Thursday, December 30, 2010

Happy 1st ROM Anniversary

My oh my! I can't believe that we are celebrating our 1st year ROM anniversary today! I still find it rather surreal, even up till this very second.

I mean, yes of course I want endless anniversaries the moment I register our bond.. But when the anniversary is actually happening.. You really have to be in my shoes to really eat on the moment.

I am no expert in wedding and marriages. I do not take pride or one who is so fucking proud with my or our achievement with our marriage.. And I can never say that I am in the correct shoe or the best person to be givingany advise on marriages.

BUT I do learn from this one year.. And it's not a very pleasant way of learning what marriage is about.

I've learned that a successful or fairly decent marriage:
  • Takes hard work from both parties
  • Needs the highest level of tolerance and patience with each other
  • Is an absolutely whole new level where the word "divorce" will be used but should not be used in any argument
  • Requires a huge amount of trust and faith for each other
  • Understands that we want the best for each other, although it might not work in the way we want or agree with the process
And I'm sure the list goes on and on... But I am no expert. I am still in the learning phase.

Us at our ROM one year ago

For this year anniversary, we celebrated it in Bali... And just had a fantastic fulfilling dinner at Jogoya, Starhill.

Where and what should we do next year?? *tee hee*

Happy 1st Anniversary hubby~~

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Back in KL

Hurrah! We are back in KL!

Bali was fantastic! The sun, beach and sand makes the perfect place for chillax! Just the break that we need from our hectic life in KL.

Downsides were the rather hostile environment from the locals after Malaysia won the Suzuki match in Bukit Jalil and it was raining all day for Day 3 & Day 4.

Anyways, more posts for the Bali trip as soon as I get my time to it. But for now, lemme share my latest buy! Absolutely loveeeeeeee it!

It is my DKNY Be Delicious perfume!!!!!!! :)

DKNY Be Delicious

This has been on the Must-buy perfume list for ages. I've always wanted to get this and have thought of asking for a favor from hubby's aunt to get a discount for me but somehow, I've never gotten around to it.

NOW, finally I have this bottle in hand, and I really can't describe how much I adore this fragrance!!

DKNY Be Delicious - 2 x 30ml

I got this from the LCCT Terminal for quite a bargain! It's even better than what hubby's aunt can do for me. The shop was having a promo for this and guess how much is it? It's RM215 for 2 bottles of 30ml!! That means it's less than RM110 per bottle!! Now tell me I've got a fabulous bargain!

DKNY Be Delicious - My precioussssss

Hmm some of you might think the deal is not that sweet cos u have 2 exact same bottles. Lemme tell you.. Once I have fallen in love with a scent, I will always repurchase the same fragrance. Some of the examples are Ralph Lauren Romance and Dior Addict 2.

DKNY Be Delicious bottle

And I do have a backup plan. My sis adores this perfume as well. So if I do get sick of it, I'll just give it to her.. Which I highly doubt will happen.

The open cover concept bottle

Hubby thinks the smell is not as great... But I have it. All I can do it not to wear the perfume when I'm with him... Which I always do cause he has sensitive nose and I've always avoid wearing any fragrance when I'm out with him.

Bleah! I just love my new fragrance!

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Woohoo! Flying off to Bali!!

*teehee* I'm on my way to Bali! Yes, we are on our way to our year end trip. For this year, we have chosen to go to Bali

This is our second trip to Bali. First one was back in 2006 and we were kinda super broke at that time. Sad to say, we didn't really enjoy ourselves. Now, 4 years later, we are back... Not that we are filthy rich this round, but decent and better than the first trip.

Yeah I know we've just short of 2 months since our previous trip to Europe. In my honest defense, this trip is to celebrate our first Registration of Marriage anniversary! Uh huh it has been a year since we signed the registration paper legally! Must be thinking time flies right?! Yes it definitely is. Still in disbelief mood but shit, that's the reality.

This 1 year has been a total roller coaster ride. To say that our marriage was a bed of roses with sprinkles of rainbow is a hella joke. Truth be told, marriage takes WORK!! And that's like at least 10 times more work than when we were just dating. Note that this is coming from a person who has been living with her partner for 4 years before taking the plunge.

You think you know the person so well and so willing to accept whatever the person is after facing each other for the longest time. I guess nothing is ever easy for us human beings.

But, there things that are precious and treasurable. Having that one person to share all your happiness and sadness is a blessing. Sigh in life, you have to give and take. No such thing as the perfect world. So far from it...

Lol am so emo! Ok stop! Shuttup and get on the flight. Bali, here we come!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Santa Claus is coming to town!

It's Xmas eve tomorrow!! Gosh how time flies! Just a year ago, we just moved to our new home in Pertama Residency and had a house warming party + Xmas party at the swimming pool area. Now, 1 year later, married legally and customarily... Life definitely whiz by when we are older.

What are the plans for this year's Xmas? Remember when we were young, we get so excited planning for our outings on Xmas eve. Back then, being pushed around and squashed in crowds on the street was the norm and a must-do. Being attacked with sticky sprays were merely fun and for laughs.

Our Christmas tree

Now, at my late 20s, for Xmas eve, I just want a calm and uncrowded place to welcome the year's Xmas. Sigh maybe it's the old age LOL! The thought of getting stuck in traffic to go to the "in" area/club and being squashed kinda scares the shit outta me! Really!

LOL yeah I'm admitting I'm getting old. It's really time to retire from the scene. Damn I'm so emo now!

But of course, the occasional parties and clubbings must still go on LOL! I know, I sound like a blardy hypocrite... Well, in my defense, these are some of the activities to let loose and also feel young again for that couple of hours.

Theme for the year 2010 - BLUE

It's weird when we were young, we can't wait to be an adult, and now that we are adult, we wanna turn back time.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Happy Winter Solstice Festival

The Winter Solstice Festival, also called the Dongzhi Festival is one of the many festivals that we celebrate. When I was a kid, I look forward to this festival because I love love love tong yuen (glutinous rice ball)! I've never known why we have this dish last time, but hubby has explained to me the reason for this festival.

Found this info on this website:

Celebrated on the longest night of the year, Dong Zhi is the day when sunshine is weakest and daylight shortest. The coming of winter is celebrated by families and is traditionally the time when farmers and fishermen gather food in preparation for the coming cold season. It is also a time for family reunions. This celebration can be traced to the Chinese belief in yin and yang, which represent balance and harmony in life. It is believed that the yin qualities of darkness and cold are at their most powerful at this time, but it is also the turning point, giving way to the light and warmth of yang. For this reason, the Dong Zhi Festival is a time for optimism. Dong Zhi is celebrated in style. The longest night of the year is a time to put on brand new clothes, visit family with gifts and to laugh and drink deep into the long night.

Normally, my mum will make the tong yuen for me, but this year, I'll be having this with my Mother-in-law (MIL). We had the dinner today when the actual day is tomorrow. They don't practice having dinner together, but at least everyone is back for dinner... It's just that we don't eat together on the dining table.

Tong Yuen for the Winter Solstice Festival

I love this celebration... The idea of every member of the family gather for a reunion dinner. I reckon because of this, the traffic in KL will be horrible tomorrow.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Wedding Decoration

Just wanna share some photos during my wedding.

This is the decoration part... House decoration has to be credited to hubby! He has put in a tremendous amount of effort into decorating and cleaning it. He even set the dining table with wine and glass wine to make it more homely.

I did my part too ya! I cleaned and packed my (always messy) dressing table, and decorated some items.

Our new bedsheet from Aussino
Red "hei" Chinese characters all over. Wedding-ish in the most subtle taste.

The dolls of husband and wife

The deco on our dining table

The deco on my dressing table

The white dress hangar bought from HK

Mini shoes for rings
This is a gift from his aunty

And other than sharing the pictures of our house decoration, here is a picture of my hand bouquet for my tea ceremony session. I've chosen daisies because to me, it brings a sense of joy and laughter... You know that warm fuzzy feeling with your family members? Yeah I feel that daisies bring that kinda aura. And the pale pink just adds a hint of romance.

Pale pink daisies hand bouquet

The meaning of DAISY - Innocence, Loyal Love, I'll Never Tell (WTH is this?), Purity

Hubby's matching boutonniere

More pictures from my wedding, and of course, our honeymoon coming up.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

ME Xmas Party 2010

It is the time of the year again - It's our annual ME Christmas Party 2010!! It is the party that we have all been waiting for... entertainment, partying, and of course, the free flow of beer, liquor and wine! Woo-hoo!

This year was held on 10th Dec 2010 in Renaissance Hotel. The theme for this year is Studio 54. So basically, it's anything from the 1960s all the way to the 1990s. Some were complaining that it's too vague, and really has no direction. But anyhow, I've never follow the theme every year cos I won't buy or rent any costume just for one night.

As usual, we were dismissed early to prepare ourselves and we turned up at the Renaissance Hotel. I was late and missed the cocktail (too bad) and the dinner had just started when I arrived. Nonetheless, I got to watch the whole performance.

These are some of the pictures taken from that night... More were taken from colleagues' camera but I didn't compile it (lazy being the main factor). Here are some of the pictures from my camera.

With the 2010 version of Charlie Chaplin - My Operations colleagues. They are both ladies!

With some of my Marketing colleagues

With some of my Marketing colleagues

Hasry the Afro dude

Joko a.k.a. Michael Jackson - And he dances like one!

Retro look

More Marketing colleagues

The performers representing Marketing - Michael Jackson & Co.

Rie with the lady in lacey pants with black thong LOL!

Jeff Lau - Marketing representative in the Xmas party committee

My producers

With Cindy honey

And of course, the diva herself - Bern

For more pictures, do click here.

I didn't get drunk LOL! I actually drove myself home that night. But it was definitely a good night out with the company and the partying was awesome! Once a year event - Truly something to treasure!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Football snack for hubby

Just after I've baked my Marble Butter Cake, hubby complained that he wants me to bake cookies instead of cakes. Reason is that he can have the cookies as his snack whenever he watches his football. With the cookies, he can just pop it into his mouth without moving from his seat... But for the cake, he has to move to the dining table to eat it (to avoid the crumbs from falling all over).

So yeah, he is one lazy person who is always glued to the TV.

Since he's the only one that can finish up whatever I baked, I've decided to bake what he has requested for... Which was a success previously - the Crunchy Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookie.

Hubby's snack ready in container

As usual, I halved the ingredients so I won't have too much products in hand. Even with that lesser ingredients, I have to bake these cookies in 3 batches! That is the thing with the microwave/conventional oven. It doesn't allow space for me to bake more than 1 rack of cookies... and this is the troublesome part with baking cookies compared to cakes. I have so many batches for cookies and I have to wait for each batch to be cooked before baking the next batch.

The last time I baked this was in Jan 2010 and it turned out pretty OK. After such a long lapse of time, I'm not sure if I can bake the same exact taste back.

Hubby tried it and said I have improved! Yay! LOL! He said it's not as hard, and not as salty as my previous bakes. And it's crunchy. I myself reckon I should have added more peanut butter in it to bring out more of the peanut butter taste. In fact, I've already added more from what was instructed by the ingredient. I was just afraid it will affect the balance of the other ingredients, so I controlled myself. I should add this in my next bake.

Overdosed the chocolate chip to suit hubby's preference

I really like this cookie even after baking it the 2nd time. I'm gonna bake this and giveaway to friends and families for CNY. Must start making a note on how many containers to get so I can have it ready.

Will have to keep improving on my skills for CNY!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Wedding Tea Ceremony - Part 1

Finally spared some time to crop part of our wedding pictures since my last post on it LOL!

I've actually uploaded it on FB... The reason it took longer to update it in my blog is because I have to crop the pictures (due to large picture size), which take ages to load. Even the pictures here are just like a 10% of the total pictures I've uploaded in FB.

Here they are, some of the pictures from the first album. Total albums are 4. Part 1 of our wedding tea ceremony on 18th September 2010:

Our wedding tea ceremony day - 18th September 2010

My lovely ji muis

My dad and grandma covering the veil

Ji muis all preparing "scrumptious" meals and "fun" games for heng dais

Hubby has finally arrived...

... with his personal bodyguard, Mr. Wolverine a.k.a. CN

After all hardship put up, finally made it in

Time for prayers

Starting the tea ceremony session - Starting off with us serving tea to elders

Then, it's our turn to be served

Picture time - Us and my family

Mum's side of the family - With only my grandma and aunt

With dad's family - Only the elders

Hmm this is what is feels like!

Now, off to the groom's place

For more pictures from Part 1, pls click on this link

More pictures coming up!