Friday, February 4, 2011

Happy Rabbit Year!

It's the Chinese New Year of 2011! YAY!

Every year, I look forward to celebrating CNY because I get to meet up with my relatives and also, YEE SANG! My favourite. I will never get bored with having Yee Sang, no matter how many I have LOL!

So for this year, I wanted to track how many Yee Sang I'll have this year. So here they are, for now.

1st Yee Sang @ Golden Palace with close colleagues

2nd Yee Sang @ Golden Palace with Piggy Gang

3rd Yee Sang @ Golden Palace with colleagues

Coincidentally, all my Yee Sang's are taken in Golden Palace. Unbelievable right?! I want more Yee Sang's!

Happy Rabbit Year all! Here's hoping for the best in health, wealth, joy to all!


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