Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day 2011

It's post Valentine's Day today. I'm still over the moon for what Hubby has done for me.

A few days before the V-Day, Hubby was telling me that his colleague asked him what has he planned for V-Day. Hubby's answer to his colleague - "We are already married. We are no more lovers. Just plain ol' husband and wife". I was left speechless.

So obviously, I did not expect anything. Plus, we wanted to save money for our post honeymoon trip to Japan. On V-Day after work, hubby picked me up as usual. Right after I climbed up the car, I saw a tube wrapped in a red present wrapper. I asked Hubby was is it and he gave me a silly smile, and said it's my V-Day pressie! OMG! I'm so surprised! So thrilled!

My wrapped pressie

Hubby told me that it's just something simple for me, and said it's a water tumbler. LOL! And I actually don't mind a water tumbler. I'm already so contented he got me something for V-Day. When we got home, I unwrapped the present and it was a perfume! One of favorite collectibles.

My lil surprise

The newest edition to my perfume, a Jean Paul Gaultier Classique.

Jean Paul Gaultier "Classique"

The fragrance is something different from my normal style. It's more of the "spicy" fragrant compared to my usual musky collection. But I like it. It is something different from my usual style. A good twist I would say.

The newest addition to my collection

And check out the funky bottle! If anyone could be that curvaceous, *phee weet*! Hubby said he chose this perfume because I don't have this brand and the smell is different from my collection. Also he said he likes the bottle design. LOL I told him my body can never be that way, no matter how much I try LOL!

Curvaceous bottle design

Apparently the fragrance for the male is quite good too, but Hubby didn't get it cos he doesn't use any perfume. That's why it's useless for me to get it for him too.

But anyways, I am so grateful for the thoughts and effort he put to get this lil surprise for me. I didn't get him anything though. Yes, I know! I feel guilty too. But I'll make it up to him.

Happy Valentine's Day Hubby! Love ya!


saltvinegar said...

How can you not get him anything on ur first Valentine as husband and wife?

Michelle Y said...

LOL I know rite?! That was the initial agreement, but I made up for half of it. I made him dinner LOL. Until I've decided what to buy, then will get it for him.

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