie. Silly hubby bought the tics, but on the wrong dates. He bought it for a Saturday night movie instead of a Friday. We even embarrassed ourselves cos we thought a couple sat on our seats. We compared our tics with them, only to realise that we got our dates wrong! Such humiliation! All hubby's fault.

But he made it up by buying the same movie on Sunday.

A memorable conversation:
Hubby: How many years have we been dating huh?
Me: You don't know?!
Hubby: I know! I'm asking you. You tell me!
Me: Yeah right. I don't believe you. You type the answer in you phone, and I type mine and we compare it.
Hubby: Err... I know wan... Hmm... Definitely less than 5 years.
Me: [Threw napkin at him] It's exactly 5 years lar!! *Shaking my head*
Hubby: Really ar? Wah so long dy... Hmm...
Me: *faint*

Happy Anniversary to hubby! More anniversaries to come, and more dates to remember. Set it in your mobile lar!

*Disclaimer: The views expressed here are based entirely on our personal experiences and tastebuds. We also declare that we have not receive any monetary or non-monetary compensation from this place for expressing our thoughts.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Finally, a Pigging-Out Day

After being on a diet for the photo shoot, it is time to let the glutton in me out! No chili, no curry, no burger, no fried food, etc... Man! That was difficult!

As the photo shoot concluded yesterday, I told hubby that I have already know what I want today to open my fast... Which is the yummy, tasty banana leaf! I get to have curry and fried stuff both at one go!

The only place I will ever go for banana leaf is my old time favorite - Nirvana Maju in Bangsar.

Restoran Nirvana Maju in Bangsar

We were there at 12.30pm, and was already blardy crowded! I went to get a place while hubby parked his car in Bangsar Village. People were standing at corners of almost all table waiting for patrons to finish their food and leave so that they can grab the table instantly.

Ordered 2 sets of Vegetarian Banana Leaf. Had on dhal and fish curry on my rice! Curry, I've missed you!

My beloved Banana Leaf

This is my ultimate favourite! I've loved these fried bitter gourd the first time I tasted them years ago! Until now, it has always been on my top favourites!

Fried Bitter Gourd *luvs*

I'm normally pleased and satisfied with my Vegetarian Banana Leaf, as long as I have my Fried Bitter Gourd. But hubby needs to have side dishes. So, I leave it to him to decided what to add.

One of the side dishes, Fried Sotong. They have a freezer of marinated food. Just picked what you want, and they will fry it and serve it. Hubby prefers this than to choose those dishes that are already cooked.

Fried Sotong

Another add-on dish is Fried Chicken. Every time after hubby orders this, he will complain that it doesn't taste as good. He complains that they overfried it and it's too dry. I agree.

Fried Chicken

This is a must-have - Fried Fish. Not spicy, but has taste of spices and herbs just enough to make it tasty!

Fried Fish

I wanted to have more fried bitter gourd but hubby says no... Sigh. So much for binge eating. Fine... I don't wanna deal with acne problem later too hahaha.
The total for our scrumptious meal - RM32.20.

As it was a day of pigging out as a reward for completing our photo shoot, we continued our pigging out session in Haagen-Dazs. It's time for dessert!

Hubby picked his favourite and only choice - Rum & Raisin, while I went for the Green Tea. This is absolutely divine! After the hot and spicy meal from banana leaf, what better way to finish off with cool, heavenly serving of chilled ice-cream down our throats.

Haagen-Dazs' Rum & Raising and Green Tea

Since we had our dessert there, one of the waiters served us this sample of their latest creation - Chocolate Orange. This is recommended to choc lovers.

Haagen-Dazs' Chocolate Orange

It was definitely a day of indulgence, and food that pleased my tummy. I've longed for this day for ages, and finally... I got what I want. Now, that is what I call "Paradise".

*Disclaimer: The views expressed here are based entirely on our personal experiences and tastebuds. We also declare that we have not receive any monetary or non-monetary compensation from this place for expressing our thoughts.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Day 1 - Done! Today is Day 2

We survived the first day of photo shoot! YAY!

I have to say, it was no easy task. We started the day early and didn't finish till the end of the day. Makeup and hair took 2 hours!

The most difficult part for us is the posing and smiling. I really don't know how the brides do it! They can smile all day long, and still look fabulous! I can't... Actually, I failed miserably. Photographers want happy big smiles whenever they think they want it... Then switch to cool mood... Then switch to "sexy" look... Then switch to "in love" mood... And then "small smile" mood. Now I realised being a model is no easy job. You have to find a way to switch your face expression whenever it is needed.

But anyways, we had fun that day! It was great being made up and ushered all the way. Happy to say that we got more than we have, and are very satisfied with the crew.

I have to go for my 2nd day photo shoot today, which will be in PD. Will update more on both days photo shoot.

Leaving this post with a picture of my hairstyle that I simply A-D-O-R-E!!! *luvs*

1st hairstyle for Day 1 photo shoot - Loose curls with fresh white roses

The makeup artist ordered the fresh white roses when she was about to start on my hair. She wanted to use something fresh instead of just normal hair accessories. So she asked me if I like white roses. I love fresh flowers for my hair, so she got one of the crew members to get it for me. Look! Ain't it gorgeous?!

Signing off... Heading to my 2nd day photo shoot!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Pose pose pose!

Tomorrow is THE day! The day where I'll be taking our pre-wedding photo shoot! Tomorrow is the day where we'll be ushered as celebrities and try to be like models hahaha!

For Day 01, which is tomorrow, we'll arrive at Eyeshot at 9am. Makeup will start, then at about 11am, we'll head to Heritage Hotel. I have 2 gowns for this place! Yay so excited! I can have 2 gowns in a place. We have to apply for consent to shoot here. Luckily, Eyeshot can apply the consent for us. Fee is RM50. Such convenience.

Heritage Hotel

Then, we'll head to Pavilion for the second part of our photo shoot. We have to get there after lunch hour to avoid the crowd. It will definitely be awkward for us both as we are no professionals. I'll definitely feel shy. I guess this is biggest challenge for me.


To avoid the carelessness we inherited, we have draw up a list of props for photo shoot. Hubby did the rough draft, and I added a few more items.

So many items hahaha! Damn kiasu!

Pre-wedding preparation list

Can we do it? Can we pose? Will we look too statue-ish? Will our smiles look too fake?
What about the weather? Will there be blue skies and white cloud? The traffic - Will it slow us down?

SOOoooOoo nervous!

So, tomorrow - Pose pose pose! *fingers crossed*

Monday, April 19, 2010

Ampoule - For longer lasting makeup

Before I step into the world of weddings and brides, I've never heard of this team - "Ampoule". When I visited the fair and was scouting for our bridal studio (BS), many of the BS kept emphasizing that their package does not cover ampule and eyelash.

Like a naive girl, I asked what is an ampoule, and was told that it is used for bridal makeup to extend the length of makeup on my face.

I heard that BS charges ridiculous price for ampoule... Ranging from about RM80 - RM150 per vial. Like WTF?! It is freaking expensive for a bottle of my middle finger length! So not worth it... But still a necessity.

Thus, not satisfy to be charged at that fee, I started to scout around for cheaper alternatives, and once I start, I couldn't stop! These were bought online, thus explaining my crazy-nessssss!

The first bottle of ampule that I've bought online is this - EDS Vitamin C ampoule. According to the website, it "protects & regenerates skin, Provide brightening effects. Superior antioxidant properties against oxidative stress". Retail price? RM35... for a total of 10 vials!! Woo-hoo! What a deal! I can't believe that a vial costs RM3.50, when at BS, they charge you RM35 per vial!

EDS Vitamin C Ampoule

This is given by a friend FOC! *happy* Ampoule from the brand Ceutical this is a highly concentrated hyaluronic acid perfectly blended to ensure your skin stay smooth, supple and young.

Ceutical Hyaluronic Acid Ampoule

Another bottle of ampoule from the brand Ceutical is the Purifying Ampoule. Its functions include to reduce pimple & has antiseptic properties on skin, thereby killing germs/bacteria that causes pimples. This only cost me RM35 for 10 bottles of vial. Cheap!!

Ceutical Purifying Ampoule

This is the cheapest ampoule collection. From Phytoderm - This is the Mandarine Ampoule range. It has purifying, antiseptic & astringent properties, and it regulates oil glands, sebum secretions & restores skin electrolyte balances, tightening pores & leaves skin clear matt. Total for 10 vials is RM25.00! Impressive deal huh?!

Phytoderm Purifying Ampoule

Hmm... I might just start reviewing beauty products in my blog tee hee! Maybe when I have more time.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

My PrECioUSssSs

Shoes shoes shoes! The loves of my life!

I love shopping... And more loves for shoe-shopping! Can never ever EVER say no to buying shoes.

You know love at first sight? It happens to me ALL the time! The love for shoes!

For my wedding photoshoot, I went craaazzyyy with shoe-shopping. Normally, I won't spend more than RM80 for a pair of shoes. This is for daily shoes.

But for wedding, I have allocated higher budget! Tee-hee! No, I can't afford Jimmy Choo or Manolo Blahnik... But at least it is higher budget than usual. I'm glad already!

My selection of shoes is not your typical wedding shoes... As in those diamante and sparkle and lots of stones. I want something different... Something that has today's design, but would still be acceptable in the future.

So, here are my babies LOL!

This is from Lewre, which I got from Isetan, Lot 10. Actually hubby spotted this shoe first (his taste is not bad rite?). I will be using this for my tea ceremony. The special characteristic of this shoe is the key and lock on the strap.

Side view

Front view

Another shoe from Lewre, which I got it from Isetan, Lot 10 as well. Will be using this for my photoshoot. But it's black you say? I have a wedding gown that has black details, and this will go perfectly with my dress! Also, I plan to wear this again for my dinner reception. It is a classic black! Can never go wrong!

Side view

Front view

Shoe made in Italy, Fiorucci. So far, the most expensive shoe! This is not your typical wedding shoes. I will be using this shoe for my casual photoshoot in KL. I'll be wearing a short dress, so my shoes have to be striking and attention-grabbing. I love how this shoe looks so futuristic. Love the gorgeous blue against the white.

Side view

Front view

This is from Studio Tangs. I got it for 30% discount, and additional 20% discount! What a great deal! I love the height of this shoe, and it's white! Yet another shoe that is not typical, and I can use it again for work or dinners. This shoe is so flawless that I can sleep with it!

Side view

Front view

So anyhoo, since Tangs was having sale, I saw this cute lil shoe on the discount rack, and found my size! What luck! Tried it on, and it looked fab! Just the thing for work. It was 50% discount, and additional 40% discount. How can I resist?!

I do have another pair which I've used for my ROM. For the sake of showing my shoe collection (LOL), here is a picture of it. This is a picture from my photographer. Lovely red shoe from NYC that I got in Debenhams, Mid Valley. If I'm not mistaken, it was on 20% discount when I got it last year.

ROM shoes

Special thanks to hubby for being patient and his opinions during my shoe-shopping trips. He really has been patient enough for going through all these with me! Muaks!