Monday, February 21, 2011

His Valentine's Day gift

After feeling guilty for not getting something for V Day, I've finally got him his gift. Nothing big, but at least something he has never bought for himself before, and I myself have not bought him this kinda gift before.

It is a perfume. LOL not creative - Yes, I admit. But heck, I can't afford the gift that he wants. So this is the best.

Hubby is not a person who wears cologne, but he has agreed to get this because his aunt who works in Chanel, got us a 40% discount for this! Woo hoo! So much savings! And the best part, it is the male version of the Jean Paul Gaultier perfume he got me for V Day!

Now, we have a set of perfume, and the bottle design is just beautiful! Happy happy ^^


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