Friday, October 22, 2010

We are here!

We are finally in ROME!!

OK we have been to Rome, Vatican City, Pisa and Florence. So many fascinating things to see and do. The sights are just breathtaking and awesome!!! Whenever I go these places and their landmarks, I really have to give them a "WOW!!". These sights are really something to behold!

It is now 6am here in Italy, and I am awake. It is suppose to be 12pm in KL and I should be working. But I am here, blogging instead of sleeping LOL!

Weather has been cool... Nothing upsetting (yet!). One thing I noticed is that Italians are not that friendly... can be quite lan si at times. Oh well, they think they are better than us Asians. And they gave us nasty stares when we speak to them in English. Well, not everyone speaks Italian, so too bad.

One of the pictures uploaded. More to come! Till then, ciao!

Us @ the Colosseum, Rome


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