Sunday, August 9, 2009

ROM appointment

With the proposal all done, the next step is to submit our ROM (registration of Marriage) form to Jabatan Pendaftaran Negara (JPN) to confirm the date of our ROM. The initial plan was to have it on 31st December 2009 (Thursday), but JPN does not open on Thursday smiley face So we have no choice but to bring our ROM date in advance to 30th December 2009.

On 2nd August 2009, we, together with 2 other couples (Alan + Yew Li & Jek Chee + Pui Kuan) went and submit our form in JPN Putrajaya. All 3 of us will be having our ROM together! Submission of form was real fast and simple! All you have to do is just complete the form, confirm that both individuals are single, and sign the form smiley face

The officer was a very friendly dude. We explained to us what we should do on that day. He also handed us an appointment letter to confirm our ROM date.

Now that the ROM is done, wedding seems so "real" to me. I guess I am still in the surreal phase, and still trying to digest all this Winking Smileys

Ohh! One more thing, I have a separate blog especially for wedding. That blog will concentrate on all the wedding preparation. This is still under construction, so I will only post up the URL once it is "decent" enough LOL Winks smiley face So anymore updates on my wedding will be in that blog... Just some occasional items will be in this blog.

FYI, our wedding dinner and tea ceremony will be Q4 of 2010, just in case any of you are wondering Sleepy Smileys


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