Sunday, January 23, 2011

CNY Dinner Tradition

Every year, we have our annual CNY dinner. "We" include Shy Flirt, Karma Bitch, Rock Chic and Jeebra. And this year is no difference.

Initially, we wanted to go the the new Hee Lai Ton restaurant in Imbi but I can't seem to be able to reach them to make reservation, so we changed to Golden Palace in Pavilion. We scheduled our dinner on 14th Jan 2011, which is so ahead because we have planning LOL! Actually, it's just me and Shy Flirt being glutton for yee sang!

First yee sang of the Rabbit Year!

Salmon for the Yee Sang

For some "jakun" reason, we were all very fascinated with this equipment LOL! We didn't know this existed until we saw it at the restaurant. It is to pinch the lime for the sauce. Even Ahnai went for it and squeezed it for the waiter.

Discovery of the year!

Sze Chuan Soup

Peking Duck - Which we later called it "Donald"

Donald's crispy skin

Ready to be served

The drums and wings of Donald

The remaining of Donald fried with noodle

Long bean with minced pork

Braised tou fu

Pork Belly with Salted Fish - Totally recommended!

Bill came up to about RM300++, which is pretty decent. Had fun and it was scrumptious. Everyone is happy with the CNY dinner.

Mission accomplished!


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