Monday, November 30, 2009

Countdown has begun

Yes folks! The countdown has officially begun!! The countdown to the day where I will sign off my single-hood and live with the marital status of "Married" from then on Love smiley face

30th December 2009 is the day!! The day we will begin our lives as husband and wife. Huge step... Extremely huge! I get the butterflies just thinking about it...

Hmm I wonder if the other 2 couple has the same feeling... I guess Pui Kuan won't feel it since she's already done the wedding ceremony.

Conversation I had with Vincent:

Me: Gosh! 1 more month from today we will sign the papers! Then we will be married!
Vin: Uh huh...
Me: Are you scared?
Vin: Why would I be scared?
Me: I dunno... Just scared lar (duh!)
Vin: Nothing to be afraid of... Unless you are having doubts getting married to me (?)
Me: No lar! Are you kidding? Now only I get the feeling?
Vin: Hmm then what are you afraid of?
Me: Dunno lar! Just scared lar... excited also (Freaking going around in circles)
Vin: I think I will also be scared lar...
Me: HAH! Finally admit it!
Vin: ... Scared meaning my hands will shake lar when I sign and take the oath... Shake cos excited... Not cos I"m doubting the marriage. I want you to be my wife... Sign the papers dy you cannot run liew HAHAHA
Me: ... (but happy to hear it LOL) *pai seh*

Damn dumb LOL!
But yes, I am starting the countdown to this day... The day I will become Mrs. Foo.

Days to our Registration of Marriage: 30

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Party party party @ Velvet

What is a birthday celebration if we do not go out to party?? Holidays-and-Party smiley face

For Shy Flirt's birthday night out, we picked Velvet (for obvious reason). I was there early, and left early too. What I heard was it was a fun night, and Shy Flirt did enjoyed herself. She didn't get pissed drunk (dammit!), but she was high enough to enjoy the night (which was cool!).

Some of the pictures from that night:

The lesbo's.

Not much picture taken that day... Left early (curfew ;p).

Anyways, HAPPY BIRTHDAY Shy Flirt! You are officially in your MID-20's! Admit it now biatch! Tongue smiley face

Shy Flirt's Birthday Dinner

This is a long overdue post *oops* We went for dinner at Crystal Jade Restaurant in Pavilion (the one on the 1st floor). For once, we wanted to try something Chinese for birthday dinners, and I saw them having some promotion going on, so we went there.

The birthday gal this time is Shy Flirt. I did not participate in making the order for this (all done by Rock Chic), so I have no idea what are the dishes and what set was ordered. Anyhow, I did manage to take pictures of the food that night.

Peking Duck - Yummy. The birthday gal likes it!

The dish from the duck meat.

The different varieties of soup for everyone. Logic behind this is because the seat that they ordered only came with 10 bowls of Shark's Fin soup. There were 14 of us, so extra bowls of soup were ordered.

Roast pork, roast chicken, roast duck... All in a dish.

Prawn - Didn't try this (allergic), but the rest said this is good.

Sheldon's face says it all. The prawn is good.

I have no idea what this is.

Vegetable dish.

Yet again, I have no idea what this is. Damn I dunno what I was putting in my mouth that night.

Fried rice - This is delicious! Recommended!

Crabs - A must-have. A little bit too salty, but they did finish it.

This is dessert - Mango Sago. Nice!

The birthday gal - Shy Flirt with her boring BF - Marko. Lovely *cough cough* couple.

Good job Rock Chic for the dishes that night! Kick-ass dinner that night!

Ps. I will not reveal how much the dinner cost.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Sneak Preview 02

It is time for a second round of a sneak preview at our new place. Check it out!

This is the view of the swimming pool at night. Scenery is almost the same as taken from our room - The KL view. I like how the pool looks almost never-ending at the glass. The circle at the corner is the jacuzzi and it's warm water!

I have not try the pool yet so far... No time sigh. Have been busy cleaning the house. Will definitely give it a go once we have officially move in Happy smiley face

My sofa, shoe rack and book rack is coming this Saturday *happy happy*
All those months of researching and surveying has finally served its purpose Happy smiley face

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

A quiet but memorable birthday

Happy birthday to you...
Happy birthday to you...
Happy birthday to Vincent...
Happy birthday to you!!

Today is Vincent's birthday... A year older (but still very hot-tempered), an extra year of birthday memory.

This year, we celebrated his birthday in a a place that's really important to us... Our new home. I was not feeling well today (actually for a couple of days), so instead of going out for dinner, we had dinner at our new place.

The other day while doing our grocery shopping, we bought some food as well. So I whipped up a simple meal for us using just the microwave over (too lazy and weak to wash the wok).

First up, it's Cheese Sausage. Had to trial and error a couple of times with the oven, and finally used the Auto mode and it worked! Thing with using the oven instead of cooking this in a wok is that it is less oilier.

Another dish is the Honey and Chili Sausage. This brand is really good! I don't have the brand name with me, but I have 3 more sausages left. I'll check out the name of the brand and post it soon.

This is the bacon. We didn't get the streaky bacon cos it looks very fattening. I have this in the oven for about 2 minutes and it's done!

A processed food. This can actually costs RM7! But it's so simple. Just open the can, pour it into a bowl, drop it in the oven, set it at 2 minutes, and it's done! And it tastes good too!

This pizza slice is a little bit trickier. The Auto button has "Pizza" option, and the "Steamed Frozen Food". This pizza is frozen and also pizza. I tried the Pizza option and it didn't work - I guess that option for those baking pizza from scratch. So I took the Steamed Frozen Food option. In 3 minutes, it is done! The bread is actually very soft. Folks, this pizza is the TESCO brand. For those skeptical to choose the TESCO brand, I can tell you that some of their F&B are quite tasty, and for less than half the price compared to other brands in the market.

I know, I know... These are all processed food which I threw it in the oven and called it a "meal"... LOL! Hey I'm not feeling well... That should be taken into consideration. But obviously that can't be the way I'm gonna celebrate my finance's birthday. I will cook a full meal this Saturday for him, serve with wine and cake.

Monday, November 23, 2009

So far...

This is the 100th post on my blog! Damn what an "achievement" (?)... Well, in my term, it is quite something that I have managed to commit to.

It is almost 1 week from the last post I made. Was so busy cleaning and packing our new home. Last Wednesday, Vincent picked me up from work at 7.30pm, and we had to go to our new place to clean it. I only managed to get home at 10, shower, and then rest! Hectic hectic hectic! But for the new place, it is all worth it!

FYI, our place renovation is going on schedule. Apart from the minor hiccup of the wardrobe, everything is in place. The electrical items are coming today, and our furniture this Saturday. Then, the only thing remaining is the wardrobe.

I have started buying household items few months back... Mainly are items like kitchenware and decorative essentials. We have already unpacked all these and already started designing our place. Even our wall collage was just done yesterday. The drawing that we bought in Koh Samui has been framed, and we are awaiting the sofa to arrive so that we can judge the placement of the drawing.

Yesterday, we started our grocery shopping. Vincent was so excited cos he always wanted his fridge to be filled with different drinks. We buy the items now because we sometimes have our meals there, and these drinks do come in handy. The bill came up to slightly lower than what we expected. Nevertheless, this is not done. I've only bought a few items for the house. Will only buy the rest when we move in officially.

I'm just excited waiting for the place to be ready. Can't wait to move in, and arrange my shoes in my shoe rack! And my jacuzzi! Can't wait!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Pasta Zanmai @ Mid Valley

FYI - I have gotten out of the vegetarian phrase. I'm no more vegetarian, but after being a vegan for almost 2 weeks, I find it quite healthy. Thus, I will be a vegan for Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday Cool smiley face

We were in MV for the CIMB Home Exhibition, and had our lunch at Pasta Zanmai. This is a Japanese +Western fusion restaurant. Have not been to this place for a while now, so we'd thought we come here again.

This is the 2nd time we are here. I can still remember clearly the 1st time we tried this restaurant. It was a day before our HK trip. The Bangkok trip backfired, so we had to change plans immediately to HK, and came to MV to exchange Thai Baht to HK Dollars. It was a very hectic day!

I can still remember what we ordered (well, at least one of it). It was the Curry Katsu Don. Why I remember it is because that is Vincent's favourite dish in a Jap restaurant, and also the serving was huge! The taste is so-so cos I still prefer the one from Sakae Sushi.

We ordered Green Tea - RM1.50 per person.

Vincent ordered the Unagi Set - RM20.00. I like the salad that came with it. The dressing was some sesame sauce, and I loved it! I finished the salad by myself. The unagi tasted good too. Very tender and yummy!

I ordered Mini Pasta Set, which is their November Specials. It consists of Mini Teriyaki Chicken Pasta and Mini Hotate Pizza - RM22.00. This is their version of pizza. Amazingly, it tasted strangely-delicious! With only different varieties of mushrooms on the pizza, I'd thought the taste would be unbearable, but it actually blended together and tasted good!

This is the Mini Teriyaki Chicken Pasta. This, I have to say, it's a disappointment. The Teriyaki Chicken tasted bad. It was like the chefs did not put any effort into making the dish.

I noticed they have a wide range of desserts in their menu. Since I'm on a diet and also very full from the double dose, I stayed away from it. Hmm... I should try it the next time!

Lot F-051, First Floor, Mid Valley Megamall, Lingkaran Syed Putra, 59200 KL
03-2283 2160

Monday, November 16, 2009

Saturday Night Live @ Bangkok Jazz

We were suppose to watch the hyped-up movie, 2012 last weekend, but Vincent didn't want to purchase the tics yet cos he thought his friends will have an outing to celebrate 2 of his friends birthday. Unfortunately, the birthday boys are not free, and we failed to buy the tics on Saturday morning as the GSC website's traffic was too heavy.

So, we ended up in Bangkok Jazz with Alex and Phoebe. When we arrived at about 11pm, the place was already (too) crowded, and the crowd was really wild that night! Everyone was so high!

Vincent ordered red wine for me, but he and Alex had red wine and beer. Might I add that later that night, Phoebe's cousin joined us (after his performance), bringing along his whisky, and they both drank that too! With wine, beer and whisky all mixed up in their blood, both of them were fine. Vincent got up in fine for dim sum the next day! Amazing!

The live band consists of 7 members and they called themselves Common Grounds. Phoebe's cousin brother is in a band - He's on the drums. These are the 4 members with instruments - Keyboard, bass, lead guitarist and drums. The bass guitarist sang 2 songs that night too, one of which is a Thai song. I reckon he sounded really good!

These are the 3 lead singers - All with their distinctive voices and genre. That night, the performances were dedicated to the beloved late Mr. Micheal Jackson. They did a really good job in impersonating the King of Pop, I must say.

It was a good night. After their last song, we stayed till about 3.30am. The band is gonna perform again next week. Sigh I dunno... sometimes I do prefer going to pubs like this than clubs (read: sometimes). I guess age is really catching up.