Monday, May 31, 2010

Mother's Day Celebration

A week after Mother's Day weekend, my sister and I brought my mum to Restaurant King Crab in PJ. My mum doesn't eat anything Western, inclusive of Italian. For a typical Chinese, she only eats Chinese food.

Being a fan of seafood, I've decided to bring her to PJ for lunch. Previously, we've only have dinner in Jinjang and around Kepong. This time, we ventured a little further to bring her to someplace new.

King Crab menu

We have this meal for lunch cos my sister and I have to empty our schedule LOL! Yes, my sister is a very busy person.

Appetizer served while waiting for my sister and mum.

Appetizer - Acar

The Yam Basket - Both my mum and sister's favorite! They both love this dish. Everytime we have meals together, they will definitely order this.

This one served in King Crab is very delicious! The yam is so soft and tender. Dip it with chili... Yummy!

Yam Basket

Yet another one dish on my mum's favorite list is the Butter Prawn. This is really delicious as well! Not too oily with a very distinct butter taste.

Butter Prawn

Hubby's favorite! Even until now, when he sees this picture, he will salivate and wants to have it again! He claims it's the soup that makes it real addictive.

"Siong Tong" Clam

My turn! The dish that I order and go crazy over is the Salted Egg Sotong! I really love this dish although I know it is very high in cholesterol. But I can't help it hehehe!

Salted Egg Sotong

The food here is as good as I remember it. I reckon the last time I came here was about a year ago. If we can gather more people to come, then it will be better cos we can then order more variety of food.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Coach sale!

Yes! It is the first Coach biannual sale!

Coach wrapping box

I know that they will be having this sale soon, so I've waited patiently for this moment. And just yesterday night, we were in Pavilion to watch Prince of Persia, and we walked by Coach... Where I saw the word "CLEARANCE"! I just drop everything and walked in straight away.

I knew I wanted to get a wristlet. I've been using my white purse for ages, and it's very filthy, to say the least. And my wait has turned out to be very fruitful! I've managed to get a wristlet for myself.

Wristlet wrapped neatly

Ta-da! My wristlet! The Summer/Spring Clearance offers a discount of 30% for the Summer/Spring collection. The retail price for this is RM325. With the 30% discount, the price for this is RM228. Not a bad deal huh? I reckon so LOL!

My new Coach wristlet

The sale started on 27th May 2010. Now, go get your Coach deal!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Souvenirs from Malacca

Well, I'm suppose to post the best food in Malacca, but I have not edited the pictures yet, and it will do no justice to the absolutely scrumptious food if I do it halfheartedly.

So I only have time to edit these pictures, which are the food and souvenir that I bought from their well-known shop, San Shu Gong. The outlet that we went to was at the Pahlawan Shopping Mall.

San Shu Gong

One of the items I got from there is the Durian Jam. I bought this because this is the first time I've seen it. Never before I heard about durian jam. Curious, I bought it home and purposely bought a loaf of bread to go with it. I found this jam to be very weird... the durian taste is not as strong as I thought it would be. All there is is the sweetness in the jam.

Durian Jam

Another item I bought from there is this Satay Shrimps. According to Xian Bin, this goes very well with food as an extra taste, especially for instant noodles! I have not try it so far, but will do so ASAP to prove Xian Bin's words of wisdom!

Satay Shrimps

At the shop, the employees there set up a sampling booth. I wasn't keen on trying it, but Alan tried it and instantly bought it. So, I gave it a try and really love it! I persisted hubby to try, which he did, and he bought it right away.

Sample testing

There were 2 flavors, and we bought this. We have to mix it with hot water, dilute it well, and add ice or chill it, then serve it. Best served chill! Yummy! And apparently, it helps with the controlling the heat in our body.

Essence Lime with Liquorice

We heard that the pineapple tarts in Malacca are very flavorsome. So we bought these from Jonker Street. It is as good as the rumors has it! The pineapple flavor were very distinct.

Pineapple Tarts

I'll try to edit the best food that I've discovered in Malacca and definitely post it up. The food is really worth everything in the world, this I promise!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Malacca - Part 3

Continuing from where I left off from the Malacca trip, we headed for our dinner search for Day 1. Recommended by many websites and forum, we made our way to the Portugese Village.

Portugese Settlement

Once we walked down from our car, a number of people came charging towards us, all asking us to patron their respective store. All I could hear was "no. 4", "no. 8", "no. 7" etc. Everyone was just busy shopping their store number.

We couldn't decide but we had a recommendation from the internet... But it was confusing. We can't exactly find the restaurant that we want, so we settled with this: Restoran 88 - Stall No. 4.

Restoran 88 Portugese Seafood

There were a total of 15 of us, so we had 2 tables. Most of the food were ordered in double quantity. I have to say, even though the food listing in their menu looks absolutely mouth watering, but in reality, it was far from it. The only thing that I can taste from their food is pure spiciness. Not other taste whatsoever. It was just bland except for spiciness. I reckon I can cook better fried rice than this LOL!

Our dinner

After the less than satisfying dinner, we took a stroll along Jonker Street. The gang totally lost all their appetite and couldn't add in any other food into their stomach. So basically, the walk at Jonker Street was almost useless, except that we bought some pineapple tarts to bring home.

Look at these food! I really wanted to try them, but my stomach can't endure anything else after the dinner.

Portugese Tart @ Jonker Street

Variety of snacks @ Jonker Street

After about an hour's walk, N.G. insisted that he wants to go for the ever-famous cockles. We drove to this place, and to my surprised, it was just a dark lane with minimum lighting, and people there are almost squatting enjoying the cockles! And to top it off, it was still very crowded at 10pm, and they are already sold out!

Squatting at a back lane for cockles

Truly and eye opener, this style of eating cockles really amazed me. It was just plain cockles boiled in hot water. I guess the most attractive part is the sauce that goes with it. It has got to be one of the best sauces I've ever tasted! Now I understand why the crowd.
Famous cockles

After the cockles, N.G. urged us to go for the "Fried Oh Chien" (fried oyster). He claimed that it is very good, and we should go for it. Since it was just down the road from the cockles, we went ahead.

The crowd here is even more than the one at the cockles. Every customers just stood there and wait patiently for their fried oyster. Thing is, they don't do eat in customers. All are take away. There is a kopitiam next to it, and we waited for our fried oysters there.

The famous uncle frying the oyster

After about 45 minutes wait, we finally got our fried oyster! Ta-da! The first time I have this in small bits and pieces, and best of all, it has no starch! I don't like starchy food.

I'd reckon the best thing about this is that it is very different from the one we have in KL. Even the oyster is much smaller in size. N.G. even ordered extra 3 packets to go.

Famous Fried Oyster

That was how we ended Day 1. So much food, so much walking. Coming up, the best food ever in Malacca!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Au revoir, Krabi

Yes, I'm baaaaack! After a rewarding 4D3N trip in the breathtaking Krabi, I am finally back in KL.

White cloud blue sky

Good times do pass super fast! Just a blink of an eye, we are back in KL. Although this little getaway was planned in about 2 weeks' time, we were very much looking forward to it.

I can still remember us getting on the Sky Bus heading to LCCT and myself panicking about leaving my facial products at home. Now, I am back home with my facial products.

The beach at my hotel

Of course we have taken loads and loads of pictures... Actually mostly taken by hubby. This is the first time we have our DSLR for our oversea holiday, and he gets to practice with his DSLR with the new lens he bought.

Will take up more time to figure the pictures and edit it. But wait, I sill have the Malacca holiday which I'm still editing halfway! Hmm... maybe I'll just continue with the Malacca trip first, then update the Krabi holiday.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Off to Krabi

I'm now on my way to LCCT by the AA sky bus.

And what a way to start my journey! I forgot to pack my facial products into my luggage!! WTF!
I can't believe this! My most essential travel item! What am I gonna do without my moisturizer, sunblock, etc?

I'm just gonna come home with a very wrecked face! Fuck!

Am in no mood to travel now. I hate my forgetfulness... Sign of aging?
Oh no! My wrinkles will pop up in this 4 days without my facial products!

Crap I feel like an old lady already sigh...

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Malacca - Part 2

Rickshaw @ A Famosa

Continuing from the previous post, after our visit to the A Famosa, we headed down to Jonker Street for lunch.

We passed by this tall building at the start of Jonker Street. Hubby said it's well known for souvenir F&B. I got excited and wanted to buy already, but he said he will drop by again.

San Shu Gong

The I saw this very old shop at the corner of Jonker Street with a long queue of people. Apparently, this is the famous Chicken Rice Ball. Word has it that this shop is the place to go for authentic Chicken Rice Ball. Obviously, with that queue, we won't be trying this place out.

Famous Chicken Rice Ball

The place that we have selected for our lunch for first day is this shop called Jonker 88. This place has been massively receiving the hype and recommendation by friends and the internet. As expected, the place was so crowded! We had to sit on different tables cos it's really first-come-first-serve on the seating.

Jonker 88

One of their specialties is their Asam Laksa. I actually like this very much. I've never really like anything sourish, but this tasted delicious! Just the perfect sour taste with a hint of spiciness.

Asam Laksa

Another dish that they have ordered is the Dry Curry Mee. I only managed to take 2 spoons and then gave up. It was soooooo spicy! I take chili padi and all, but man! This was just extremely hot! I really can't take it anymore and passed it to Yew Li.

Dry Curry Mee

Yet another recommendation is the cendol. The generous amount of Gula Melaka on this was just scrumptious! Many of them didn't really fancy it, but I love it! It must be the Gula Melaka... That culprit! LOL!


Since the gang were not completely satisfied with the lunch in Jonker Street, they've decided to ta pau the chicken rice ball. To maximise the time, they went to a shop that sells this, but was practically empty. Logic is they are too hungry to care less if it is tasty. In Malacca, it shouldn't be that bad.

But sad to say, this chicken rice is really bad! I've only eaten the chicken, and thought it was tasteless. One of hubby's friends ate only one of the rice balls cos according to them, they can use the rice ball as ping pong ball! It will work just the same!

Chicken Rice Ball

It was already about 2pm, so we checked in to the apartment we've rented. JC found this accommodation online. Totally recommend this place! Not only it is huge, but the price is quite cheap when you have so many people sharing a place. Total 13 of us, and we can still fit in another couple. They had so many beds for us, and the place is really clean too.

Our accommodation

After a refreshing shower and some rest, we continued our exploration in the city of Malacca. Heard about this new tower called Menara Taming Sari. You will ride up this tower, and it will rotate. You get to view the town of Malacca from the top.

Menara Taming Sari

The fee is RM20 per person for a ride. Show them you MyCard, and it is only RM10 per person

Ticket up the tower

Here we are. Only a few of us wanted to try this ride.

Waiting for the ride to start

The ride started with a straight up to the peak of the tower, then it rotates a few rounds. It felt just like the revolving restaurant in KL Tower. Check out some pictures taken from the top.

View from the top [1]

View from the top [2]

Us @ the peak

The end of Part 2. Coming up - the dinner at the Portuguese Settlement and supper hunting.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Malacca - Part 1

The long overdue post on the Malacca trip. Damn, time flies! It felt like just yesterday, but it has been 1 1/2 months since we came back from the Malacca trip.

This 2D1N trip started off with dim sum breakfast in Kuchai Lama. The place was so crowded early in the morning. Really didn't expect the crowd.

Dim sum breakfast

After about 2 hours drive (and at the speed of 170km/h), we finally arrived in Malacca. It rained in the morning, and drizzled a while, but once we stepped into Malacca, the rain stopped. Lucky us, the weather was just perfect!

First stop, the ever famous A Famosa.

River @ A Famosa

Time for a group picture on this bright perfect day.

Group picture @ A Famosa

Some of the guys while waiting for the rest before climbing up to the St. Paul's Church.

The boys

Some of them were grumbling cos they don't wanna climb up the stairs, but no choice. Will definitely have to climb cos majority wins!

Outside of St. Paul's Church

I don't remember this place from my last visit to Malacca. Somehow, this place seems new to me.

Inside of St. Paul's Church

Inside of St. Paul's Church

Us inside of St. Paul's Church

Entertained ourselves and took a few pictures in the ruins.

Jumping picture

Picture with Fung

Bride-to-be and groom-to-be wanna reminisce their memory of pre-wedding picture. Here is a picture of them posing.

Alan & Uli

I really like this picture taken by hubby. I didn't even touch this picture. No color saturation or de-coloration. I reckon it looks good already.

Michelle @ St. Paul's Church

This historic train has been here for ages!

Hubby posing

This "hole" in the wall is at the Stadthuys Building staircase. Trying to do a couple in love picture here, failing miserably obviously.

Alan & N.G. posing

From the St. Paul's ruins to the Stadthuys Building, we moved to the Christ Church Malacca. This red building is a signature look for Malacca. A definite must to visit this place to prove that you have been here in Malacca.

Christ Church Melaka

Us @ Christ Church Melaka

The end of Part 1. Mainly because I'm tired with the picture editing LOL! Will continue with Part 2, starting with an afternoon stroll at Jonker Street.