Monday, January 31, 2011

Under the weather

With all the CNY celebrations and non-stop yee sang's, my antibody has finally given in. White flag has been raised and I am officially sick. WTF.

It all started with a slight sore throat the passed few days, and I thought my antibody will put a fight, like it always does every year, and won. So I let it slide. I just enjoyed my weekend and did my last minute CNY shopping.

Then, the sore throat became worse, and yesterday, I woke up with no voice. I tried to clear my throat but no sound came out. I finally realised that I've officially lost my voice. When Hubby wpke up, I could only mutter a few words to tell him that I've lost my voice. Last 2 nights, we went and get herbal tea and also herbal jelly to help with the sore throat, but who would have thought Mr. Flu can and knock on my door. I took the flu medication for 3 nights, including tonight, but so far, it looks like Mr. Flu is staying in my body. My voice changed but I still went to work. Hopefully, these will all cure so that I can enjoy my CNY.

Tonight is the reunion dinner with the in-laws, tomorrow with dad, and on Wednesday with mum. The troubles involved in making this arrangement is totally agonizing, which I am not exaggerating at all! So many people to take into consideration just to have a peaceful reunion CNY dinner.

I'm tired, and the sickness is overwhelming me. I don't feel the CNY spirit nor excitement. I just wanna sleep. Good night world.

Fingers crossed - Tomorrow will be a better world.


Katherine Josh said...

Loquat is for cough and lung in Chinese medicine. Sometimes i would take the Ninjiom Pei Pa Koa which is an extract of loquat when got sore throat.

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