Thursday, October 14, 2010

Ettusais shopping haul

Just the other day I was in Isetan during lunch hour and realised that Isetan was having the 20th Anniversary sale... And it was the 1st 3 days with special promo for members. There were gift bags lay out (they called it the lucky draw bag) and working ladies were surrounding the area.

I took no interest (initially) cos I thought it was another marketing scheme that give out vouchers for stuff that I don't need. But as I was waiting for Rock Chick to browse her item, I got curious with the crowd. Apparently, they are allowed to open the lucky draw bags and see what is inside before deciding if they wanna purchase it.

Then, I saw this lucky bag that caught my eye - It was the Ettusais lucky draw bag.

In the bag consists of:

Pore concealer

Black pencil eyeliner

Loose powder

Nail polish

How much for all these?

RM50!!!!! Hell yeah!!!

Unbelievable right? Apparently, all the items actually cost about RM200++.
I reckon I got a huge, satisfying deal! And am so happy with my shopping haul! Luv it!


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