Friday, August 14, 2009

Canton-I @ Mid Valley

This is one place that I would like to recommend to all! Good food with reasonable price! This restaurant is called Canton-I in Mid Valley. We have always wanted to try this but the queue is always very long, and Vincent has never believed in queuing for food. But last Sunday, it was almost 2 when we arrived there last Sunday, so it wasn't packed (no queue!), hence we managed to try this place.

For my beverage, I ordered Flowering Red Amaranth - RM5.00. According to the menu, it's tea with Marigold, Jasmine and Red Amaranth. Look at it! I really like this drink! Drinks smiley face The scent was so soothing, and the flower and leaves were beautifully arranged in the glass. I added hot water to this glass about 5 times, and still the taste and scent was still strong!

Vincent ordered his favourite Hong Kong Coffee and Tea Mix (Yin Yang) Tea - RM5.50. This was very good too! The sweetness is just enough, and the ratio of the coffee and tea mix is just nice.

We ordered Egg Tart. It comes in 3, and it costs RM5.00. I am not a big fan of egg tart, but this is absolutely delicious! The crust was so soft, yet crispy. Once I bit into it, the pastry and egg melted in my mouth! smiley face It was very good! Totally recommended!

I ordered their signature dish - Wonton Noodle. They have the option of Soup or Dry, and it comes with 2 combination - RM13.80. You can choose from a range of the combination. I chose Honey-glazed Roast Pork and Roast Pork Belly. I have to tell you, this is absolutely scrumptious! Happy smiley face It was one of the best, if not the best meal I have had for quite some time. The wonton noodle is so yummy! And the Honey-glazed Roast Pork is VERY good! You should go try this! Vincent kept going on and on about this.

Vincent ordered congee for himself. It's called Plain Congee with Dried Scallops - RM4.00. Not too bad for a plain congee.

The plain congee came with this side dish. I have no idea what this is... Some fried stuff. But this goes great with the congee.

Fearing that the congee is too plain, I asked Vincent to order the Deep Fried Dough (Yau Tiow) - RM3.00. It was served hot, and it was very crispy! I love fried stuff, and when it's that crispy, all the better! Happy smiley face I must add that it wasn't too oily either.

Since the Honey-glazed Roast Pork serving came with the Wonton Noodles, it was too little for us, and Vincent needs to have more of that! So he add the order to get the dish separate! LOL he was being very greedy! But I don't blame him... This dish is undeniably mouthwatering! smiley face

Totally recommend this place! But the only put off is the service, but then again, what do one expect from our fellow Malaysians? Eliminating that factor, I'm sure we will be back to this restaurant again soon since Vincent is ga-ga over their Honey-glazed Roast Pork Food smiley face


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