Thursday, February 17, 2011

The Yee Sang of 2011

Continuing from my previous entry, this is a continuation of my Yee Sang journey for 2011. Hubby asked me again and again if I've gotten bored with Yee Sang. Of course not! LOL are you kidding? I only get to eat this only during the CNY. I have to go all out to take advantage of this dish serve only during CNY.

4th Yee Sang @ Oversea Restaurant with the in-laws

5th Yee Sang @ Sungai Buloh with dad

6th Yee Sang @ Cheers Palace Restaurant with the Ji Muis

7th Yee Sang @ Six Happiness Restaurant for Alex's dad's birthday

8th Yee Sang @ Serdang with Piggy Gang

9th Yee Sang @ Office with colleagues - Sponsored by the boss

Just by a blink of an eye, CNY for 2011 has come and go. And I have to add another 1 year to my age. Sigh age is catching up, but I don't think I've achieve anything in my life yet. I need to speed up LOL!

Hop hop hop! Let's hop to the new year with all the best and all things prosperous!


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