Sunday, October 31, 2010

And we are back in KL...

Yup, we are finally back in KL...

Ciao Italy! Goodbye Switzerland! Au revoir France! I miss you all!!!!!

First things first - Unpack!
Apart from my own stuff, I have to separate the souvenirs and bag orders accordingly.
Pictures are all transferred to my notebook and backup done.

So excited with my shopping trip! My bags bags bags! And my chocolates! And hubby's watches and alcohol! *excited to the max*

Will update with pictures and more in these couple of weeks. We'll be getting our wedding pictures soon, and I should be updating that first, before the pictures on honeymoon.

For now, I am out to get my pork noodles, char kuey teow, nasi lemak, chicken rice, roasted pork etc. No more western cuisine or bread for a month!

Friday, October 22, 2010

We are here!

We are finally in ROME!!

OK we have been to Rome, Vatican City, Pisa and Florence. So many fascinating things to see and do. The sights are just breathtaking and awesome!!! Whenever I go these places and their landmarks, I really have to give them a "WOW!!". These sights are really something to behold!

It is now 6am here in Italy, and I am awake. It is suppose to be 12pm in KL and I should be working. But I am here, blogging instead of sleeping LOL!

Weather has been cool... Nothing upsetting (yet!). One thing I noticed is that Italians are not that friendly... can be quite lan si at times. Oh well, they think they are better than us Asians. And they gave us nasty stares when we speak to them in English. Well, not everyone speaks Italian, so too bad.

One of the pictures uploaded. More to come! Till then, ciao!

Us @ the Colosseum, Rome

Monday, October 18, 2010

Europe tomorrow!

Yes!!! FINALLY! The long wait has finally ended!!


And for that, we have done all the necessary research, and took all the orders from our friends.

I'll try to blog with some pictures... But until then, CIAO!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Facebook "flattery"

OMG! I can't believe this!

Check this out. "Someone" actually took the effort to write about me on FB! Like literally spelled out my name LOL!

I print screen it, just for the heck of it. Obviously, I cut out the person's name and those who have commented and liked it because I respect other's privacy, not like this person.

OK. Let's refer to this person as "M". M actually took the effort to write about me in FB and actually typed in my full name on FB. M didn't even take the courtesy to be discreet. So I guess M must really hate me huh? Hmm I don't give a flying shit either cos I myself don't particulary fancy M either.

For those who does not know who M is, M is a person working in my office but in a different department. Both our departments have never looked at the same path. Our bosses never have their own opinions, and thus, we have our way of functioning in our respective departments. With that, we will always be against each other, and their department has referred us as their "enemies".

To me, work is work - It is suppose to stay professional. We have to stick to our rules and instructions by our boss and also protect our rights. It's just not my fucking fault that some clients just prefer to book with us... And don't point the finger at us. If they have done their job, they should have very well close the blardy deal in the first place.

What M meant by "karma"? I reckon because one deal went to their department this week, and she thought it is like a karma to be cos they always believe that we "steal" their deal. If that is the case, why can't it be vice versa? Why is it always us who steal the deal but not them? Who gave them the blardy exclusive right to any deal in the first fucking place?

Never expect us to be soft and sweet - Trust me, we are far from that. We will fight for our deals, and will claim it. It is our money too... not just yours.

I'm not pissed, cos I've been through all these nasty stares and comments... So much that I'm used to it. I have only one mission - To earn as much money as I can. I am not obligated to be friends with them. I am just glad I have friends in my own department (present and ex-ME), and that is enough for me.

So, M - You can go fuck yourself, cos you seriously need to get a life. Ranting on FB is just an act of childishness displayed publicly. Like WHAT THE HELL WERE YOU THINKING?!

Oh I forgot, you don't think. Sigh... What a waste of brain space.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Ettusais shopping haul

Just the other day I was in Isetan during lunch hour and realised that Isetan was having the 20th Anniversary sale... And it was the 1st 3 days with special promo for members. There were gift bags lay out (they called it the lucky draw bag) and working ladies were surrounding the area.

I took no interest (initially) cos I thought it was another marketing scheme that give out vouchers for stuff that I don't need. But as I was waiting for Rock Chick to browse her item, I got curious with the crowd. Apparently, they are allowed to open the lucky draw bags and see what is inside before deciding if they wanna purchase it.

Then, I saw this lucky bag that caught my eye - It was the Ettusais lucky draw bag.

In the bag consists of:

Pore concealer

Black pencil eyeliner

Loose powder

Nail polish

How much for all these?

RM50!!!!! Hell yeah!!!

Unbelievable right? Apparently, all the items actually cost about RM200++.
I reckon I got a huge, satisfying deal! And am so happy with my shopping haul! Luv it!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

A lil something for Mae

One of our dear friends, Mae will have (had) her wedding in Perth on 10.10.10. It is such a shame that we can't be there to witness and be with her on one of her happiest days.

So, we did a lil something for her. As Lisa has put it, since we can't be there physically with you, we will be there virtually. We made this lil video for her, and seeked her husband's help to play this for her during her wedding.

Check out the video. Big kudos go to Lisa Tan! Great job babe!

Ps. Pls excuse some of the pictures. They were not touch up because it was "stolen" from FB.

Hope the wedding went better than planned, Mae! We can't wait to see the pictures and videos from your wedding! Send it to us soonest!

CONGRATS to you and James again!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Post-honeymoon trip - Approved!

Planning ahead, I've mentioned to hubby long before our wedding about celebrating our 1st year ROM anniversary somewhere. It can also be in conjunction with our post-honeymoon trip. It could be somewhere near and short just to mark our 1 year anniversary.

Places suggested were:
  • Singapore - I wanna go to the USS
  • Bali - The last time I went there, we were pretty broke and didn't quite enjoy ourselves

At first, hubby was against it because we might not have the budget for this trip after our wedding. But right after our wedding dinner, hubby said we can squeeze the trip in.

So we are going to BALI in December!! YAY!

We had to go through massive, unnecessary trouble with Hong Thai with this as we were planning to use the deposit we have with them to transfer to this trip. No thanks to their inefficiency, we were informed that the hotel we want has been fully booked... Which leaves us no choice but to choose another hotel and pay for it ourselves. The deposit? We insisted that they refund it to us, of course! I'm warning you guys - DON'T book with Hong Thai. This is my personal opinion OK!

So we made our own reservation and bookings, and TA-DA!! We have booked ourselves to Bali. schedule to leave on 26th Dec 2010 and be back on 29th Dec 2010.

We will be flying there by Air Asia. December is peak period for almost everywhere! But this is the only time I can take my holidays with no worries and at peace of mind. So, paying more is the price I have to pay!

Air Asia's confirmation to Bali

And the hotel we will be staying is Alam Kulkul in Kuta. It is standard pricing for almost all hotels in Bali, about RM450 per room per night. Why did we choose this? This hotel has direct access to the beach. Whenever we go for beach holidays, we always want our hotel to have direct beach access. There really is no point going for beach holidays and not be near the beach right?!

I've always booked my hotel with Agoda. It's fast, convenient, and most of all, they are cheaper than everywhere else I've looked at.

Agoda's confirmation to Alam Kulkul

Hurry! My year end trip is confirmed. Can't wait for this, and Europe!