Thursday, May 28, 2009

Burberry & Jimmy Choo Sale!

One of the sales I have been waiting for - Burberry sale!! OMG! *heart beating furiously*

I actually wanted to get one of their bags last year (Autumn '08) collection but they do not have the color I want. The last piece was a display item. I waited the whole season for them to ship that particular color in, but to my dismay, they brought in black color instead for that design... Sigh. So I have to take the risk and see if they would bring it back this Autumn collection.

One more thing - Jimmy Choo is on sale too! Time to get that one pair of that overrated Choo's.

BUT now me, not now... Sigh I can only watch from far.

Control gal, control! Self control! Sigh... I can practically hear Burberry and Jimmy calling my name The agony...

Touch Wedding Studio @ Loke Yew

Let me get this clear first - I am not getting married YET! LOL I know the title can be misleading, but I am not getting married yet.

Last Sunday, I went to Touch Wedding Studio with Uli & Alan... They are the couple getting married. Pui Kuan and Jek Chee came along as well. Uli & Alan has already signed a wedding package with Touch, and wanted to have a look at their photos and wedding gowns. I tagged along for the fun of it!

We had a look at their collection of wedding photos and albums. The couple couldn't decide if they wanna do their outdoor (OD) photoshoot in Putrajaya or PD, so we looked at both these places. Then, we wanted to look at their wedding gowns. Since most of the Sales Assistants (SA) are too busy, we were brought upstairs to their "Designer" range gowns. The SA that served us was absolutely helpful and sweet! She let us try on the gowns and take picture of it.

Take a look at these gowns. The model --> Ms. Uli (future bride)
  • Dress No. 1 - The detailing is fab!
  • Dress No. 2 - This is especially hand-picked by her fiance.
  • Dress No. 3 - A-line dress. I think A-line dress makes a body looks boyish with no curves. That's just my opinion... But she is tall enough to pull this.
  • Dress No. 4 - This is from the "Crystal" range gown. Guess how much additional to rent this gown? Whopping RM1800! That is just crazy! She looks really gorgeous in this dress, but the extra $$ is such a put off.
  • Dress No. 5 - Our bride here loves red... So she had to try this on. Very s-e-x-y at the back, just the way her fiance, Alan likes it!
  • Dress No. 6 - This is her favourite, as well as the gang's favourite. I reckon this dress shows off the elegance side of her. Perfect! Another reason is Alan's obsession with deep-V neckline!
  • Dress No. 7 - This is another of the "Crystal" range dress. Additional RM1800 to rent this dress! But I reckon she looks great in this.

Well, since I was there (yeah right lol), I went and tried something on too! I have this thing for modern cheongsam, so I tried this. This is a very "revealing" cheongsam... Didn't manage to snap a picture of how it looks like from the back, but basically it's just backless up until the hip area. I kinda like this, but there's just something not quite right about it... Hmm...

Then I tried on a wedding gown as well. If you notice, this is the same gown as the one Uli had tried (Dress No. 7). This dress is really heavy... I can barely walk in it. Plus, it has a very long tail (me like!). This just adds the weight to the dress. But I do like this gown!

It was real fun that day. I had fun trying on gowns and looking at gowns being tried on. Now I have to get back to reality and focus on this issue: I need to loose weight!


Monday, May 25, 2009

Uncle Lim's @ Curve

Every time I pass by Uncle Lim at the Curve, it is always crowded. I've been meaning to try this, but I'm always put off with this mindset - they serve kopitiam food but at hotel high-tea price. Anyways, last Saturday, I ran out of choice and we decided to try this place.

It's self service (which is just troublesome). The only menu they have is the one at hanging above the counter. True enough, they serve your daily kopitiam food, but the price was not that ridiculous. Our orders:

1) Nasi Lemak Ayam Rendang (I think it's about RM8.90)

2) The typical 2 half-boiled eggs (RM2.20) with toast bread

3) For beverages, I had Cham Iced and Vincent had Barley Iced

With not much expectation, the food actually turned out to be delicious! I reckon the price for the Nasi Lemak was worth it. Other than the Chicken Rendang, they had Sotong as well. The sambal was a little too spicy for Vincent, but I liked it!

However, I was kinda disappinted with the beverages. My Cham Iced was quite diluted... Too much ice.

I wouldn't say I won't go back for a second trip cos I really loved the Nasi Lemak... But not to the extend to go back soon... Maybe another few more months. Now I'm craving for dim sum


Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Tropicana City Mall

We always drive pass the Tropicana City Mall in PJ, so we'd thought we drop by to see what it has to offer.

The place is still quite new. The layout is just your typical shopping mall. It has a transparent rooftop where you have that cliche - "Shop under the sun".

Most of the shops are open. It is not as big as Pavilion or MV, but it does try to bring out the best.

Time for lunch. We saw this place - Otak-Otak Place. Out of curiousity, we've decided to try this place.

The renovation of the place is based on the 60's concept. It has the Baba-Nyonya style. Notice the bicycle they placed on top of the shelf as deco... Nice!

Even the table mat resembles the "guli" game we used to play when we were kids.

They we having a lunch promotion. The value = RM18.00. The set consists of:

1) 2 glasses of beverages. Choose either Lemon Tea or Barley. We took both. The Barley is homemade, and taste just like mum's homemade!

2) Soup. We don't really like this as this does not suit our taste bud too much.

3) Chicken. I don't remember the name of this chicken but this was delicious. It has some "kampung" taste in it.

4) Acar. This is quite good! I finish the whole plate since Vincent is not a fan.

5) Tau fu. Somehow, the funny taste of this tau fu made it quite delicious. It has the most resemblance to the food that I normally eat.

6) I have no idea what this is, but since it was in my camera, I have to post it up since it is in the set as well LOL!

7) Steamed otak-otak. Their signature dish. This is very good! Fantastic! If you are a fan of otak-otak, you should really try this. Vincent has never liked this dish, but he agrees that this is delicious!
And he decided to order the barbequed otak-otak. This is RM0.60 per stick. 1 order has 5 sticks.

A good place to go for otak-otak, and also a nice place to reminisce the good ol' days


Sunday, May 17, 2009

Ah Yat Abalone Forum Restaurant, PJ

I had dinner with my father last Saturday. He decided to bring my sister and I to Ah Yat Abalone Forum restaurant in PJ with my lil brother.

I must admit, I was a quite surprise to receive my father's call... Actually, I'm always surprised when he calls. He asked us for dinner, so I said yes. It's time to catch up with him anyways. Sigh sometimes I do feel guilty for not making the effort to visit him.

While my father and sister decides what to order, my lil brother is busy enjoying himself with everything and anything. For those who have not met my lil brother, here he is.
Cute huh?

We ordered a few dishes. One of it is the Black Vinegar Pork. This was as scrumptious as the picture looked! At first, I thought it would be sourish, but it was actually quite sweet with a hint of vinegar taste. My brother basically finished the whole plate himself!

My father order the fish something. I was not involve in the ordering, so I really can't recall the name of this dish. This was not bad too.

The vege that we ordered... A simple one.

This fried rice is my brother's favourite. They actually pushed out the cooking utensils and ingredients and cooked in front of us. As a first timer, I stood up to have a look... Of course, my brother was tailing me as well I couldn't finish my share, so my lil brother actually helped me finished my rice lol! He is really a big eater

Time for group photo. I sent my brother to called a waiter to help us take this picture, and he went immediately. Yes, he is not afraid of strangers. Quite a good job I must say!

The restaurant captain was quite taken and "charmed" by my lil brother, and gave him a packet of chocolates! Compliments of the restaurant. We were actually leaving but my brother insisted that someone had promised him chocolates. True enough, the captain came running with the chocolates just for my brother